Zoetica’s Tentacle Jacket Auction to Benefit Tor Project

Esteemed Haute Macabrians! I apologize for this cross-post, but hope you understand, in light of it benefiting a very important cause. This week, I’ve been glued to Al Jazeera’s live coverage of Cairo, especially impressed by the work of the folks over at Tor Project – an organization striving to keep the internet available and […]

Mother of London Knocked Off at AMAs

UPDATE Willow Smith’s stylist responsible for ripping off Mother of London‘s signature harness at the AMAs has been named, and it’s not Mariel Haenn. The offending copycat in this case is Brea Stinson, aka Bstar. We’re relieved and thrilled that Mildred Von Hildegard is able to finally get the credit she deserves, and to move […]

Blush Response: Über, In the Key of Yellow

The rest of these photos by Lou O’Bedlam and an outfit breakdown can be found on Biorequiem, in the latest installment of Style Dispatch. Gather ’round my spooklings, and I’ll tell you a tale. A tale of cosmetic miracles! As we’ve all noticed, black lipstick, the cornerstone of all things darque and goffic, has been […]

Four-Point Fashion Assault 3 – A Spartan Resolution

Since we last met here, I’ve stayed true to the dark side, but there is one major change: my fashion spending has slowed to a near-halt. You see, I have decided that, having as much clothing as I do should preclude me from adding anything to my obese closets until next winter. That’s right, a […]

Blush Response: Eyebrows

After an extended hiatus brought on by Coilhouse production, making art, and personal reasons I can’t mention on public TV I am returned with sweets and flowers. What’s a few months among friends, right? Right? Have some candy and simmer down, toots. One of my ventures has been the re-launch of my own website, Biorequiem.com. […]

Four-Point Fashion Assault 2

A few years ago as I furthered my style education it was time for my fashion-conscious adult self to phase out two wardrobe staples: big hair and big shoes. I got rid of almost every pair of chunky 4″ platforms and ditched the teasing comb in favor of pointy heels and short hair. Today, I’m […]

4-Point Fashion Assault

I have a column on Coilhouse titled Zo! Style Technician. It’s devoted to fashion adventures, typically with my favorite photo-sniper, Andrew Yoon. Sadly, we’re both very busy peeps and he cannot be summoned every time I’m looking fly. From now on, on days when I want to merely document a look, you’ll be seeing the […]

Stylish Gent Brings It

Attention, boys! Boys into the fitted, the sleek, and the layered – rejoice, for there is a place you can go, and it’s not the YMCA this time. From the fashion-conscious brains of my dear friend TheDaniel and associates Court3nay and M1k3y comes Stylish Gent – a Tumblr overflowing with wearable and attainable menswear. Gasp, […]

Clockwork Couture: Not Actually Couture

Over the past few week, I’ve noticed half a dozen posts pop up around the ‘web regarding Clockwork Couture – a new incarnation of Goth Magazine.  People have been singing praises to this website, which has neglected to mention one detail – none of its wares are, in fact, couture. Couture implies custom made, one […]

Coppelia Pique’s Lace Stilettos to End the World

I love Andy Julia. This French photographer’s images are dreamy, soft and painfully sexy. It’s no surprise we put one of his beautiful images on Coilhouse Magazine‘s premiere issue and included an editorial of his early work. He continues to steal my breath with his website’s gallery updates and today Nadya Lev showed me something […]