Haute Macabre Staff Favorites For 2017: Erin’s Picks

Like so many of us, my 2017 will in many ways be defined by resistance, politics, and and the raving madness of the world around us. In some ways I am thankful for this, because I finally got off my ass and quit being an armchair activist. I finally got out in the streets and […]

Haute Macabre Staff Favorites For 2017: Sonya’s Picks

2017 was a strange, potent year and I can’t say I’ll miss it. I traveled (to France, Florida, Salem, and Iceland), got engaged to my partner Gregg (of Golden Gardens and Goodnight Cairo), left a full-time job in marketing writing to do freelance journalism, and battled mental health demons with chamomile tea and podcasts. I […]

Haute Macabre Staff Favorites For 2017: Maika’s Picks

Some personal thoughts on 2017… Oh 2017, you were a very challenging and full year. In addition to all the weight, worry, and woe about current events, my personal life was fraught with stress, growing pains, and heartache, none of which was actually new to the year itself. But the tide well and truly turned […]

Haute Macabre Staff Favorites For 2017: S. Elizabeth’s Picks

Some personal thoughts on 2017… 2017 was a year of endings and beginnings and challenges and rising to the occasion. In January I traveled to Washtington DC with my beloved sisters for the Women’s March, which was both exhilarating and humbling, but more than anything, taught me that though I may have a heart of […]

Evil Is Delicious.

Jodie, a designer (& twin) from Sydney, Australia, recently launched her new collection EVIL TWIN… & we love it. It’s definitely not run of the mill gawth, more streetwear-with-a-dark-edge, but there’s always room for that in a closet full of velvet cloaks & PVC bustiers, isn’t there?!  (Just kidding.  I know you threw that stuff […]

A Private World

Photographed by Tim Walker for Vogue Italia, November 2008

Out the Gawth: Christian Lacroix

Does it not dawn on the vast majority of the fashion world that this man’s name is CHRISTIAN LACROIX?? Don’t get me wrong, his stuff is unbelievable. But if some kid at a club introduced himself to me as Christian F’ing Lacroix, my Vodka Cran would probably come out of my nose. Keep wearing those […]


  As I’ve mentioned before, I adore Neil Gaiman.  A few years back, I remember borrowing a copy of Coraline from a friend of mine, and as soon as I finished it, I called my friend and asked, “So when is the movie coming out?”.  Thankfully, the wait is almost over.  It has a scheduled […]

Hoop Dreams

If there is one standout look on spring runways, it has to be hoop skirts. Although a few of these cropped up last season, it seems like everybody showed at least one version of this trend for spring, from wearable minis to floor-length skirts that would have trouble fitting in my apartment. Architectural to classic, […]

80’s Explosion

Time to break out those old Siouxsie albums, kids, because today, we have discovered a 80’s Gotho treasure.  Welcome to Lullie Vintage’s Ebay Store, where once you’ve sorted through all the frightening hipster comeback items, you find the hidden world of forgotten cocktail dresses.  Best of all, the prices are dirt cheap – I think […]

Funeral Rite

Photos by Stephen Meisel for Italian Vogue’s Yves St. Laurent commemorative issue earlier this year:

I Read it for the Articles

Numero Korea, October issue, featuring G-Dragon from Korean hip-hop (?) act Big Bang. (source, Danny Daily)


These Wolford Medaillon Tights are hotter than anything Legs Avenue could ever come up with.  Sadly, at £37.00, I’ll be sticking with the cheapies.  Knock it Off with the Rose Lace Stockings at $8, instead.

New Mac Collections

I know I’m a little behind with these, since most of these came out late December or earlier this month, but well… it’s MAC.  It doesn’t matter when we see it, we always love it.  I have to actively avoid walking past their counter at Macy’s or their shops, because no matter what I tell […]

Hello, Old Friend

You remember Doc Marten’s, right? There is probably even a pair or two still mouldering in your closet from back when you HADTO-HADTO-HADTO have them (at least if you are old enough to have gotten yours while they were, like The Tick, Nigh Invulnerable). Docs have fallen by the wayside these days, but a few […]

Sneak Attack

Spotted in Vivienne Westwood’s Spring/Summer 2009 lineup- those aren’t those faux-pvc tights that are currently so popular- those are actual latex leggins from  latex fetish designer Atsuko Kudo. AK has been sneaking into all sorts of places lately- Fendi/ Karl Lagerfeld models wore their lace print Betty shorts under see-through dresses, Grace Jones showed up […]

Something Old, Something New

Steampunk couture, from designer Kato, includes this steampunk wedding dress. It’s almost enough to make me wear brown…

Clothing Drop

Clothing Drop is very likely to turn into a new obsession for me.  It is a new and used Gothic and Lolita shop, with consignments available.  Prices are a TON lower than if you were to purchase directly from the designer, so I’ll be bookmarking it for sure. Some items that caught my eye: H. […]

Business Casual

Etsy find: the Pinstripe Suit Corset from Damsel in This Dress. Much of her work is a bit on the Saucy Wench side for me, and I don’t quite call it a “corset” as there is no busk and the grommets in the front are your only lacing. However, the $79.00 price tag is also […]

Heart On

With Valentine’s Day rapidly approaching, here’s a little gift guide for you gentlemen to show your lady that she has your heart.   Lightbox  †  Anatomica Necklace Heart Soap  †  Lampwork Pendant 

Upcoming Events: Edwardian Ball

San Francisco’s annual Edwardian Ball, known to most as the Gorey Ball, is expanding yet again this year. The event has gone form a single evening to a weekend’s festivitites in the last few years, and this year sees the Ball occurring in two cities for the first time: January 23rd -25th in San Francisco […]

Horse Shoes and Hand Grenades

The creative force behind KM Rii is Japanese-born world traveler Lui Onozaki. Looking like postapocalyptic cultural artifacts, his collection of bags, wallets, cuffs, belts, and coin purses knits together historical elements, industrial design, military hardware, and indigenous art from dozens of countries. Did I mention the hand grenades? * random fact- the word “grenade” is […]

Daily Ablutions

Reader  Jami Lee Rosa turned us on to these great bath products from Villainess. Their  soaps, skin care products, and oils are formulated with raw and unrefined ingredients, brilliantly concocted and  named, and packaged in fine pirate style. The truth is, I’m a sucker for great marketing. Just reading their scent descriptions was enough to […]