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Death + Taxes Ad Week :: Casstronaut

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Cassie “Casstronaut” Meder is a young freelance filmmaker, illustrator, jewelry designer, model and recent Nashville transplant whose work has ranged from dark and philosophically confronting to quirky and clever. As a conqueror and crusader of many art forms for the better half of a decade, she is now described as possessing a dark and fascinating aesthetic sense and her film direction and illustration work have been called mesmerizing and haunting. Cassie is able to provoke the melancholy and chilling aspects in the underbelly of art, film and fashion, as well as to make the unnerving undeniably beautiful.

Finally realizing her life goal of avoiding a conventional life at all costs at the ripe age of 8, she has since been creating most things with her hands. Whether it be with paint, fabric, pencil, beads, chain, or pudding – she likes to do it herself.

Casstronaut’s shop started on a dirty street on a summer day in Portland, Oregon circa 2010. With a collection of paintings in hand in need of new homes, she set them out on the sidewalk in an art festival not expecting anything in particular. She sold all of her work and went home feeling as if she had touched people.

Since then the Casstronaut “brand” has expanded into its own headquarters, and also extended into custom illustrations, print making, and jewelry design. All that Casstronaut hopes that what she makes will have an affect on people. Whether it be a piece of wall art in a couple’s new home, a reminder in a student’s dorm to not deny their creative impulses, a custom tattoo design in a memory of your pet snake Foofy, or the final touch of jewelry for a bride – all of it matters.

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