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My Return to Rebellious Hair, Part 3

“Gray hair adds authority to a man and takes it away from a woman.” –The Woman’s Dress for Success Book (published 1978)

Hi Guys! It’s been a few weeks, so I’m back to report on how this little project is going. If you have no idea what I’m on about, catch up on Part One and Part Two.

I promised that this time I would talk about the chemical methods of getting out the semipermanent dye I used to try to ease my transition to salt and pepper. I lied. This is because I spent too much time on the intarwebs looking at Before and After photos and videos from Color Oops experiments, and after the baking soda turned my hair into wet straw I was less than excited about braving anything more extreme. So I decided to try the next serious suggestion: wait out the 28 shampoos. I also switched to a blueing shampoo to cut some of the brassiness, which helped a little.  Sorry, ladies. No matter what it says on the bottle, semi-permanent dye is not coming all the way out of gray hair.  The 28 shampoos went by, but what should be gray remains stubbornly gold. Next plan.

I’m now at about 2 1/2 months with no dye. My roots are serious. Time to call a professional. Enter the amazing Anna Roversi at Heartzilla Salon in SF.  Here is what I learned from my haircut about the first stage of growing in your gray (or growing out dye in general, for that matter).


A part makes roots WAY more obvious because the line of demarcation is uniform and right out in the open, like so:IMG_2835

Most of my gray is towards the front, so she chose a spot towards the back where there was very little gray.  She cut in some short, choppy bangs and swept everything forward from the not-gray spot so that each bit of hair was hiding the roots on the hairs in front of it, like some kind of Roman shield formation, like so:


There are longer hairs from farther back disguising the gray in the bangs, even.  This won’t work forever, obviously, but it should buy me another month or two of growth without looking too much like a bag lady. Until next time!

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