Blood Is The New Black Magic

Gentlemen, As the days grow warmer, I present Five Killer Tees That Are Not In My Closet *  : Black Magic , from  Black Scale The Traditional Interlock , Black Scale Veil , from Blood Is The New Black Mistress , Demonbabies x Blood Is The New Black [ Obvious much? I know; I know. . .but […]

Ziad Ghanem Fall 2011 Couture Collection

The Exquisite Couturegasm, a lá Ziad Ghanem

For the AW 2011/12 Season, Lebanese-born/London-based designer Ziad Ghanem provides drama through his couture pictorial—yet with a quietude not attributed to his fashion shows. A gust of wind; the rustle of fabric, & the model is transformed: a butterfly. The elegance of androgyny is also present, As is the divine decadence of ornamentation adorned to excessive & transgressive […]

Thierry-Mugler-Monaco-1998 Photographer-Helmut-Newton

I’m Having A “Mugler Moment” Again…

& we should probably talk about it: about how I’ve relapsed into insidious habits of internet roulette & obsession, “Monaco” by Helmut Newton, 1998  †  source: We Are Private about how I’ve been lurking legitimate sites (subjective, yes—ditto, option of quotation marks to frame legitimate) to mine images, as well as Photobucket, TinyPic, et al. photograph […]

Sabotage by A-Morir

“By Definition, Accessories Are Supplemental…”

states Kerin Rose, Queen Bitch Supreme of A-Morir— or in hetero-normative, Yes-That-Was-A-Compliment-Honey vernacular: the kind of company any self-respecting ornament addict wants to keep. She continues, “There is no need to be practical. So go big. Go hard, and go far.” As one for whom the phrase ‘blending in’ refers to the procedure of eyeshadow […]

The "Thorn" Series by Harem Royal

Beauty That Settles For Nothing And Forgives No One

“I don’t obey rules. They make me disappear. I believe in beauty. The one that settles for nothing and forgives no one. Beauty as weapon.” —  Srdjan of  Harem Royal pictured above: three options of Femme Fatale ‘Spike’ Pendants available from this fascinating artisan’s line of “Deadly Gorgeous Glam Goth, Avant Garde Victorian Steampunk and Vampire Black Forest Taxidermy.” My […]


Stirring The Cauldron Of Commerce

† x †‡†‡† [an aesthetic companion] †‡†‡† x † Double Cross Grey Dress : Tokyolux † Exclusive Print for WKWYDLN : Maaike Mekking † Hand-Printed Witch Tee : China Le, from the blog With Asian Stereotypes † Gaiia Coat : Camilla Welton †

H A X A N !

audio esotericism † bands with digital runes instead of names † dirty electronic sludge occult symbols & symbology † nunsploitation † mystery † an affinity for Italian Horror films † inaccessibility †‡† Witch House †‡† MATER SUSPIRIA VISION The Drone Cabinet of Doctor Trance (2010) from Mater Suspiria Vision on Vimeo. a genre spreading like a […]

Bliss Lau Bolero

Caution: You Are About To View Hot Men, Chains, And Bare Skin

Ya got a problem with that? Or does it incite bliss? Whatever the case, designer Bliss Lau’s Bolero presents somewhat of a visual-mathematic challenge. Apparently, this multi-function, unisex body chain can be worn “more than six ways”— one of which is displayed above; another, below: Torrent, however, is listed as having “more than three” options

INSECTS show Thierry Mugler

One Haute Minute

Yes, I’ve already freaked my geek over the brilliance of Thierry Mugler‘s theatric-fantastic haute couture HERE, just as I’ve yammered extensively about it over THERE. Regardless, spot-check the detail on this leather exoskeleton—complete with corset binding: Next? Take a quick peek at this image from his “Insects” show (of which I’ll refrain from Velveeta-laden puns […]

Eva Herzigova in Thierry Mugler

The Flirtation Between Fetish And High Fashion

Seductive. Hauty. Elusive. Expensive. The aesthetic of latex, a glossy “second skin,” carries a certain cachet with it: Namely, one by which the audacious, highly theatrical fashion shows of  Thierry Mugler (circa ’80s/’90s haute couture) made for a spectacular pairing. [nipped wasp waists :: architectural silhouettes :: black fabric shimmering as light refracts :: eva […]

Asger Juel Larsen Pic 1

Asger Juel Larsen

Oh, Asger— Thanks to Fashion 156, it appears that I’ve discovered you just in time to make your AW 10/11 London Fashion Week show! I’m quite fond of this little ‘tease’ that’s been leaked of model Ash Stymest in your metal tube waistcoat, and—upon further investigation of your work—found a familiar face among Haute Macabre’s readership: […]

Hairroin Salon Deena Marie Poofy Hair

Hooked On Hairroin

The moment I read Nixon’s announcement that “Hair Today” had been added to Haute Macabre’s categories, my conundrum was solved.  Never mind the three posts I’d started; what I’m doing now is For those of you who might have stumbled across my dot com at some point, or perhaps encountered my profile on one of […]


In Praise Of Alabastrine Wraiths, Cloaked In Shadowed Fineries

Well, one in particular, actually: Florian Pessenteiner of the Larapixie Talent Agency. I discovered this sharp-angled young thing of beauty via blogature at The Fashionisto, though I’m intrigued by more than just his impeccable bone structure or confession that he was a “proper Goth Kid and used to be in [the] scene.” It’s this exhibition […]