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New Sponsor: Black Cat Clothiers

Black Cat Clothiers

Please welcome our newest sponsor, Black Cat Clothiers!

Victoria Mier left a successful career in journalism to pursue a more mystical, magickal life, opening Black Cat Clothiers in May 2017. Following the desire to embrace her true self and help others do the same, Victoria set out to dress every witch, boheme and unusual woman in the most deliciously dark vintage garments she could find. With a focus on eco-friendly practices and daily ritual, Victoria strives to help other strange souls feel as magickal as possible with the witchiest garments and a growing, carefully-selected apothecary section.

Black Cat Clothiers

At Black Cat Clothiers, we proudly offer vintage clothing that reflects your lifestyle and your magick. We believe in the power of vintage garments—in their past lives and hidden secrets, in the feelings they create and the power they have. Founded in 2017, the one-woman shop provides a carefully-curated selection of witchy, bohemian and unusual clothing, supplemented by hand-picked apothecary items perfect for altar work or everyday ritual. With these beautiful garments and sacred objects, Black Cat Clothiers hopes to bring even more magick to your life.

Black Cat Clothiers

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