New Advertiser :: Fiendies

 Fiendies Planchettes Please welcome our newest advertiser, Fiendies! The Keepers of Curious Design - the duo that is Enchanted Rumors bring you the mysterious collection that is Fiendies! Combining their obsession with darkness and a little help from their supernatural time machine, they have unearthed an ancient crystal mine with many untold mysteries. Go explore with them as they continue to reveal new secrets. Meticulously handcrafted goods from the arcane shadows - relics include : Skull sculptures of the ancient demons that inhabited the mines, custom wood engraved, hand-painted Spirit Boards and planchettes to guide you to the world unseen. Wicked Quartz and Hexagon Jar Candles; hand poured in 100% Beeswax mixed with custom-blended specialty scents. These long-burning potents scents will transform any room, chamber, or shadowy abode to worlds of time past. Cast gold sparks onto any open flame with Mystical Fire Dust. Haute Macabre readers will receive a free gift with their order by using code HauteSeance at checkout! Find them on the Web :: // Instagram // Tumblr // Pinterest  Fiendies Fire Dust Fiendies Wicked Quartz  Fiendies Spirit Board

Etsy Find: Nona Limmen


Anais print, $35

Haunting photography by the Netherlands' Nona Limmen, much of which is available as prints, but some as everything from pillows and iPhone cases to shirts. Custom orders are also available, if you don't see what you want. il_570xN.599927653_8nmm

The Unknown Rider VI Print, $35


Enter the Forest Phone Case, available for most smart phones, $35

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Layering Bras

Current fashion trend I am feeling the need to add to my wardrobe: layering bras. Meant to be seem peeking out from under tank tops and dresses and old rocker tees with the arm holes too big.  Interesting and sexy without being lacy and frilly and girly.


Seamless Strappy Back Bralette, $20   Cage RacerBack Bra, $58

Out From Under Bra, $24   Strappy Front Bra, $58

Urban Shadow Bra, $24    Strappy Sweetheart Bra, $34

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The Witchery + Disco Witch Vintage Sale

Disco Witch We're making room for new arrivals and celebrating Lughnasadh today and tomorrow on The Witchery + Disco Witch Vintage with a special sale for our friends on here on Haute Macabre and at The Witchery! Use code LAMMAS at checkout until August 1 at 11:59PM (CST) for 10% off your entire order on any of the shops! Click here for The Witcheryhere to shop The Disco Witch Vintage Shop and here for the Disco Witch Etsy store! disco witch

The Nail Files


I want to believe.

edited to add credit :: Lady Crappo

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The Eloquent Terror of Christopher McKenney

Christopher McKenney Over the past few months, we've showcased a number of enchanted forest images from incredible photographers. There's a dark side to the woods, away from the fairy tales and animal companions, and Christopher McKenney captures the eloquent terror like few ever could. Christopher McKenney Christopher McKenney Christopher McKenney Christopher McKenney Christopher McKenney Christopher McKenney Christopher McKenney Christopher McKenney disco witch

More For Grandmother’s Hutch

Maria Rubinke When I was a child, my mother collected Hummel Figurines. Their distorted features and unproportioned heads terrified me. I wonder had they been replaced with these porcelain figurines by artist Maria Rubinke if I would have been more comfortable. I'd also like to add that I am quite fond of this theme of horror items for your grandmother's hutch, as these are reminiscent of the Body & Soul exhibit by Jessica Harrison that we posted about a few months back. Images via Martin Asbaek Gallery + Gizmodo Maria Rubinke Unholy War by Maria Rubinke Just Because You're Paranoid Doesn't Mean They Aren't After You :: Maria Rubinke Maria Rubinke In Between With a Fading Dream :: Maria Rubinke Maria Rubinke { more after the jump } I Died a Hundred Times Maria Rubinke Maria Rubinke Maria Rubinke It May Have Been In Pieces But I Gave You The Best of Me :: Maria Rubinke The View From Hell is Blue Sky So Omniously Blue Maria Rubinke Maria Rubinke Maria Rubinke Watching The Fantasies Decay disco witch

Disco Witch Vintage

Disco Witch Vintage I've developed an obsession with vintage 70s Gunne Sax over the past few months, and have been hoarding a few pieces. I've finally listed them to the Disco Witch Vintage shop, along with some other gauzy summer pieces - don't worry, there's still some black in there! Check out the Disco Witch Vintage shop and the Disco Witch Vintage T Shirt Shop on Etsy!   Disco Witch Vintage Disco Witch Vintage Disco Witch Vintage Disco Witch Vintage Disco Witch Vintage Disco Witch Vintage disco witch