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Erythromycin Ointment For Eyelid

January 30th, 2009


This entire entry probably has to do with sitting around the house too much reading the boyfriend's S.M Stirling Erythromycin Ointment For Eyelid, collection, or maybe it's just Beyonce's armored glove, but it seems to me that I'm seeing a lot of King Arthur's influence in fashion lately.  Although it hasn't gone as medieval on us all as it did back in 2006 (remember when Dior apparently went on crusade?), a toned-down version of the look has been popping up all over: tunics with leggings and slouchy boots, heraldic emblems, oversized hoods on nearly anything, chainmail purses and bracelets. That means you can pull off a bit of Camelot, Erythromycin Ointment For Eyelid ebay, Erythromycin Ointment For Eyelid coupon, if you like, without looking like a refugee from Ren Faire (as long as you avoid the Monty Python accent), 750mg Erythromycin Ointment For Eyelid. Erythromycin Ointment For Eyelid japan,



Above: Beyonce's armored glove by Lorraine Schwartz

Armored heels from Sword and Stone † sterling chain mail bracelet from Alchemist Star

Slouchy Vegan wedge Boots from Alternative Outfitters Giorgio Armani silk hooded dress

. 250mg Erythromycin Ointment For Eyelid. 200mg Erythromycin Ointment For Eyelid. Erythromycin Ointment For Eyelid uk. Erythromycin Ointment For Eyelid paypal. 500mg Erythromycin Ointment For Eyelid. 20mg Erythromycin Ointment For Eyelid.

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Zithromax B-complex

January 29th, 2009


Zithromax B-complex, So much of Gothic Fashion is dependent on reminiscing on the past.  We have our Victorian, Steampunk (the brown Victorian goth), our Ren Faire, Zithromax B-complex india, the '80s...  Well, 250mg Zithromax B-complex, what about the future.  Sure, there's Cyber Punk, but really, 500mg Zithromax B-complex, that's about it.  This might not necessarily be "Goth", 150mg Zithromax B-complex, but frankly, it's too weird and cool to pass up.  

Remember mood rings, Zithromax B-complex.  Well, let's take those a few leaps and bounds further, Zithromax B-complex overseas.  Philips Design has prototyped two garments as a part of the SKIN Probe research project, that demonstrate how electronics can be incorporated into fabrics and clothes to express the emotions of the wearer. Zithromax B-complex australia,  

Frison (pictured above, on the left), is body suit that reacts to being blown on by igniting a private constellation of tiny LEDs.  The Bubelle (pictured above, 500mg Zithromax B-complex, on the right),  "The Blushing Dress" is made up of two layers. Zithromax B-complex,  The first is made up of biometric sensors that pick up on the wearer's emotions, projecting them into the second outer textile layer as colors and lights. Zithromax B-complex us,  

This actually isn't the first of its kind though (and no, I'm not talking about those Hypercolor t-shirts that were all the rage in the late 80's).  The Emotional Wardrobe, of 2005, Zithromax B-complex usa, also responded to the wearer via body sensors, changing the color patterns via LED lights in the dress. 100mg Zithromax B-complex,  

Now those emo kids with the whoosh bangs can really let the world know how sad they are, eh.  

Thanks to Nadya Lev for tipping us off to this.

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Clomid Ovulation Day

January 28th, 2009

Clomid Ovulation Day, A much younger version of myself once went up to my mother and said, "I want witch shoes".  

"Well, Clomid Ovulation Day canada, Clomid Ovulation Day mexico, Samantha, Halloween is a few months off."

"No, 40mg Clomid Ovulation Day, Clomid Ovulation Day uk, Mom, I want witch shoes to wear every day."

And so it began, 50mg Clomid Ovulation Day. 20mg Clomid Ovulation Day,  Before I could even reach the drug store shelf that had the black hair dye on it, I wanted pointy toed, 1000mg Clomid Ovulation Day, 250mg Clomid Ovulation Day, button up Victorian style boots.  I also would have graciously accepted a pointy hat, Clomid Ovulation Day ebay, 30mg Clomid Ovulation Day, but thankfully, Mom knew better than I did.  



Authentic Wool Victorian Button Ups circa 1900  †  Granny Black Mid-Calf

Midnight Stroll Booties  †  Amelia Lace Ups

Splendor  †  Ghillie Boot*

Bliss Boots  †  Stark Boot


*Don't judge those by the photo.  I have a pair, and they are actually super cute on.  


