"Lazarus Taxa" works by Caitlin McCormack at Paradigm Gallery | Haute Macabre

“Lazarus Taxa” works by Caitlin McCormack at Paradigm Gallery

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Caitlin McCormack creates works of somber delicacy, ghostly skeletal remains tenderly chained of fragile lace, via cotton, glue, a quickly flashing crochet hook, and deft, clever fingers.

Regarding her art and practices, the artist notes that through the act of stiffening intricately crocheted cotton string with glue, a material is produced that is structurally similar to bone tissue. In this process, the string implemented can be viewed as the basic cellular unit of fabrication, an alchemical conduit between the garment and the clothesline. By utilizing media and practices inherited from her deceased relatives, she aims to generate emblems of her diminishing bloodline,  giving the impression that a garment has disintegrated and reformed itself in the image of a tenacious animal’s remains, representative of both the persistence of memory and the significance of cloth and thread in the realm of human experience.


Lazarus Taxa, an exhibition of new works by Caitlin McCormack at Paradigm Gallery, presents over 50 fiber sculptures, marking a continuation of the artist’s ongoing investigation of the warping of memory over time through the continuous breakdown of physical matter.

The exhibition title derives from the paleontological concept of lazarus taxa, a term which describes species that disappear and reappear from the fossil record. In this body of work, McCormack explores how repressed memories come back as monstrous and warped versions of original events. The series suggests the monstrosity that is produced when one attempts to forget and the festering of trauma that eventually returns.

Lazarus Taxa runs from October 27, 2017 – December 9, 2017.

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