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Haute Macabre Video: X-Mess Card Madness


Every year around this time, a little thing happens I like to call X-Mess. This is generally an explosion of craft paper, glitter, glue sticks, and the like that takes over my dining room table from roughly October until late November, and the final result is several dozen card-sized pieces of artwork I can send to friends.

I admit, this year I got a late start. They’re not as detailed or crazy as usual, and I went cutesy instead of complicated. But still, I thought it might be fun to share what goes in to my X-Mess cards, and see what you guys craft this time of year.

Erin is a web developer and lover of tiny dogs, ghost stories, and too much eyeliner.

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  1. They look like bought ones! I’m constantly thinking “these cards would be so easy to make”, but never make them myself. I should give it a try again! Thanks for showing – I think glueing the little distance pieces (spacers) on the back side makes a whole lot of a difference!