Ask the HM Hivemind: Plain Black Leggings

Plain Black Leggings. They are a staple of the modern wardrobe. But I’ve had some trouble finding some that met my criteria: Genuinely opaque (seriously, legging makers. If I can see the color in my thigh tattoo, you’re doing it wrong). Warm enough for winter wear. I only live in San Francisco, it’s not like […]

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Flocked and Loaded

McQ by Alexander McQueen Flocked Paisley Dress, $636.64 We don’t generally feel the need to cover every trend. Who cares if Fall is all about tiger face sweatshirts? That doesn’t make them a good idea. But I’m liking this flocking thing. Blame the house of McQueen. Just Cavalli and Balenciaga hopped on the flock wagon, too, […]


Etsy Roundup: To The Moon

Tiny Moon Ring, $55.00 Full Moon Necklace, $74 Full Moon Necklace, $11.95 Antique 1897 Lunar Map, $24.50 Visions. Eagle Talon Crescent Moon, $230 Moon Phases Astronomy Chart, $22 Sword Wand Moon Tank, $52 La Lune Typography Print, $20

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End of Season Sale at Saxony

Hagura Skirt, $170.00  $85.00 50% off on last season’s items at Saxony. (Look, Australian folks, finally local shipping for you!) Heller Sweat, $150.00, $75.00


Etsy Find: Crystallos Jewelry

Bronze Rat Vertebra Ring, $75 If Etsy seller Crystallos’ style looks a little familiar, designer Melisande Inness-Brown may well be familiar to you through her previous work with Antiseptic Fashion and later with Youth Diaspora. We’ve been following her career for quite a while now (and not just because she and Sam share a passion […]

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Sanctus 2013

I need almost everything from the Sanctus 2013 line. Except the pants, those aren’t OK. If I had this hoodie, I could be one of those super pale aliens from Defiance for Halloween.  


Etsy find: Jenfashion

Dark blue bat sleeve hoodie, $115 I live in San Francisco. This means that for me spring, like most other seasons, has a great deal to do with layers. It means I am supposed to abandon my sweater collection for a few months, but it’s still chilly and foggy and windy out there. I am […]

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House of Widow

Crop Hoodie Pullover, $49  ‡  Removable Hood Tunic, $68  ‡  Pentagram Strap Cami, $49   There was some excitement over the hooded sweater featured in this post (and above, and below), so I thought I would track down where to get it. This led me to discover House of Widow, which has quite a few interesting designs, and is […]


As Above, So Below

Sam says we should do more outfit posts. She did not specify that they actually needed to be OUR outfits, however, so this one is one stolen from the always adorable Alex is a Teacup. Dress: Black Milk “Ribs Black Dress“ Sweater: Widow Necklace: BloodMilk “As Above So Below“

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Curvy Love from Carmakoma

Carmakoma has some of the best curvy-girl clothes I’ve seen in ages. Super cute, on-trend, flattering, and in a nice dark palette. A warning, though: when you hop over to their website and see the prices: don’t panic. It’s all in Danish Krones, which are currently about 5:1 to USD.



Vertebral inspiration from Bjorg’s line of luxury silver jewelry, available from Mila Silver.