Stylish Gent Brings It

Attention, boys! Boys into the fitted, the sleek, and the layered – rejoice, for there is a place you can go, and it’s not the YMCA this time. From the fashion-conscious brains of my dear friend TheDaniel and associates Court3nay and M1k3y comes Stylish Gent – a Tumblr overflowing with wearable and attainable menswear. Gasp, […]


Clockwork Couture: Not Actually Couture

Over the past few week, I’ve noticed half a dozen posts pop up around the ‘web regarding Clockwork Couture – a new incarnation of Goth Magazine.  People have been singing praises to this website, which has neglected to mention one detail – none of its wares are, in fact, couture. Couture implies custom made, one […]


Coppelia Pique’s Lace Stilettos to End the World

I love Andy Julia. This French photographer’s images are dreamy, soft and painfully sexy. It’s no surprise we put one of his beautiful images on Coilhouse Magazine‘s premiere issue and included an editorial of his early work. He continues to steal my breath with his website’s gallery updates and today Nadya Lev showed me something […]


Rick Owens Makes Savage Love to the Runway

Again. Layers, funnel necks and gloves with everything – many of Rick Owens‘ staples carry over into his Fall/Winter 09 collection, but there is something decidedly more savage about this look. Be it the shaved hairlines,  or the lack of buttons [or closures of any sort] on some of the jackets – there’s a sort […]


Your Winter Exoskeleton

One of the best things about winter is the implied necessity of shopping for a coat or jacket. This new armor against the elements has the power to transform you into a badass city warrior and, like boots, can be considered an investment without overt shame. Whether you’re able to sacrifice a month’s salary on […]

Riding Boots for the Dapper Lady

Like so many of us I’ve been agonizing over finding the perfect pair of boots for the winter. After all, Angel City winters are more brutal than an outsider might expect! In fact, they become more difficult to tolerate the longer one stays here.  Initially my heart was set on engineer boots. I’ll probably end […]