Haute Macabre Etsy Shop of the Week :: Contrived to Charm

Etsy Shop of the Week :: Contrived to Charm

The Haute Macabre Etsy Shop of the Week is Contrived to Charm, creating hand crafted custom leather belts, boot straps, and tarot card cases. Contrived to Charm has been on my radar since I purchased one of the tarot cases at the Black Lodge pop up shop last year, and now I’m seeing plenty more […]

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Col en Cuir, 132,00 € Adorable leather faux collars, some of which are faux leather faux collar. The laser cut one above caught my eye, but when I went looking for more I found plenty- strangely, all in French. So I guess this is what the French kids are wearing this season. Sadly, my French […]


Mielle Harvey

  Sterling silver cast dead bird necklaces from Mielle Harvey.   I have always found dead birds the most tragic and lovely of things. All creatures stop moving eventually, but for birds it seems so much more extreme.


Etsy Shop of the Week: Martha Rotten

  Jackalopes! Jackalopes! Jackalopes! And other stuff, too. Like mer-babies. Pewter jewelry  from Baltimore artists Francene & Pete Yorko available through this week’s Etsy Shop of the Week, Martha Rotten.  

Burial Ground

Burial Ground :: Way of the Mystic

The collective vision of Jamie Mooers and Bill Crisafi has birthed the newly re-launched Burial Ground, with its inaugural lookbook, Way of the Mystic, photographed by Courtney Brooke Hall of Light Witch. Burial Ground is forged over a fascination with occultism, magic, spirituality, and a deep nostalgia and adoration of old New England. The material […]



Thing that I suddenly discovered I need: Dixi’s Epsilon necklace, $51 at shopdixi.com.


Anu Tera

Gorgeous leather pieces by Anu Tera. Available via Anu Tera’s shop or Sisters of the Black Moon.


Nailed it.

I can’t stop ordering cheap nail wraps off eBay. They have everything. Like, photographs of cheetahs and stuff. 66 Pentacles for $4.99 Galaxy Nail Art, $1.29 Insane Flowers, at 45 cents last I loooked

Protect Your Magic

Protect Your Magic

Protect Your Magic :: Use code MAGIC this weekend on Hunter Gatherer Chicago for 30% off all orders $50 and over.

Heavy Metal Vomit Party :: The Dark Arts Collection

Heavy Metal Vomit Party :: The Goetia

I have spied the lovely Kaiti Fink, creatress behind Heavy Metal Vomit Party, out and about in New Orleans, but have not yet been formally introduced. I plan on changing that promptly, as I would love to pick her brain and hear about her new collection inspired by the sigils and totems of The Goetia […]



Harvested from roadkill and other natural sources, Ossuaria rebirths the lives lost into striking wearable art. Each component and bone is individually macerated and cleaned by founder and designer Kristin Bunyard, and then reimagined into these unique pieces of jewelry. View more of this collection at Ossuaria.com.

BloodMilk Semi-Annual Sale

BloodMilk Semi-Annual Sale is Upon Us

Our darling friend Jess  will be hosting her semi-annual sale this weekend, from Friday, June 6 until Monday, June 9 (EST). Select jewels and treasures on her website :: bloodmilkjewels.com :: will be marked 20% off, excluding any pieces containing any natural stones or crystals. This discount will not be available on Etsy, so please […]

Macabre Gadgets (2)

A Watery Grave

Coral Crown Ring, $250 Eerie aquatic inspired rings from Macabre Gadgets Octopus Ring, $160 Crab Ring, $200


Mountain Witch

Mountain Witch Crown, $365 New beautiful things from Elemental Child‘s Sign of Fire collection. In the Dust of the Stars Crown, $545

Death + Taxes Ad Week :: Casstronaut

Cassie “Casstronaut” Meder is a young freelance filmmaker, illustrator, jewelry designer, model and recent Nashville transplant whose work has ranged from dark and philosophically confronting to quirky and clever. As a conqueror and crusader of many art forms for the better half of a decade, she is now described as possessing a dark and fascinating […]


Ella Maximillion

Nefertiti Choker, $220 Moon Species collection from Ella Maximillian. Sphinx Choker, $190  

Delfina Delettrez Skeleton Hand Bracelet

All Together Now

It’s been awhile since we’ve all collectively oogled the Delfina Delettrez Skeleton Hand bracelet, so I thought we could do it all together again for old time’s sake.



  Spined Backpack, $1255 Bizarre and beautiful bags from Kofta, part off the brilliantly curated selection of things I cannot afford at ØDD. Scoliosis Bag, $1950 Squeezed handbag, $748