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In Cold Blood Dollhouse In a back corner of a Royal Street gallery in New Orlean's French Quarter is a handmade dollhouse, that on first glance, doesn't seem much like anything. I walked past it at least twice before noticing its inhabitants, and then I stood there for at least fifteen minutes taking it all in. Artist Chris Roberts-Antieau created a replica model of Truman Capote's true-crime book, In Cold Blood, detailing the 1959 farmhouse murder of the Clutter family, at the hands of robbers looking for an alleged safe full of cash in the home. Roberts-Antieau has created a steady balance of cheery and macabre in her works, with the dollhouse being no exception. Her series of Tragic Snowglobes are also bright and sunny, until on further inspection you find the sordid subjects engaged in not-so-squeaky clean behavior. Should you find yourself ever wandering the streets of the French Quarter, do stop into her Royal Street gallery. In Cold Blood Dollhouse In Cold Blood Dollhouse In Cold Blood Dollhouse In Cold Blood Dollhouse In Cold Blood Dollhouse In Cold Blood Dollhouse In Cold Blood Dollhouse BloodMilk banner

Disco Witch Vintage

Disco Witch Vintage

New items just added to the Disco Witch Shop! This update includes a turn of the century Spiritualism book, tarot cards, sheer tunics, Harley boots, and a rare deck of the Grand Etteilla Egyptian Gypsies Tarot.

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Disco Witch Vintage Disco Witch Vintage Disco Witch Vintage Disco Witch Vintage Disco Witch Vintage Disco Witch Vintage Disco Witch Vintage

Edward Gorey’s War of the Worlds

tumblr_inline_njmbpuzmzD1rkw4x1 How did I not know that Edward Gorey illustrated a version of The War of the Worlds????? goreywaroftheworlds71 gorey-war-of-the-worlds-2 war-of-the-worlds banner disco witch

Cautionary Tales

a1485349003_10 Haunting, creepy, unexpectedly beautiful music from Chris Connelly and Michael Esposito, intermixed with spoken word and EVPs recorded at Graceland Cemetery in Chicago. Four track album available to download or stream free from Lost Patrol Records.   banner disco witch

The Haute List


Racetrack Jeans, $49.99  ‡  Cross Tunic, $30.60  ‡  Moto Leggings, $17.95

Toosaloosa Henley, $68  ‡  Lasercut Faux Leather Necklace, $34  ‡  Folk Song Dress, $94.99


New Sponsor :: Phantomlovely


Please welcome our newest sponsor, Phantomlovely!

Dark fairytales handmade in New York. Phantomlovely invites you to explore the shadow realms of your dreams with custom made clothing for women and men inspired by the mysterious and the supernatural. Phantomlovely features apparel and accessories expertly handcrafted in luxury organic fabrics for the dark fashion connoisseur and stylish creature of the night. Phantomlovely

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Etsy Shop of the Week: Maria Queen Maria


Deconstructed Coat, $139

This week's Etsy Shop of the Week is Maria Queen Maria- deconstructed fashion for the forward-thinking.  Clothing is made to order, so customization of colors, lengths, etc. is available. Plus sizes available at regular price And just to sweeten the deal the entire shop is 15% off this month for Valentine's day with coupon code COUPON15.



Party Dress, $109

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Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 8.44.24 PMCol en Cuir, 132,00 €

Adorable leather faux collars, some of which are faux leather faux collar. The laser cut one above caught my eye, but when I went looking for more I found plenty- strangely, all in French. So I guess this is what the French kids are wearing this season. Sadly, my French has gone downhill since high school, so you're pretty much on your own here.


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