The Sum of the Universe

Thanks to long-time HM favorite, artist Corviid, for sending over these stunning shots of the Baphomet outfit she crafted in action!

Haute Macabre Staff Favorites For 2017: Erin’s Picks

Like so many of us, my 2017 will in many ways be defined by resistance, politics, and and the raving madness of the world around us. In some ways I am thankful for this, because I finally got off my ass and quit being an armchair activist. I finally got out in the streets and […]

Vida Artist Partnership

Void Skeleton Wrap from Corviid, $120 is something like an upmarket Cafepress. The new online service allows artists and creators to upload their designs and have them printed onto pre-made products. However,  the available products are much more interesting than the usual T-shirts, hoodies and coffee mugs. Options include wraps and scarves, leather goods, pillows and […]


Feel good watch of the week: Brujos.   This  sleek, stylish independent web series about queer Latinx witches fighting evil will lift your spirits and get you through at least one more horrible news cycle where someone you once thought was cool did something horrible.  Because these days, the world needs more fabulous magic, dammit. Watch it here:


Outside In PROJECT SUBTERRA is the new collective for long-time HM favorites  Julia Comita and Twisted Lamb- a place for their joint projects to live in one place, in preparation for a grand new adventure. After years of working together on projects like Snowbound,  the two are officially joining forces to get to Art Basel […]

The Haute List: Almost October Edition

Harlow Top, $42 + Fortune Favors the Cave Dress, $74.99 + Macabre Knit Wiggle Dress,$ 52 Anatomy Socks, $4  +  Bat’ll Do Shift, $79.99  +  Leggings in Mwahaha,$11.50

The Haute List- Boot Season Edition

Wyatt Boot, $349.95 $174.99  + Lunsford Boot,  $190 $144.99  +  Regiment Boot, $385.00 $128.99   Spider Candle, $16.99  +  Men’s Skingraft Coat, Large $325  +  Moon Plate Set, $49.95  

The Haute List

  Constellation Bralette, $59  +  Damsel Top, $50  +  Slate Bug Coasters, $30 Laurie Bootie, $150, $90  +  Jeweled Skull, $19.95  +  Jamie Jeans, $110

The Haute List

  Bobi T-shirt, $69  +  Bats Cardi, $58  + Feminists T, $19 Skull and Dagger Earrings, $149  +  Skull Leggings, $30 Ankle Boot, $179  +  Leather Panel Shopper, $56  

When They Ask You What You Did, Have an Answer

Mural by Tatyana Fazlalizadeh In the wake of the horrific events in Charlottesville, it seems like the time to take a break from posting the pretty things, and spend a minute on the ugly stuff. White supremacy cannot continue. It has to go. Things have to change. We have to change them. If you are […]