PSA :: Looking for Locals, Shop Updates, and a General Hiya | Haute Macabre

PSA :: Looking for Locals, Shop Updates, and a General Hiya

Hello, friends!!


We have been a little bananas at Haute Macabre lately, lots of awesome stuff is in the works! Sam is in the process of launching her very own Vintage Shop (more on that in the coming weeks), Nixon is patiently holding her hand through the tech process, and we are adding a new feature to this site that we need your help with!

Haute Macabre has supported dozens (is it hundreds by this point?) of independent retailers on line, and now it’s time for us to start featuring brick and mortar businesses, too. The problem is, we don’t know where to start. We know what’s awesome where we live, but not what’s awesome where YOU live. So, tell us. We want to hear all about your favorite independently owned businesses in your area, where they are, and why they’re so awesome. 

We’ll be compiling a list to add to a new page on Haute Macabre of your recommendations, organized by country and city. The Haute Macabre Directory (still working on a clever name, and totally accepting suggestions) will be your travel guide to HM Approved shops, galleries, coffee shops, bars, and any other awesome spots you could think of.

Leave us a comment, drop us an email, or hashtag us with #hautemacabre on Instagram to let us know what places you can think of! If it has an existing website, let us know about that, too!


In Shop News :: We are stocked with tanks in all sizes, tote bags, and have a teeny, tiny bit left of the HM + BPAL fragrances. Once these are gone, they’re gone! We won’t be restocking until holiday season, so get yours now! Click here to check out our shop!

Customer photos by Miss_Addams and TheUncarvedBlock on Instagram!


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  1. Dear HM,

    I’m currently working on updating my link lists at my two websites:


    I will be featuring a space for vintage shopping and local cafes, & a few other hot spots in New York, California, Oregon, & British Columbia

    I’ve decided to do this after writing and drafting a few travel reviews. I also know of natural hot spring spas, camping, and sightseeing, however I am not sure if this would interest your audience…

    Right now I’m updating my online lists which may be of help to you. Sorry I don’t have more to offer as I’m going through a revamping process as well.

    Here are some places I know of and adore,

    Alameda Point Antique’s Faire – Alameda, CA

    The Wandering Goat – Eugene, OR

    Anastacia’s Antiques – Philadelphia, PA

    The Bone Room – Albany, CA

    Katrina’s- Antique & Vintage European Embellishments – Folsom, CA

    The Black Rooster – Folsom, CA

    Also wanted to say in this little note here that I’ve adored you’re website for years, and it’s always lovely to see this community expand and grow

    Cheers! 🙂

  2. For Los Angeles and the OC….

    The Edison –
    Favorite bar that knows how to make a Death In The Afternoon and I don’t have to over-explain it to the barkeep.

    Home Mart International –
    I shop for my house at their Downtown LA store. Chinese copies of French antiques… therefore I find unique & eccentric things at Ikea prices, but not Ikea crappy. Everything is available in black.

    The Cicada Club –
    Great cocktails. Great 1920’s atmosphere. Always doing events on and around holidays.

    Clockwork Couture –
    Cute little steampunk shop in Burbank run by a husband and wife team.

    The Cellar –
    It’s a restaurant & bar in downtown Fullerton designed by the same people who made the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland, purported to be haunted. Need I say more?

  3. This is a great idea. Can’t wait to see the results.
    I’d offer some names up for the Toronto / Montreal listings but I can’t really afford to shop at any of the best ones. We have some amazing vintage and thrift places; are those allowed, or do you want to just focus on new and niche retail?