Roses and Rue Antiques

Etsy Shop of the Week :: Roses and Rue Antiques

We’re starting a new weekly feature today :: Etsy Shop of the Week! Do you have a favorite you’d like to share with us? Send us a link and tell us why it’s so awesome! Lovely Victorian finds in the Roses and Rue Antique shop on Etsy. “While there’s something about every period in history […]

The Mystic Asylum

The Mystic Asylum

The little witches created by The Mystic Asylum are so delicate and fair, so curious and all knowing. The tiny souls are a “fusion of personal experiences and influences – moody atmospheres, Victorian-inspired couture, and timeless elements all laced with clandestine symbolism.” Collect your own coven at The Mystic Asylum’s Etsy Shop, and follow her […]

Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 10.26.59 AM

The Cake is Alive

Move over, Martha Stewart. Domestigoths, meet Christine McConnell.  The creepy, crawly things this woman can do with sugar cookies will give you nightmares. Her DIY projects are somewhere between “genius” and “never sleeping again” ( baby face lightbulb???).  And, at least according to her Instagram feed, she somehow creates all of this while looking like […]


Pattern Recognition

Guess who got a new sewing machine? Now I want all the 1940’s patterns so that I can make them in thoroughly inappropriate fabrics. Like Modcloth, but with the waist in the right place. (Seriously, Modcloth, stop putting the waist on  my third rib. I work to keep that thing, let me show it off.  […]

Dead on Paper Oracle Playing Cards

Dead on Paper

Dead on Paper has released a set of playing cards based off of the Victorian Spiritualist movement, funded by a Kickstarter that I sadly missed. Luckily, the project was fully funded, and is now available for the public to purchase. Grown out of mesmerism and hypnosis, the Spiritualist Movement reached its peak in the late […]


Secret Gardens

Beautiful terrariums with fossils, skulls, and other oddities by Ken Martin of Hermetica (London).



I Aten’t Dead Subversive Sampler. Pretty sure I need it on a pillow.

Vegan Treats Fatally Yours Chocolate Box

Fatally Yours

I may not be big on sweets, or on the big V (in fact, I’m spending it this year in Jury Duty, so it’s like the universe just knew I don’t care all that much), but if anyone out there were to send me a big box of love, I’d want it to be this […]

Pentacle Bookcase

Perfect Pentacle

Having just moved into a new home, all I’ve been doing is searching for new bookcases for the mountains of books my husband and I own. How absolutely perfect is this Pentacle Bookcase from Etsy seller MotherOracle?

Angostura Bitters chinese chicken

Rub My Roast with Vincent Price

I recently came across this blog post over at Voices of East Anglia, talking about Vincent Price’s love of gourmet cooking. Unbeknownst to me, Price wrote several cookbooks, such as  Come into the Kitchen, and even hosted a British television cooking show called Cooking Price-Wise.   Here are some downloadable MP3s from The Big Bust […]


Death or Cake? Yes, please.

Day of the Dead Chocolate Baby Head, £50.00 Miss Cakehead curates anatomically inspired cakes from UK-based food collective Eat Your Heart Out. Chocolate Phrenology Skull, £80.00 Custom Chocolate Skull, £90.00


Evil Spirits

God, I’m a sucker for good branding and clever packaging!


Coffee and Obituaries

These pictures follow the creation of skull and bones sugar cubes from design to completion (via snowviolent). I can find some similar cubes for sale on Etsy, but they’re far more Dia de Los Muertos, and I really love the realism of these. I begin each day with coffee and obituaries. -Bill Cosby


Shiny Monsters

Shiny Monsters, Adam Wallacavage’s flotilla of tentacled chandeliers, from an exhibit last year at the Philadelphia Art Alliance.


New Advertiser :: Gothic Wedding Planner

Please welcome our newest advertiser, Steff Metal, the Gothic Wedding Planner!  Steff Metal is a writer, alternative wedding celebrant, and heavy metal maiden living in New Zealand with her cantankerous husband and their medieval sword collection. She’s the author of the Gothic Wedding Planner Guide – an ebook packed with ideas to help alternative couples […]

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