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Lvnea Limited Edition Amatory Box Set

Lvnea Amatory Box Set

Just in at Lvnea, and certainly just in time for the coldest portion of the year, during which your heart and other frozen bits could use some special attention: a limited edition amatory coffer filled with love potions, philtres, unguents, and elixirs. This limited box contains luxurious creations inspired by ancient love potions, old lore, and vintage formulae for a unique and very special night of heart healing self-care or a shared amorous experience.

Lvnea amatory candle

These limited edition items come gorgeously packaged in a matte black gift box with repurposed linen ribbon and are only available as a set. Once they are gone, they are gone for good! Purchase the Lvnea limited edition amatory box set here.

Larmes de Rose Saffron and Rose Parfum Extrait
Damiana and Pomegranate Botanical Drink Elixir
Marigold Mint and Rose Luxurious Bath Crystals
Rituel de l’Amour Mini Rose and Coconut Wax candle
Attar of Rose and Frankincense Love Butter
Moonlight in the Grove Jasmine Bath Essence
Terre Rose Powdered Face Mask

Lvnea Amatory attar Lvnea Amatory bath Lvnea amatory butter Lvnea Amatory elixir Lvnea mask


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