DIY leggings

Video from Instructables It’s Saturday morning- what are you going to do with your day? How about learn to make leggings before spring legging season is upon us? Giannyl shows us how easy it is to do, and the simplicity of the style makes it totally adaptable. I’m going to try a couple of plain […]

Last Minute Card Idea

Absolutely adorable (and free!) printable pattern for anatomical heart cards available at Cheeky Magpie.

Blush Response: Eyebrows

After an extended hiatus brought on by Coilhouse production, making art, and personal reasons I can’t mention on public TV I am returned with sweets and flowers. What’s a few months among friends, right? Right? Have some candy and simmer down, toots. One of my ventures has been the re-launch of my own website, […]

Knitting in Biology

This is just one of those things that might not me fashion, but I had to share. “Knitting in Biology”, from CraftyHedgehog on Etsy.


I don’t have much time to dedicate to posting today, as I’m hosting a pumpkin carving party. So, I looked up some Pumpkinspiration and figured I would kill two birds with one stone. I think I just coined a word. Those pumpkins were awfully pretty, but just in case you would prefer a postapocalyptic party […]

DIY: Upcycled T-shirt Scarf

This is my extra-special, extra blurry phone cam DIY special. This cute scarf starts out as two old T-shirts (actually, I ended up using two and a quarter as I had some bits left over from experimenting). When choosing your shirts, go for extra squishy. Note that for your $, big men’s shirts have a […]

DIY: Demeulemeester Zipper Scarf

With Ann Demeulemeester’s Spring collection (above) as inspiration, the folks at Oustapop bring you a how-to guide to making your own zipper fringe scarf.  More pictures on Oustapop.

Lunatic Fringe

Dolce and Gabbana’s Spring 2010 show has one word for you, and that word is Fringe. Knock it off: In order to avoid looking like an overly Gawthy carwash, might I suggest adding fringe to your wardrobe in small amounts? Perhaps this Long Fringe Soft Scarf (24.99)? Or you could just add a bit of […]

DIY: Christian Louboutin knockoffs

Photos from Fashion Mongers– check out her site if you need more explanation than these photos provide. More step-by-step photos after the jump.

Spastic Elastic

I love, love, love the new trend in elastic. Not because it is flattering, versatile, and makes your old clothes look new again, even though those things are true. But because it is 99 cents a yard at Joannes, and this stuff is so easy it doesn’t even require a sewing machine. My apologies to […]

Harness Your Creativity

Fleet Ilya Harness †  Lola Harness from All Saints Elastic Harness from I Heart Norwegian Wood † Skin Graft Harness Custom Harness from Garbage Dress Let’s talk about harnesses. They rock. Not only do they make anything you wear them with more form-fitting and show off your boobs in a season of relatively conservative necklines, […]

It’s Maker Faire Weekend!

This weekend in San Mateo,  the world’s largest DIY fair celebrates it’s 4th anniversary.  Make Magazine‘s Maker Faire is expected to draw a crowd of over 100,000 to the San Mateo County Expo Center. Thousands of DIY vendors will showcase everything from robots to furniture to food. Arts, crafts, science, technology, engineering- and FASHION. Not […]

Got a Temper?

Everyone here is already very well aware of my affinity for oversized bags.  Every now and then, though, you don’t feel like lugging all that stuff around, and just want go out without worrying about setting your purse down somewhere.  Fanny packs or bulging pockets are NOT the answer to that, but Anthracite’s Utility Belts […]

DIY Latex

Fantastic site alert : Making Latex Clothing. It’s exactly what it sounds like, a step by step instruction guide for making your own latex wears from leggings to headbands, body suits to furniture, and is loaded with tips and tricks.  If my house wasn’t full of cats, I’d be making latex footstools, but the claws […]

Know When to Fold ’em

“The woman of the ’40’s through her military costumes suggests self-confidence and resoluteness”. -Dora Mojzes Hungarian designer Dora Mojzes newest collection, Diploma, uses origami folding techniques to transform cloth into geometric forms and comes out with powerful silhouettes that are at once classic and futuristic, aggressive and whimsical, and always glamorous. Knock it off: Silence […]

Viral Marketing

Like most legitimate news sources*, Haute Macabre is taking advantage of worldwide paranioa…er, I mean… striving to keep you up-to-date on the latest swine flu news. Whether by coincidence or not, Rosemount Australian Fashion Week, which just wound up yesterday, showed multiple masks on the catwalk. And,  as the pandemic spreads, the DIY decorative face […]

DIY: Skull Cutout Tee

Courtesy of OustaPop Trashion. I will forgo the step-by-step instructions on this one since, well, it’s pretty self-explanatory. And because if you need directions you don’t deserve to have one anyway.

Etsy : Morph Clothing

Toronto based MorphClothing started in 2005, and has since stayed on top of the cyber esthetic.  Currently, there are only three items listed on their Etsy page (and no feedback), but the new online shop has more to offer.   On closer inspection, a lot of the designs on the site are triggering memories of […]

Etsy : Katherina Andreeva

Katherina Andreeva is a French alternative fashion designer. Her line is inspired by “Victorian postmortem photography and fairy tales with a fetish twist”, which just might be my favorite description of anything, ever.   The shop is full of the only kind of pink I think I could ever wear, frills and fruffy with a […]