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Lunation Leathers Crucible Bag Giveaway

Haute Macabre + Lunation Leathers are giving away one of the incredible not yet released Crucible Bags to one winner!

The Crucible Bags are completely handmade by Leila of Lunation Leathers in her Pittsburg studio, with the intent of carrying ritual items. They will be available later this autumn in the Lunation Leathers Shop (exact release dates to be announced, and they will be available on a first come, first serve basis). Leila has also told me she is working on a vegan option, hopefully to be available later this year!

To enter to win one of the Crucible Bags, follow Lunation Leathers and Haute Macabre on Instagram, and leave a comment here on the blog!

One winner will be picked from the comments here on October 22, 2018!

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  1. I was looking at this on IG earlier and thinking of the ways everyone’s talking about what it would hold for them… but it really reminds me of how things were when I was younger, and growing up… How my experiences and understandings of the world developed and how my personal evolution in witchcraft progressed. So it’s not so much, what can I bury in it, for me – although, many things of course. It’s more, what can this shape pour out…

    Anyway, it’s lovely, as all their creations are. <3

  2. Hi! My name is Lisa, and I’m entering to win this beautiful bag! Witchcraft is truly my calling in the sense that it has been reaching out to me all my life. All my accessories and tools mean just as much to me as the knowledge I receive daily from the craft. This bag would be a beautiful addition to the many things I hold close to my heart that have symbols of my calling. Please choose me! Either way I love all your work and the blog and this lovely young lady’s bags. Thanks for the opportunity y’all. – Lisa @visinequeen

  3. This bag speaks to me, I continue to see it pop up on my Instagram feed and pause to admire the craftsmanship. It’s truly alluring.

  4. The work is amazing and more even because is full of sentiment and energy, good one, of tranformation of change of dealing with the hard part of life, I can only say that I respect this sharing very much and wish luck to you, her, and all the people that would love to carry this (more than a ) bag ^^

  5. This bag is absolutely beautiful, the design of the bag is so unique, I don’t think ive seen a bag anything like this before. Im in love with it!!
    Looks like its the perfect size, would loose something being to big i think, and the strap look the perfect length! Amazing

    1. This exquisite vessel would carry all my grief , magick , love & beauty perfectly . Its all too heavy for my heart to bear .

  6. This bag is simply Divine and I would be more than ecstatic to win something this spectacular that I couldn’t afford even if I wanted too! Leather working takes so much time and patience! Fingers and toes are crossed!!


  8. I hope I can own one of these some day to find peace with my past. I hope everybody finds the closure they are looking for, whether they win or not

  9. I am so happy I was able to find the blog. I commented on a previous post, tagged friends and added this to my story.
    This bag is so amazing and the meaning behind it is so beautiful.
    I hope I have some luck ??

  10. This bag is incredibly amazing. IdI live to win it to replace my dearly loved backpack. Its currently adorned with all my pretty things but ive had this bag for 3 yrs. a new one would be supurb! ??

  11. Well here I am a little late because I was hasty and didnt follow directions. I commented on your Instagram instead of the blog.

    I am desperately trying to get this bag for the love of my life. She is an incredible witchy woman and she deserves this bag. She is an incredible woman and an incredibly patient friend. Her style wavers on the border or wild grandma and spooky witch lady. My story doesnt compare to so many I’ve already seen, but hopefully you’ll see this comment and itll touch your heart a little. She’s my lady and I would give her the world if I could, but this beautiful bag will last her a lifetime. That would really be something special. A beautiful cauldron bag still swinging from the shoulder of a woodsy witch homestead lady, even 50 years from now.

  12. Im my first message My phone typed question marks im not sure why lol i did not type question marks…. oooooh! They were emojis….sorry they did not transfer.thank you again for creating so many amazing creations. Health and blessings.

  13. No idea if mine showed up… it keeps going blank. Ive tried to do this a few times lol. ? I would love to use this bag for the ritual im gonna do for my mom and my aunt who both passed. I love the story i read about the bag??hits home????? Your story means a lot ???

  14. I’m just amazed at how beautiful this bag is. The craftsmanship looks incredible. Congratulations to the lucky winner!

