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Chelsea Wolfe’s The Culling Official Video

Today debuts Chelsea Wolfe’s “The Culling” from the album Hiss Spun, (released September 22, 2017 on Sargent House, and which we reviewed last year) This is the haunting stuff of your most spellbinding, swooniest dreams, and without a doubt, the most exquisite music video we’ve seen in a while. With creative direction and set design from one of our favorite artists–Bill Crisafi– “The Culling” is rife with the ravishing imagery of lush rites and rituals, and enthrallingly screen-cappable–as you’ll see below, I couldn’t help myself.

Set Design: Bill Crisafi
Creative Direction: Bill Crisafi & Chelsea Wolfe
Filmed by Maggie McLaughlin & Ben Chisholm
Edited by Ben Chisholm & Chelsea Wolfe
Costume design: Ashley Rose Couture
Makeup: Steffanie Strazzere
Hair: Stephanie Bartley


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