Pattern Recognition

Guess who got a new sewing machine? Now I want all the 1940's patterns so that I can make them in thoroughly inappropriate fabrics. Like Modcloth, but with the waist in the right place. (Seriously, Modcloth, stop putting the waist on  my third rib. I work to keep that thing, let me show it off.  No need to make people wonder if maybe I'm just recently preggers.)   il_570xN.447537376_eph3

From Virtual Vintage on Etsy

Maybe in this?


Moon and Planets Fabric

Oooh, and long sleeves! Because I live in San-Fran-Fucking-Cisco, people. And it is 61 degrees out there right now. il_fullxfull.34674640 Also kimonos, which I think are pretty easy to make. il_570xN.595830250_mald


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    Pure truth about MC.

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