  15. This is a lovely sentiment, beautiful art, and something I can relate to.

    I lost my mother 12/12/17 and had to give her eulogy on my 35th birthday, 12/17/17. These numbers have been quite charged for me in the last five years, as I lost my maternal grandfather 5 years ago on the eve of my 30th birthday, 12/17/12. When my maternal grandmother passed away two years after that, she was admitted into room # 1217 in the hospital. I knew the minute they told me her room number, she was joining her husband in the ether. Then, last year, in December 2017 my mother had an unexpected asthma attack… I felt the shadow of her passing imminent since she was tied so closely to her parents. I have been taking this year to do Shadow Work, but also to stay grounded while exploring the veil between us and those no longer bound to the shackles of a body.

    I commend you for creating such a vessel for your own grief work, and will gladly cast my stone into this contest, as it would greatly help in my grief work as well. Best of luck on your journey.

  16. I would love to win this, I lost my mother as well when I was 17 her nickname for me was “spooky” she was my best friend my Halloween and scary movie buddy she helped make me into who I am today and knowing the reason she made this warms my spooky heart and it would also help me grieve knowing I carry apart of something beautiful and to know I’m not alone and that some sweet woman made something so beautiful out of the heartache of losing such a big part of you. It’s just so inspiring to me and this bag would mean the world to me.

  17. I would be so grateful to win this beautiful bag! My grandma who passed away 16 years ago instilled in me a passion and love for Halloween and all things creepy. She gave me skills to be a talented craftmaker and my love for witchcraft and the dark only grew from there.

  18. So I already commented(on everything) but I just read on the most recent Instagram post you would like to hear why we want to win the bag. Growing up with a bit of a different personality wasn’t always a super easy deal living in Southern California, but I always embraced who I was and never budged from it despite catching some flack. I want to win because I think the bag is super cute, and I find it to be so because it suits the personally and style that was never a phase, but who I am.
    Thanks ladies,


  19. My Baba taught my everything about craft that I know. After she lost her mate one of the few times she goes on outings is she .org me to commune with nature, practice, and recharge in the elements. This stunning piece of art would be so perfect to take our supplies a tools with us. She handed down so much, both wisdom and tangible items,this would be an incredible vessel to continue that tradition in future as well


  20. Whoever wins this magnificent creation is one super lucky witch???? if I ever did win this first off I would die(on the inside!!) secondly I would use this talisman as something Sacred for only me to know about and what I would put inside. It would be personal to me as my journey amoung this planet. It would only be personal because that’s the vibe I get when I look at this creation. It’s meant to be personal and sacred.

  21. Hope it’s not too late to enter!
    I always carry a huge bag with me because it looks like I always have a lot of things to take care of. Sometimes I wish I had a lot less to carry and to feel lighter. This bag would be perfect. Looks magical

  22. Magically and mystically divine. What a gorgeous piece of art. I would treasure this forever. I can’t believe the generosity of this giveaway, how special. Thank you sisters for your kind hearts and open minds.

  23. The extraordinary power and magick of this bag emanates through the screen. What an amazing and sacred gift to hear how the cauldron of creation was stirred to alchemize grief into the birth of this bag and talisman of tribute and honor for Leila’s mom. I am humbled by its beauty and in utter awe of its journey into being. Thank you for sharing your work, your art, your magick and your amazingness with the world! I am continually inspired!

  24. This bag is special and spoke to me the first time I saw it. I hope it chooses me, as well! Merry meet but never part! Blessed be!

  25. This is such a magical, beautiful bag. I instantly fell in love and after reading the story behind it’s creation it is definitely a must have. I would love to have this bag to aid me through my own healing process.

  26. My gosh, how amazing is this! The divine nature of this bag is overflowing with vibrations. How beautiful and special. I’m amazed that you are sending this out. You are full of love. ? Thank you for this opportunity!

  27. When I first saw this beautiful bag it took my breath away. I don’t think proper words can describe how beautiful this is. I know the craftsmanship and love put into each creation and that makes it even more of a keepsake. I would be honored to carry this bag and proud to use this in my everyday workings. Thank you so much for your openness and willingness to share your story and creation with us. ?

  28. It is absolutely amazing how pain from grief and mourning can be transmuted into glorious things. Leila ! You did such an amazing job with this crucible bag! We can see you poured your heart and soul into your work – all the love and support – I hope you can bottle it up and save it!! ? Earlier this week I had to say good bye to my sweet sweet fur baby (when this was initially posted) and I couldn’t respond at that time. My heart was far beyond my body and I felt I could relate to Leila and her need to have a carrying vessel to safely carry her mother and tools of healing. Thank you for making this bag and doing the giveaway! So magical! ???????????????