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BloodMilk Exquisite Corpse: Chapter II Restock

BloodMilk Exquisite Corpse

This evening at 6PM EST, BloodMilk Exquisite Corpse chapter II will be restocking their objects and scents.

This will be the last available chance for the Ghost Moth jars by Miss Mille Ceramics, planchette jewel boxes by Darla Jackson, and the current artist series of Book Worm totes. As an added bonus to this restock, two new powdered incenses from Three Ravens Co will be added to the collection: “Surrealist Darling: Fini” and “Surrealist Library”, as an extension of the first BMEC collection of limited edition atmospheric scented candles. Also included in this restock will be the collection of Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab fragrances, including the elusive “Silky Bat” – the BPAL collection is not limited edition, however, this will be your last chance to purchase for the next few months.

For a more detailed description and review of the BloodMilk Exquisite Corpse Chapter II Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab collection, please read the beautiful reviews by our own S. Elizabeth in a previous post here on Haute Macabre.

On a personal note, I’ve recently found a place of comfort in what has been an emotional and stressful past few weeks in dressing my environment in the incense releases from Exquisite Corpse, especially the “Surrealist Darling: Varo” fragrance. It’s been a small, but important, ritual that I’ve cultivated for myself and my personal space recently, and I’m grateful that the opportunity exists for these small pleasures.

Visit tonight at 6PM, EST to shop the collection.

BloodMilk Exquisite Corpse

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BloodMilk Exquisite Corpse Chapter Two


BloodMilk Exquisite Corpse Chapter Two


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