Etsy Find: Franken Cakes

Franken Cakes, $300 Franken Cakes, made to order by Etsy seller moovmint. These are totally customizable, as well. Not usually a style I would go for, but I’m a total sucker for baby skeletons.


Casual Friday: Studded Sneakers

Here’s something we don’t often discuss on HM: Sneakers. I haven’t owned a pair of sneakers for fashion reasons in YEARS. Sure, I have a pair to run in, and when they explode they become for taking the dog to the beach, but I mean sneakers for the sake of sneakers. Suddenly, however, I find […]


Shoe Obsession

Janina Alleyne’s “Exoskeleton” The Fashion Institute of Technology Museum in New York presents “Shoe Obsession”, running now through April 13th. Showcasing over 150 pairs of “the most extraordinary shoe styles of the 21st-century”, the exhibit presents shoes from top names (Givenchy, Alexander McQueen, and Prada) as well as avant-garde  and up-and-coming designers, and includes shoes from the personal […]


Shoeturday: Got My Eye On Duex

  1.Fluevog Malcom, $299 //  2. Timberland Bethel Buckle Mid Lace, $101.99 3. Justin L9991, $89.99 // 4. KORS Stormette Rain Boot, $125 As so often happens, it seems that Sam and I went on shoe-buying sprees at exactly the same time. Right about when her Frye’s blew, my everyday Sam Edelmans disintegrated into a desiccated pile a la David […]


shoeturday :: got my eye on

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5  After years of non-stop wear, my Frye boots have finally given in. The soles are bubbled, the leather is torn, and although I’m tempted to just replace them with an identical pair, it’s given me an excuse to pick out new boots. I’ve got it narrowed […]


Shoeturday: Gasoline Glamour

OK, I admit that most of the shoes from Gasoline Galmour look like they fell in a bucket of Mod Podge and then rolled around in the 90’s end of my closet for a while. But I’m kind of in love with these. And I have to give credit to any shoe site where one of […]


Shoeturday: No Can Has

It would seem that these are not actually available for sale. My sadness knows no bounds. via freeOne on deviantart

Screen Shot 2012-06-07 at 4.20.54 PM

Hot as Hades

Polaro Boot, $237.99 Interesting new offerings from mostly-Steampunk shoe crew Hades. Morgana Bootie, $185.99 Ripley Peep Toe, $109.00

Screen Shot 2012-04-11 at 9.53.29 PM

Shoe Review: Frye Carson Harness Ballet

Sometimes it’s the basics that are the hardest for me. Like finding a replacement for the black velvet ballet slippers the cat peed in six months ago. I needed a simple slip-on flat. Something casual and comfortable, fine with skirts or jeans, and most importantly something that could easily fit in my purse to be […]


Shoe Review: Fluevog’s Adriana Luna

This weekend, I went shoe shopping for the first time since I made my no-black New Year’s resolution, and here is what I bought- the first non-black shoes I’ve owned since an ill-conceived pair of turquoise Chuck Taylors in 1991:Fluevog’s Adriana Luna. Don’t worry: they come in black, too. A quick boot review: They are […]

Picture 17

Shoeturday: Stitches

Dolce Vita June Trapunto  Stitched Boot, on sale at Neiman Marcus Last Call for $225. NMLC is also currently having a general 30% off sale until November 14, on top of that. Soooo…around $160? Want. EDITOR’S NOTE: November 9th and 10th the sale is 40% off a single item. That makes them $135.  Done!

It’s No Glass Slipper

Presently, this is just a Photoshopped concept image, but how far off is an implant like this? Breast augmentation is commonplace, and in more extreme modification subcultures, jewelry and whiskers implants are.  We’ve seen forked tongues and devil horns, so why does this seem like it’s went just a step too far (pardon my terrible pun)? From […]