Tender, Tragic Treasures: An exclusive peek at Sara Deck's "Reclaimed Shadows" | Haute Macabre

Tender, Tragic Treasures: An exclusive peek at Sara Deck’s “Reclaimed Shadows”

Sara Deck: Reclaimed Shadows

For the moment eschewing her signature spooky sirens and scream queens in favor of shadowy woodland creatures and their tender, tragic narratives, artist Sara Deck has offered Haute Macabre readers an exclusive glimpse at her new works, a series she calls “Reclaimed Shadows”, for the upcoming exhibition “Do We Make You Uneasy” presented by The Shadowood Collective.

Sara Deck: Reclaimed Shadows

Regarding her vision for this poignant, piercing series, Deck shares:

“I took inspiration from a fascination with personal collections, meaningful objects, and curiosities. I’m always inspired when I see private collections of artifacts put together over a lifetime of experiences, and the story that they tell. The objects have meaning on their own, but when tied to an individual person they become a piece of that person’s biographical narrative. I thought to myself, if an actual place called “the Shadowood: existed, and I could walk into it, what would I find?

These five illustrations represent some of the objects that I would imagine discovering while wandering through that forgotten forest. I wanted to give the viewer the opportunity to take one of those treasures home and add it to their own narrative.”

These works are offered as limited edition miniature giclee prints, measuring 3.75″ square and printed out on 6″ archival stock (which fits into a standard frame from Ikea). Each edition will only be a print run of 25, and after the show ends, Deck will be adding any unsold prints to her online store.

Sara Deck: Reclaimed Shadows

The Shadowood Collective is curated by Sarah Legault of ‘The Bird Behind the Mask’ & Vincent Marcone of ‘My Pet Skeleton’. Together they have formed a macabre group of: visual artists, fashion designers,performers and musicians from around the world.  Do We Make You Uneasy is their seventh show; a stunning collection of dark imagery with works from: Clive Barker, Anita Kunz, Alex Garant, My Pet Skeleton, Sarah Legault, Sara Deck, Richard A. Kirk, Jeremy Hobbs, Ryan Price, Paige Reynolds, Gary Pullin, Justin Erickson, FN Vegas, Anthony Veilleux, James Zirco Fisher, Josh Deck, Chris Austin, Nidia Martinez, and Sean Chappell

Do We Make You Uneasy will run from Feb 7th – 19th and follow Sara on Instagram.

Sara Deck: Reclaimed Shadows

Sara Deck: Reclaimed Shadows

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