Blood Is The New Black Magic

Gentlemen, As the days grow warmer, I present Five Killer Tees That Are Not In My Closet *  : Black Magic , from  Black Scale The Traditional Interlock , Black Scale Veil , from Blood Is The New Black Mistress , Demonbabies x Blood Is The New Black [ Obvious much? I know; I know. . .but […]


True Lies

Jewelry and accessories from French label  True Lies.  


Thomas 2011

Thomas 2011 men’s collection.  I’m digging the nice, subtle use of  the season’s soft, sheer fabrics.


Domenico+Savio A/W 2011

Domenico + Savio‘s Fall/Winter 2011 collection has lots of good jackets for guys. It’s a shame I can’t seem to get their website to go.

Picture 13

O, Nebuchadnezzer

Shot by Lope Navo for Factice #2 I’ve been noticing in the girl’s editorials lately that the answer to updating all the drapey whatnot you have from the last couple of years is just to throw a belt over the whole shebang. Looks like the same idea works OK for the gentlemen, as well. But […]

Picture 3


I spent the weekend in Los Angeles, which of course required a trip to Melrose to gawk at the fashion victims (men: blue jean jeggings are not OK) and visit Forgotten Saints. I always find something worth coveting there, but this trip’s winners were all in the men’s department- jackets from Junker. (Warning: the Junker […]


Classic Style

Photography by Leon Mark for i-D. You just can’t beat the classics. But it doesn’t hurt to update them a bit- the big shearling collar peeking out from under a studded jacket is a great update for a look that’s been holding it’s own for better than 30 years.


Back to Black

Back to Black, shot by Idris + Tony for 2 Magazine Lots of interesting feminine details in a men’s editorial- nothing too over the top- just enough to soften the look a little. I’m especially into the lace gloves, but the collar on the top jacket is pretty brilliant, as well. I wish there was […]


Gentlemen’s Clearinghouse

photo credit unknown It’s time for yet another installment of random images that end up in my ‘guys fashion’ folder… Photo by Steven Klein Photos by Rene Habermacher And possibly my current favorite… Shot by Steven Klein


Asher Levine S/S 2011

Asher Levine S/S 2010 I really like this thing. It looks fun to dance in. But I can’t help thinking of it as some sort of Gawth ghillie suit, perfect for creeping unnoticed through darkened clubs, blending in with everyone’s dreadlocks.