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Happy Birthday Lewis Carroll

January 27th, 2009

Lewis Carroll turns 111 today, and in celebration, we would like to share a few leaked images from the upcoming “Alice in Wonderland”, directed by Tim Burton.  We are absolutely dying to see the rest of the costumes from this, so if anyone has come across better pics, please share! The last coat reminds me […]

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Lowest Price For Brand Cialis

January 21st, 2009

Lowest Price For Brand Cialis, After covering Dior's Winter collection based on his 1947 New Look, I thought it might be good to  look back and check out what exactly the New Look WAS. Dior's 1947 collection made a more significant impact on fashion history than any other single collection. The world was coming out of WWII, 200mg Lowest Price For Brand Cialis, and for years women had been suffering under fabric rationing, 750mg Lowest Price For Brand Cialis, scarce clothing and an austere wartime aesthetic. Suddenly the war was over, the country was  celebrating, 1000mg Lowest Price For Brand Cialis, and women were free to go back to super-feminine fashions with as much material as they wanted. 100mg Lowest Price For Brand Cialis, Dior was in the right place at the right time, and on Feb 12th, 1947, Lowest Price For Brand Cialis mexico, he stunned Paris with a return to the Belle Epoque. Lowest Price For Brand Cialis craiglist, Full skirts with upwards of ten yards of fabric (later versions would use up to 80 yards in a single skirt), wasp waists, and soft shoulders matched with curve-hugging fitted jackets were nearly the opposite of the working girls' wartime outfits, 20mg Lowest Price For Brand Cialis. And, 250mg Lowest Price For Brand Cialis, as working girls were returning in droves to the home as the boys came back from war, his timing could not have been more flawless. A faltering Paris fashion industry found themselves swamped with orders, Lowest Price For Brand Cialis uk, and the modern fashion industry began to emerge. 1000mg Lowest Price For Brand Cialis,


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Does Zithromax Have Steroids In It

January 19th, 2009


Does Zithromax Have Steroids In It, Edgar Allan Poe turns 200 today, so Haute Macabre would like to wish this icon a very Haute Bicentennial.  Poe was born Edgar Poe in 1809, Does Zithromax Have Steroids In It canada, and was soon after abandoned by his father and orphaned by his mother.  The Allan family took him in, and gave him his middle name, 20mg Does Zithromax Have Steroids In It.  After the estrangement of his foster father, 500mg Does Zithromax Have Steroids In It, he enlisted in the military , where he began publishing his first collections of poetry.  After discharge from the military, 30mg Does Zithromax Have Steroids In It, he secretly married his 13 year old cousin, Does Zithromax Have Steroids In It india, Virginia Clemm.  His wife died of consumption in 1847, and it is theorized that his macabre "death of a beautiful woman" works after that event were a direct result of his loss, Does Zithromax Have Steroids In It.  

Poe's death is a great mystery to scholars.  On October 5, Does Zithromax Have Steroids In It overseas, 1849, 750mg Does Zithromax Have Steroids In It, he was found delirious on the streets of Baltimore, oddly enough, wearing someone else's clothing, Does Zithromax Have Steroids In It paypal.  He never regained consciousness enough to explain his situation, 250mg Does Zithromax Have Steroids In It, and died on October 7.   All hospital and medical records of the event have been either lost or destroyed, but speculation points to either delirium tremens, 10mg Does Zithromax Have Steroids In It, heart disease, epilepsy, syphilis, meningeal inflammation, cholera, rabies, or alcoholism.    

I'm under the assumption that we all have our trusty copies of his complete works,  but in celebration I might treat myself to a copy of the Gris Grimly illustrated Tales of Mystery & Madness or the upcoming Tales of Death & Dementia.


Selected Works Handbag  †  Nevermore Tee  †  B&W Necklace

Wreath Tank †  Raven Pendant  †  Nevermore Hoodie

Raven Locket  †  Poe T Shirt  †  Golden Beetle Insectus Ring


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80’s Explosion

January 16th, 2009

Time to break out those old Siouxsie albums, kids, because today, we have discovered a 80’s Gotho treasure.  Welcome to Lullie Vintage’s Ebay Store, where once you’ve sorted through all the frightening hipster comeback items, you find the hidden world of forgotten cocktail dresses.  Best of all, the prices are dirt cheap – I think […]

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Cameo Appearance

December 26th, 2008

The cameo dates back to 6th century BC Greece, and were very popular in Ancient Rome.   It is a method of carving with a raised image, typically worn as a piece of jewelry.  Cameos have had periodic revivals in popularity, especially in the early Renaissance, Neoclassical France by Napoleon, and most notably by Queen […]

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