Cabinet of Carnal Curiosities

Errr…  does the phrase “Butt Rogers” mean anything to you? I don’t often cover super-duper steampunk stuff, but this time around I just had to share. Lady Clankington’s  Cabinet of Carnal Curiosities produces “Infernal Devices” you could get away with wearing to your next Steam Punk Tea Party. Assuming you washed them first.  Via Unplggd.


Haute Macabre Approved: Agyness Deyn

Even though I put in several hours a week scouring magazines and fashion blogs, I really don’t care about models. I can’t even tell them apart. For the most part, other than a few truly legendary ladies that any old Joe off the street could identify from a mile away, I don’t even know their […]

Good News, Hot Chick

As of yesterday, two days of meetings of the International Whaling Commission failed to lift the ban on commercial whaling. While some states continue to slaughter whales and dolphins outside the ban (notably Japan, Iceland, and Norway), this is still great news. And if you haven;t seen the video yet, Alice Delial does a fine […]


Black and Bandage

Numero # 112 I’m starting to track a nice color trend here and there that I can only call “Black and Bandage”, because I’m not quite sure what to call the medical-tape color involved.  You’ll see it in several editorials we’ve posted recently, like Olga and Fower. It’s not exactly camel, and it’s certainly not […]


Caught in the Crossfire

Illionaire Crossfire Swimsuit,  $99.95 Is it too early to be thinking about bathing suits? These two from Pitbull Mansion are full of genius details, although the one below does not come with the feather epaulet. Trust me, I checked. Mostly because I was trying to imagine what it would look like wet. This is Genevieve […]


Edwardian Ball Recap Begins

So, I was entirely too busy at the Edwardian Ball to take proper photos, not to mention that my photographic skills are questionable at best. Thankfully, Neil Girling from The Blight (above, with Coilhouse‘s Nadya Lev) was everywhere, camera in hand. Check out his blog for lots and lots of photos from the event. A […]


Grayer Days

Working a bit of gray into your otherwise black wardrobe can give you lots more layering options- after all, it can be hard to tell how awesome your layers are if they are all blending into each other. Try deep charcoals and soft heather grays mixed into your basic blacks- I tend to pick very […]


Miss Sixty Winter 2010

I tend to pretty much ignore anything produced by Miss Sixty, but when Frankie Sanford made the headlines a few days ago in these awesome shorts, I figured maybe I should take another look. I mean, I don’t even wear shorts (all shorts of any length look perverse on me. It’s the ass),  but I […]


Recycled leather backpacks from Vancouver-based designer Ora.

Looking Sharp

This Gwar-worthy corset is from from New York’s The Blonds (you may remember them for the syringe corset they designed for the SAW blood drive). The photo is from this month’s i-D magazine.


Etsy Holiday Gift Guide

Hand Felted Brain in a Jar, $29.00 Since tomorrow is Cyber Monday  (hoping to become the biggest ONLINE shopping day of the year), it seems like a good time to rev up our Etsy engines and suggest that when possible you  spend your hard earned dollars encouraging the creativity and hard work of your local […]


Induced Epidemics Afterparty

With a week to go until the opening of our Induced Epidemics Gallery Show at the Museum of Death in Los Angeles, I am pleased to announce that LA’s premier goth club, Bar Sinister, will hosting the afterparty. There will be half off admission to the club the night of the show – but only […]


Knitting in Biology

This is just one of those things that might not me fashion, but I had to share. “Knitting in Biology”, from CraftyHedgehog on Etsy.