Stacked: July 2019

Sarah Bad Gateway by Simon Hanselmann Ooooof. When you strip away the spiteful laughter and the uncomfortable chuckles of the previous Megg & Mogg books (one of which, Megahex, I have written about previously–don’t get me wrong, I adored it, and I laughed at that one, too) you’re left with the bare bones of depression and […]

August Full Moon Tarotscopes by Sarah Faith Gottesdiener

August Full Moon Tarotscopes This Thursday, August 15th, we have our only Full Moon of August. An August Full Moon traditionally coincides, in the Northern Hemisphere, of the time of the first harvest. It is time to really take stock of this year: where we’ve been, what we’ve learned, and where we are going. Collectively […]

From the Archives: Biblio-alchemy: The Liquid Library of Annalù Boeretto

Here at Haute Macabre there’s no such thing as too many books. We each live surrounded by overflowing shelves and stacks of books, old and new, and exist between their covers. But some books aren’t made for reading, they’re made for aesthetic appreciation and today we’re coveting these dynamic book sculptures created by Italian contemporary artist Annalù Boeretto. Primarily […]

Charging Slab Flash Sale Now Live

TheHaute Macabre Instagram Flash Sale is now live, featuring a selection of fluorite, quartz, and selenite charging slabs. Each piece available is has a flat surface to store your tarot cards, jewelry, or other treasures on. Fluorite assists with mental clarity and focus, allowing for concentration on the task at hand while minimizing distraction. Extremely […]

Vintage Occult Book Preview

The next set of offerings to the Haute Macabre Shop will be a selection of vintage occult titles that I have sourced this season. Resurrecting this portion of the collection has been immensely fulfilling, and I am excited to continue to expand the vintage and antique sections of the shop! These titles will be available […]

Post Mortem: July 2019

A Visit To Guo Pei’s Alternate Universe Stacked: June 2019 Offerings: New Spells and Remedies in the Haute Macabre Shop Waking Medusa: Ray Harryhausen’s Movie Models Restored Haute Haunts: Building A Mystery (House) Damien Echols’ HIGH MAGICK: Priming Oneself to Cast Spells Beyond the Totality: Alleviating the Darkness July Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Tarotscopes by […]

New Sponsor: Queen Mab’s Shop

Please welcome our newest sponsor, Queen Mab! Angela Hartshorn is a one woman shop specializing in creating magick with fabric. With Queen Mab’s Store, she creates witch hats for both ritual and play. With Fogg Couture, she creates fashion and accessories for everyday wear and for those special moments. Find Queen Mab’s Store : Shop […]

Infanta Style

Infanta Style Paolo Roversi for Vogue Italia Couture Supplement September 1997

August Community Events Calendar

You can now visit the community calendar here on HM (best viewed on desktop) or subscribe via this link. Handsome Devils Puppets Tiny Tour (Part 1) Multi-city stops with HDP’s folk songs, murder ballads, personal tales, tears and screams and deaths and dreams. And, of course, puppets. The Creeping Museum Artist Market and Fairytale Salon […]

Goreytelling: Story Telling with Edward Gorey

A little glimpse into the world of Edward Gorey: a collection of animated shorts illustrating audio recordings of the artist, created by the filmmaker behind the upcoming Gorey documentary. In an act of synchronicity, a shipment of The Fantod Pack arrived simultaneously with discovering these shorts, and is back in stock now in the Haute […]

Haute Macabre Instagram Flash Sale

The very first flash sale is now live on Instagram! Today’s offerings include rose quartz, lepidolite, and smokey quartz spheres, mini tourmalated quartz friends, and fluorite (mostly purple, as that is my favorite) in various forms. Listings are posted on the HM IG and in the stories, with a link directing to the sale page […]

Shop Restock: Faceted Garnets and The Luminous Void Tarot

A small note for the start of our week: faceted garnets and the shuffle edition of the beautiful Luminous Void Tarot are now in stock in the Haute Macabre Shop. The first IG Crystal Sale will be taking place on the Haute Macabre Instagram profile this week on Thursday, July 25. Listings posted shall be […]

Speaking with the Dead: Life and Learning in a Cadaver Lab by Madeline Le Despencer (contains graphic images)

Bodies in a cadaver lab wrapped in plastic Please welcome guest contributor Madeline Le Despencer. Please be aware that post contains graphic images. It was winter 2008 when I first dismembered a human body. By dismember, I really ought to say, “disarticulated the shoulder girdle from the axial skeleton by disconnecting the sternoclavicular joint and points […]

Please Welcome Our Sponsor: Solstice Scents

Please welcome our sponsor, Solstice Scents! Solstice Scents specializes in hyper-realistic evocative atmospheres and amber, incense and resin blends for men and women. A variety of woods/forest, tobacco, leather, floral and gourmand fragrances are also offered. Fragrances pictured here are Conjure Dark (amber, sandalwood, frankincense, spices, incense, wood smoke, cedar, oud, vanilla), Estate Lavender (Estate Vanilla, […]

