DIY Bonanza: Honestly… WTF

  DIY : Proenza Schouler Scroll Necklace While looking over the nominees for this year’s Lucky Magazine FABB award, I discovered a treasure trove of DIY projects and great knock-offs at Honestly …WTF.  Go. Play. Make cool stuff. DIY: Spike Comb DIY: Luv AJ Handpiece

Knock it Off: Ann Demeulemeester Epine Bracelet

  Thanks to HM reader Flavia Galeotti for pointing us towards this DIY tutorial on Head over there for more complete instructions, including ideas for modifying the technique to make a great headband!

Etsy Taste Test

Welcome to your newest internet addiction : Etsy’s Taste Test. Launched mid-December, but not linked directly from Etsy’s home page, the Taste Test is designed to help discover shops and sellers that may have been previously overlooked.  Although it isn’t a perfectly refined tool – on occasion it can be repetitive – it’s a fancy new […]

DIY Spats

Thanks to our last couple of articles on spats, reader Zoh Morrigan from Morrigan NYC pointed us to a DIY tutorial she did for Threadbanger, figuring you guys might be interested. Thanks, Zoh!

Cut It Out

Photos by John Ashton-Keller, T-shirt surgery and modeling by LeEvil. It’s that time of year when the heat is on, and T-shirts start to sound pretty darn comfy. Now, if only they were a bit more stylish…  like that sexy, sexy Haute Macabre Men’s T-Shirt LeEvil is modeling above. Here’s a secret- we didn’t really […]

DIY: Reshaping Heels

These are a few pics from a fantastic DIY on Christeric . Yes, these shoes are adorable. But really, they aren’t why I’m posting this.  This is a level 5 DIY, but for those with the tools and craftiness, it shows how to reshape a heel using Bondo.  That’s a skill I could use! I […]


One of our favorite DIY blogs, OutsaPop, tells us how to shred shirts! It is done all by hand, pulled, but it´s not threads you´re pulling but LOOPS. Jersey is a lightweight knit so it is formed from small loops. If you take one loop from the bottom and pull that, the knit will start […]

DIY Chain Heels

Nixon’s post earlier today reminded me of the DIY chain heels tutorial I saw this morning on OutsaPop, which was originally also inspired by Park & Cube. Full tutorial on Fashion Infusion!

Pattern Magic

This is really just one of those cruel posts about this cool thing I found that you can’t have. I found these photos over on I’m Revolting, from a pair of Japanese books (Pattern Magic Volumes 1 and 2 ). Of course I ran over to Amazon immediately to try and get them, but they […]