More For Grandmother’s Hutch

Maria Rubinke When I was a child, my mother collected Hummel Figurines. Their distorted features and unproportioned heads terrified me. I wonder had they been replaced with these porcelain figurines by artist Maria Rubinke if I would have been more comfortable. I'd also like to add that I am quite fond of this theme of horror items for your grandmother's hutch, as these are reminiscent of the Body & Soul exhibit by Jessica Harrison that we posted about a few months back. Images via Martin Asbaek Gallery + Gizmodo Maria Rubinke Unholy War by Maria Rubinke Just Because You're Paranoid Doesn't Mean They Aren't After You :: Maria Rubinke Maria Rubinke In Between With a Fading Dream :: Maria Rubinke Maria Rubinke { more after the jump } I Died a Hundred Times Maria Rubinke Maria Rubinke Maria Rubinke It May Have Been In Pieces But I Gave You The Best of Me :: Maria Rubinke The View From Hell is Blue Sky So Omniously Blue Maria Rubinke Maria Rubinke Maria Rubinke Watching The Fantasies Decay disco witch

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    these are fantastic!!


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