Beyond the Totality: Alleviating the Darkness Collection Now Available

Beyond the Totality: Alleviating the Darkness crystal collection is now available in the Haute Macabre Shop. This collection is a grouping of stones that I have been using to assist me in a season of anxiety and distress, which I discussed in this post. Below you will find previews of today’s update, and I truly […]

Beyond the Totality: Alleviating the Darkness

In regards to the recent eclipse, and the upcoming: I recently talked about the malefic effect of eclipses, despite their beauty and despite their rarity (although they do happen at minimum twice a year), they obscure the light. They physically darken the skies, cast a shadow over the earth, frightening our ancestors and were portents […]

Damien Echols’ HIGH MAGICK: Priming Oneself to Cast Spells

Please welcome occult contributor Janaka Stucky to Haute Macabre team of writers. You may know Damien Echols as one of the West Memphis Three—three men who were convicted as teenagers in 1994, of the 1993 murders of three boys in West Memphis, Arkansas. The case against them was circumstantial at best, and the prosecution pinned its case […]

Offerings: New Spells and Remedies in the Haute Macabre Shop

A small shop update this week while I prep for the next large crystal release: I am currently working my way through processing my emotions for it. They are a collection of stones that I have unconsciously been surrounding myself with the last few months, without realizing until now that they have been aiding me […]

Stacked: June 2019

Maika June was, for me, a seemingly endless, festering dumpster fire of a month. I know I’m not alone in this for myriad reasons and I’m sorry for every one of you who can somehow relate. Due to this fraught state of affairs, my stacks mostly sat gathering dust as I instead turned to numerous […]

Post Mortem: June 2019

Stacked: May 2019 The Exquisite Agony of Passing Through New Offerings: Garnet, Labradorite, Rose Quartz, Pyrite and Cleansing Bundles Elsa Lanchester, Herself. An Interview with Tom Blunt When Yorick Dreams… Hear Her Voice: The Only Known Recording of Frida’s Voice (Possibly) June Full Moon Tarotscopes by Sarah Faith Gottesdiener Winged Ghosts of Lake Natron Pam […]

New Sponsor: Occult Objects

Please welcome our newest sponsor, Occult Objects Occult Objects was founded in early 2018 by the German multidisciplinary artist, Diana Johanna. In her work, she focuses on the mystical, feminine and beautiful, which is often hidden in the subconscious of the individual. Her creations are especially influenced by dark nostalgia, occultism, history, fantasy and fashion […]

July Events Calendar

Dear friends, Here are some beautiful events hosted by beautiful people coming up throughout the summer. Please leave in the comments anything you may know of upcoming in your area! July Los Angeles Today, Sunday, June 30 from 4-6PM our beloved family at Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab will be hosted at Dark Delicacies in Burbank […]

Back in Stock: Haute Macabre + Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab

A restock of the Haute Macabre collection by Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab has just been added to the Haute Macabre Shop. Please note, each item is available in limited quantities. You may visit the Haute Macabre Apothecary for the collection, including the two newest additions, It Wasn’t Just a Phase and Occultation, along with my […]

Wardrobe for the White Mouse: Zimmerman FW19

Intended to be a modern wardrobe for The White Mouse, Nancy Wake, a WWII spy for the Allies, Nicky Zimmerman’s fall 2019 collection is invokes in me a melding of Iris van Herpen’s petal cascades and Gunne Sax’ prairie fantasy. Images via Vogue h/t to Eliza Sidney for sharing this in her stories recently!

Haute Macabre at the Solstice Divination Fair

This Friday night in Philadelphia, Haute Macabre will be participating in the Divination Market at BloodMilk’s Sphinx and Snakeskin. Please visit us for a selection of Tarot and Oracle decks, hand selected crystals – with an emphasis on crystal balls not yet previewed online, and our complete collection of scents and hair glosses by Black […]

June Full Moon Tarotscopes by Sarah Faith Gottesdiener

June Full Moon Tarotscopes Welcome to the Full Moon of June! It rises on June 17th in the sign of Sagittarius. This Full Moon is just before the Summer Solstice, so you may wish to honor both. June is the month of Pride, of Juneteeth. There is a feeling of resistance wrapped up in celebration. […]

BiCoastal Events: This Weekend in Los Angeles and Philadelphia

Our beloved bicoastal family is hosting two separate events this weekend in both Philadelphia and Los Angeles: Tonight, Friday, June 14 in Philadelphia is the BloodMilk Mourning Fair, hosting Moss Marchen, Pitt & Pendulum, Roses & Rue Antiques, Witch Fingers Antiques & Oddities, and a Polaroid Pop Up Booth from Pop Up Polaroid. You may […]