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Artist Tyler Thrasher Loses Everything in Tragic Fire

Tyler Thrasher crystalized cicadas

As ecstatic fans of visionary artist/mad scientist Tyler Thrasher‘s dazzling crystal encrusted flora and fauna, and of the irrepressibly sweet persona behind his creations, we at Haute Macabre were horrified to learn that on Friday night a devastating fire ravaged he and his wife Molly’s house, destroying their belongings and the home they had made together.

Tyler and Molly Thrasher

On Saturday, Tyler wrote in his Instagram account:
“As most of you know, we come home last night to our house destroyed and on fire. We lost everything including my dear hedgehog, Margo. This has been incredibly taxing and to be honest a nightmare come true.”

Tyler Thrasher

A heartbreaking occurrence at any time, but especially during the holidays, the Thrashers have lost a home, a beloved pet, and most of their personal affects, including  computers, hard drives, music equipment, clothing, furniture, and a great deal of their personal and collected art. Their good friends Kendall and Jeremy Luther, who were staying the weekend at the house, lost a majority of their clothing and both of their personal laptops.

Friends, fellow artists, collectors, and those whom Tyler and his work have touched, if you have the means and would like to help the Thrashers right now, please consider a donation to this GoFundMe account set up by the Thrasher’s friends and neighbors.

Tyler Thrasher

It is tremendously heartening and inspiring to see the empathy, compassion and generosity that have sprung up from the community in the aftermath of this terrible misfortune. With grief and loss so rampant in our lives right now–in this instance and elsewhere, everywhere–it is more important than even to be present for our friends and neighbors and those we love in their time of need. Community truly is everything.

Edited To Add: The Thrashers are no longer accepting cash donations, but in hopes of replenishing their art collection, they are accepting pieces of art from donors. More information is on their Go Fund Me Page.

You may donate to help the Thrasher Family by clicking here.

Tyler Thrasher

Tyler Thrasher

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