Wendy Nichol Spring / Summer 2018: Death For Dinner | Haute Macabre

Wendy Nichol Spring / Summer 2018: Death For Dinner

Getting outfitted to meet one’s maker is an intensely personal business, we can certainly do better than to begin and end with every mother’s insistence of a clean pair of underwear! If you are indeed to sup with the Grim Reaper before heading off into parts unknown, I think it better to leave a lasting last impression as you make your exodus.

It is to our benefit then, that designers such as Wendy Nichol give scenarios such as Death For Dinner such serious consideration. Why not greet Death in a quilted tuxedo jacket, an inky black velvet halter gown, a blushing, ruffled tulle slip? Clean underwear, or any underwear at all, optional. After all, you don’t really need them where you’re going.

Wendy Nichol Spring / Summer 2018: Death For Dinner

Clothing & Accessories Designer: Wendy Nichol
Production Assistant: Olivia Tricarico
Stylists: Wendy Nichol & Charlotte Perkowski
Photographer: Cheryl Dunn
Assistant Photographer: Sam Dahman
Makeup & Hair: Laila Hayani & Mischa Gobie 

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  1. Loving all the satin, sheer, and lacey numbers presented in this. Visual texture is so important in an all black wardrobe ?