Anna Selezneva, Carmen Kass, Freja Beha Erichsen, and Sasha Pivovarova

Uptown and Down

Uptown and Down, shot by Mario Testino for V . It’s enough to send me running to start the new year with a new color…

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Salon Review: Pirate Salon, San Francisco I found Pirate Salon through Yelp originally, as I was searching for a salon that seemed hip enough to do interesting cuts, and also catered specifically to curls. Pirate came highly recommended- and the price was right. $45 for a cut, $10 if you just need a bang trim, […]

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Squeak Machine

Alternative model, make-up artist, and queen of the dreadfalls, Squeak is just about the only person I’ve ever met who can pull off bubblegum pink and still look like she might kick your ass.  She has recently launched her own site, SqueakMachine, with a ton of makeup tips and tutorials, DIY sewing projects, and hair […]


This is My Python, Monty.

Photos by Michael Jansson for Vogue Italia (2009) If I tried to do this to my hair, I would look like a hedgehog in a stiff breeze.


Curl Up and Dye

This post is specifically for the readers with curls. Sorry to be exclusive, but Samantha will have to write the book on straight hair-care. Photo credit I have curly, curly hair. For much of my life, I dealt with this by either cutting it so short it couldn’t get into trouble, or strapping it down […]


Good Hair Day

Gabrografico It’s been a while since the last Hair Today feature, so last night I just spent a while cruising Deviant Art, looking at hair.  Here’s the best of what I found, linked to the profile I found it on (so, it may be the photographer, model, makeup artist, or someone else entirely).  I could […]

Hairroin Salon Deena Marie Poofy Hair

Hooked On Hairroin

The moment I read Nixon’s announcement that “Hair Today” had been added to Haute Macabre’s categories, my conundrum was solved.  Never mind the three posts I’d started; what I’m doing now is For those of you who might have stumbled across my dot com at some point, or perhaps encountered my profile on one of […]

Ombre Hair blog

Haute Macabre Approved: Katie Shillingford

Katie Shillingford is the fashion editor of Dazed and Confused and stylist to many of Gareth Pugh’s runway shows. She also has just about the best hair ever.  So, for bringing us pretty pictures, gorgeous runway shows, and a personal closet the HM staff would kill for, I give an official HM Thumbs-up to Katie […]



Every time I go for a haircut, I spend a couple of hours online realizing how stupidly difficult it is to find pictures of good hair.  Hair blogs are few and far between, and most of them focus on celebrity up-dos or styles and colors I wouldn’t want to be at the same all-you-can-eat Vegas […]