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Peter Movrin

Slovenian designer, Peter Movrin, known for his work for Lady Gaga, among others, grew up as a butcher’s son.  From his bio: “In this hard provincial life meat became his medium of expression, as a child he would carve steaks in a way that would appeal to his bewildered eye.” Available at Not Just a Label.


Rick Owens Steps It Up

Just when you thing Rick Owens really can’t get any more awesome, he turns Paris Fashion Week on its’ stuffy little head.  Instead of showing his S/S 2014 collection on the usual assortment of waify young things with vacant expressions, he brought on an award-winning US step-dance team to model the clothes. Oh, look. Women. […]



  Monochrome, the second collection from East London designer Anya Kamarek, features asymmetrical designs inspired by post-war architecture in Eastern Europe. I’m looking at the leggings that scrunch down over heels with an interested eye.  Super cute idea, but I wonder how long it would take me to accidentally pull them too far down and […]



  Samantha Cole’s Warrior collection.


Yiqing Yin Fall 2013

Yiqing Yin’s Fall 2013 collection. The dress at the top looks like an Albertus Seba illustration, doesn’t it?


Ulyana Sergeenko Fall 2013

  Ulyana Sergeenko goes a little bit Game of Thrones, a little bit Wednesday Addams for Fall 2013. I would not have guessed the combination would work. Come to think of it, I can kinda see Wednesday doing well on Game of Thrones. Like Arya with better fashion sense.

Alice Auaa F:W 2013 Haute Macabre _01

Alice Auaa

Alice Auaa’s A/W ’13 at Tokyo Fashion Week. More images after the jump!


Robert Wun

Ruffles and strangeness from Robert Wun‘s 2012 “Burnt’” and “Last Breathe”  collections I know it looks like this is done with light or Photoshop, but  a lot of it is actually done with zip ties.


Yiqing Yin

Yiqing Yin F/W 2012 Beautiful structure, and simply the best use of color gradients I’ve seen yet.


Alexander McQueen Resort 2013

If Alexander McQueen’s 2013 Resort line looks a little familiar, that’s because designer Sarah Burton borrowed heavily from glam rock in general, and from David Bowie’s closet specifically. But then, the silver bellbottom suit probably already gave that away.


VEDA Resort 2012

VEDA’s 2012 Resort lookbook is full of old-school Rock ‘n Roll jeans-and-jackets looks with luxe detailing. I always love looks like this, that feel like you could get off your bike and walk into a nice restaurant without thinking twice about either.  


Asher Levine Cruise S/S 2013

Asher Levine’s Spring/Summer 2013 Cruise line. Fails at: Cruisewear. Unless maybe they have fjord cruises. Succeeds At: Bringing the dip dye/ ombre/ tye-die trend into menswear without making me think Haight Ashbury.


Anne Sophie Madsen A/W 2012

In spite of some unrealistically scaled accessories, Anne Sophie Madsen’s Fall/Winter lookbook for 2012 is pretty awesome- the Mad Max knee pad garterbelt is amazing! Overall, though, what I find myself really wanting from this collection are the simple bleach-spattered basics underneath the crazy stuff- the pants and dresses.