Who can advertise on Haute Macabre?
Well, anyone : Etsy sellers, jewelry designers, clothing designers, artists, photographers, cosmetic lines, retail shops, whatever it is that you do and would like to promote!

Haute Macabre does reserve the right to decline anyone that we find offensive or don’t deem appropriate for our audience.

Why would I want to advertise on Haute Macabre? What are your statistics?
Since our launch in December of 2008, we have had an incredible amount of traffic, and the numbers keep growing.  We currently average approximately 2 million hits with 25-30 thousand unique visitors per month, and have hundreds of thousands of subscribers to our Facebook fan page, PinterestTwitter, and Instagram.

Where would my ad be displayed?
The 300×300 Square and the 300×600 Rectangle will display in the sidebar ad, visible to anyone visiting Haute Macabre.

The In-Post Ad will be displayed within each article post published & in our RSS feeds for the duration of the package.  Haute Macabre averages 1-5 posts weekly.  Due to spatial restrictions, only one advertiser at a time may use In-Post Ads, but please feel free to contact us for future scheduling and availability.

Does my ad come with a front page article?
The Rectangle and In Post Ad packages include social media promotion and an introductory blog post! Longer packages will include more Instagram posts – for example, a three month package of the Rectangle or the In Post ads will have three Instagram posts one month apart each.

What should my ad graphic look like?
Your .JPG graphic should be a clear representation of your shop or service, sized specifically to fit the package you have selected. We recommend including the name of your business and a product shot, your logo, or other visual aide. No animated .gifs or flash will be accepted.  Please do not include nudity or other imagery that could be considered offensive or Not Safe For Work.

We are happy to change out graphics for longer running ads! Just drop us a line and we can discuss options.

Can my ad be posted at the very top of the page?
Ads are posted in order depending on their size and duration of sponsorship.

What methods of payment do you accept?
Payments are accepted via Paypal or Venmo.  Upfront payment in full is required to start your ad run.

How do I start my ad campaign?
Email us at hautemacabre {at} to get started.

Please include in your email ::

  • Your Shop Name and Site Link
  • Your PayPal or Venmo address
  • Appropriately sized .JPG ad graphic
  • Four product images, preferably at 700×700 pixels (minimum 700px wide)
  • One product / promotional image of a minimum of 1200px wide
  • Links to your social media profiles
  • A brief description or bio of your shop / products (written in third person)

The Fine Print:

Haute Macabre reserves the right to reject any ad applicant for any reason, and the right to terminate the campaign without refund at any point during the prepaid time allotment. Haute Macabre will reject or terminate any sponsor participating in harassment, bigotry, or any behavior we see as an ideological or moral conflict with our own. If your ad is terminated during its duration, no refunds or explanation are given. Haute Macabre will assist you with advice on the best way to promote your shop during your ad run, however no guarantee is offered on return of traffic, response, engagement, or sales directed from your ad campaign on or its social media profiles. By purchasing your ad run, you are agreeing to these terms.