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Immortal Love from Decorus Macabre

Decorous Macabre red rose 1

In the grand scheme of things, loving the living is easy. There are countless ways to show your animate loved ones that you care. But what about those paramours who’ve shuffled off this mortal coil? What if you’re crushing on a ghost or perhaps there’s a phantom beyond the veil who’s pining for you.

The Forever Collection from UK-based oddity shop Decorus Macabre is a selection of opportunities to demonstrate love that knows no mortal boundary. A beautifully preserved Taxidermy Rose is gently clasped by an articulated human skeleton hand. Mounted on a handsome wooden base and protected under a glass dome, each piece is unique, for no two roses or authentic human hands (ex-medical bones) are alike.

Our bones are more than memento mori. Paired with a delicate piece of the natural world suspended in time, they can also be reminders of undying love.

Decorous Macabre black rose 1

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