Haute Macabre Staff Favorites For 2017: Erin’s Picks

Like so many of us, my 2017 will in many ways be defined by resistance, politics, and and the raving madness of the world around us. In some ways I am thankful for this, because I finally got off my ass and quit being an armchair activist. I finally got out in the streets and […]

Haute Macabre Staff Favorites For 2017: Sonya’s Picks

2017 was a strange, potent year and I can’t say I’ll miss it. I traveled (to France, Florida, Salem, and Iceland), got engaged to my partner Gregg (of Golden Gardens and Goodnight Cairo), left a full-time job in marketing writing to do freelance journalism, and battled mental health demons with chamomile tea and podcasts. I […]

Haute Macabre Staff Favorites For 2017: Maika’s Picks

Some personal thoughts on 2017… Oh 2017, you were a very challenging and full year. In addition to all the weight, worry, and woe about current events, my personal life was fraught with stress, growing pains, and heartache, none of which was actually new to the year itself. But the tide well and truly turned […]

Haute Macabre Staff Favorites For 2017: S. Elizabeth’s Picks

Some personal thoughts on 2017… 2017 was a year of endings and beginnings and challenges and rising to the occasion. In January I traveled to Washtington DC with my beloved sisters for the Women’s March, which was both exhilarating and humbling, but more than anything, taught me that though I may have a heart of […]


I love corsets almost as much as I love shoes, and for quite a while now I’ve been drooling over pieces by LA designer Puimond, whose custom work has graced the likes of Madonna and Dita Von Teese:

Polyvore Contest Weekly Winner!

In Dreams They Rise… by ninadelamorte Congratulations to Ninadelamorte!   She will be entered in our monthly Polyvore contest.  Winner shall be announced February 2, and will receive a copy of the newest issue of Coilhouse Magazine!   New contest for this week can be entered on Polyvore!

A Thing of Value

Sacramento, CA jewelry designer Pamela Touhy believes that jewelry need not contain precious stones and metals in order to have value- instead, she focuses on designs from nature, using her jewelry to promote nature, conservation, and recycling. Making their jewelry even more precious, she and her husband also donate a percentage of each sale to […]

Golden Globes Red Carpet 2009

Like most Hollywood awards shows, the Golden Globes are as much about who wins on the red carpet as who wins inside. So, without further ado, the winners: Renee Zellweger’s outfit as a whole didn’t seem to work, but the awesome Carolina Herrera fishtail skirt would have done an Addams proud. I’ll give it Best […]

Haute List : $10 or Less

The Haute List  $10 and Under Black Heart Rosary  †  Six Button Skirt  †  Rhinestone Pendant Necklace Vintage Stone Cuff  †  Anatomical Black Heart Plush  †  Cropped Vest  Black Patent Buckle Mary Jane Peep Toe Pump  †  Sephora Brand Glitter Pot  †  Scrabble Tile Raven Pendant 


Cats hate clothes. This does not mean, however, that they don’t appreciate good design. So, leave the Hello Kitty Cat Hat behind and indulge your feline with something a little more befitting of her dignity: Sleepypod space age combination bed/carrier/car seat: Blown-glass ‘Solo’ cat bed from Kattbank: Little Dead Things from PrarieBird on Etsy: Life-size […]

Gone to the Dogs

There are clothes for him and clothes for her (and, as Lola would say, clothes for those who have yet to make up their minds), but what about clothes for the REST of the family? The paws and claws set, as it were? As the dog person around this joint, I’ll start with the canines, […]

Samantha Cole

London based designer Samantha Cole started off by working at Burberry and studying at The London College of Fashion.  Now, her line is reminds me of a cabaret, and she is surely an up and comer.  The Spring Summer ’09 is predominately black and white, and has been “loosely inspired the Edwardians, with a hint […]


    If you grew up in the circus, do you think you’d want to run away to real life? Seeing as how Neil Gaiman is one of my favorite writers, and how Dave McKean is one of my favorite artists, MirrorMask made my year in 2005.  I actually took a $70 taxi ride each way to the […]

Pony Boy

Oh hello, super fetish shoes that I know I’d never be able to walk in.  Can we be friends anyway?  I could lounge about wearing you, and you’d look fabulous on my feet.  Perhaps I could learn how to tap dance, or go all out and get a saddle and a tail (although I’m not […]

Disce Mori

  Julia deVille is an New Zealand born taxidermist and designer, combining her interest in mortality into her jewelry and leather designs.  Disce Mori is the Latin term for “Lern to Dyi”, and an appropriate moniker for her label.   Her items can be found in a variety of stores in Australia, New Zealand, and […]

Anna Sui Spring ’09

Every one of us has the same problem – black in the spring and summer = hawt.  When I say hawt, I mean HOT.  Sticky, sweltering, sweaty hot.  Anna Sui has taken that into consideration for her Spring / Summer ’09 line, and given us this light looking strapless dress.  The rest of the collection […]


No matter how high fashion you are, laundry day will always arrive.  Why not do it in some style?  Hang your dirty laundry out to dry with these Bat Clothespins.   On a similar note, I am also looking forward to the release of these Raven Hangers, because as Mommy Dearest says, NO MORE WIRE […]

Man Glaze

Tired of “borrowing” your girlfriend’s black nail polish?  Is that shine a bit too much for your tough man hands?  Well, gentlemen, here’s a brand just for you.   Man Glaze launched in 2007, and is built for the less fair of the species.  It comes in two matte shades – Matte Finish Black and […]

Heels and Loathing in Las Vegas

I just returned from a weekend in Vegas, and walking the casinos and shows late at night led me to realize that somehow a very important message was getting lost: your shoes are only as hot as you look walking in them. I really love those Jimmy Choos, but if you are carrying them in […]

Mütter Museum 150th Anniversary Party

Looking for somewhere to wear your fancy macabre wardrobe?  If you’re in the Philadelphia area, the Mütter Museum is having its 150th Anniversary Party this Friday night, January 9th.   From Morbid Anatomy: The Mütter Museum’s 150th Anniversary Party will take place this Friday, January 9th at the museum, located in Philadelphia, Pennslvania. Tickets start at a […]

Fendi Ready to Wear 09

Fendi’s Spring / Summer Ready to Wear Line is full of bell skirts, sheer blouses, and wide waist cincher belts.  It also seems to be full of Flock of Seagulls hair, but it’s Fendi, so it can get away with whatever it wants.   Knock it Off : Darla Satin Skirt from Forever 21, Scoop Back […]

Zip It

Kate Cusack has been creating zipper jewelry out of Brooklyn, NY, since 2003.  In an odd way, it reminds me of the suction cups on tentacles.   “In art school,” Kate explained, “I realized that once you allow yourself to use materials in unconventional ways, then, just about anything is possible. It’s ironic that most […]