Gilding Primal Instinct

Gilding Primal Instinct lives in a macabre dreamscape nestled between the worlds of fashion and fine art. With concept heavy couture and ready to wear pieces that juxtapose subtle, elegant forms with vicious primal instinct, the brand challenges its wearers to step outside themselves and embrace humanity’s fundamental urges. Gilding Primal Instinct externalizes what society […]


New Advertiser :: Manic Panic

Please welcome our newest advertiser, Manic Panic! I have a feeling everyone here has dyed their hair with Manic Panic at least once in their lives (I left an old apartment with a permanently stained Vampire Red bathtub), so we are very excited to welcome Manic Panic to Haute Macabre! Founded on 7.7.77 by sisters Tish […]


New Advertiser :: Kteis

Please welcome our newest advertiser, Kteis! Previously featured on Haute Macabre, Kteis is still dedicated to creating unique 100% silk pieces, each personally crafted from idea to finished product. Collections include Labyrinth, Astrology, Skull, and Arachne on their website and in their Etsy shop, paired with stunning photography. “With my designs I am trying to […]


New Advertiser :: Gothic Wedding Planner

Please welcome our newest advertiser, Steff Metal, the Gothic Wedding Planner!  Steff Metal is a writer, alternative wedding celebrant, and heavy metal maiden living in New Zealand with her cantankerous husband and their medieval sword collection. She’s the author of the Gothic Wedding Planner Guide – an ebook packed with ideas to help alternative couples […]

Advertise With Us. Be Awesome. We’ll Help.

Love what we do? We love what you do, too. We’re on the lookout for new designers, creators, etsy fiends, and like-minded artists. Because we love sharing the amazing things you do, we want to extend a special promotion to all advertisers. Buy 1 week of advertising with us? Get 1 week free. Buy 1 […]


New Advertiser :: Rag Dollies Madhouse

Please welcome our newest advertiser, Rag Dollies Madhouse! Rag Dollies Madhouse is a dark circus emporium, full of top hats and frills, decadent gothic jewelry, and one of a kind Elizabethan ruffs. Accessorize your steampunk tea-party with curly Victorian handmade adornments with a vintage touch!


Cottonmouth Kisses Giveaway

Our blogger / fashionista / author / actor / diva / extraordinaire friend, Clint Catalyst, is celebrating the release of Cottonmouth Kisses in its new e-book format with a Tumblr contest . To enter to win an old fashioned paper copy of the book, just reblog his seizure inducing GIF (not pictured above, in fear of […]


New Advertiser : Bellalili

Please welcome back BellaLili to our advertisers! BellaLili has been a featured advertiser many times on Haute Macabre, and she’s back again with all new pieces in her Etsy shop! Use code “HauteMacabre” for a 10% discount when checking out!

Taxidermia Winner!

Congratulations to Autumn! She has been randomly selected as the winner of the A is for Arsenic Taxidermia giveaway!


We Blame the 90s

About a year ago, Nixon saw some angsty youths on the street, and wondered, “Is my memory just all wrong? Did we look just as ridiculous at that age? Did we just think we were beautiful and badass?  Was it really that different after all?” You tell me. This post (and nagging everyone to find […]

New Advertiser : House of Commare

Please welcome our newest advertiser : House of Comarre, The Series Born into a life of secrets and service, Chrysabelle’s body bears the telltale marks of a commaré – a special race of humans bred to feed vampire nobility.  When her patron is murdered, she becomes the prime suspect, which sends her running into the […]


New Advertiser : Decadent Designs

Please welcome our newest advertiser, Decadent Designs!  Decadent Designs is a Toronto based fashion line specializing in hand made clothes for women.  The collection is inspired by noir styles of the early twentieth century, romantic gowns of the Victorian era, and futuristic films, all merging together to create a truly unique signature style. They offer […]


Shameless Self Promotion : Sam’s Closet Cleanout

Hi, all! Even though I don’t think we’ve ever done any sort of personal posting here, I’m taking advantage of the site and promoting my Ebay sales.  I’ve recently purged my storage unit and all the closets in my apartment, and listed everything I haven’t worn in at least six months on Ebay. Please excuse […]