The All Seeing Cat

Baphomet Kitty
Baphomet Kitty

The All Seeing Cat on Etsy :: I’m not sure if I’m supposed to be saying “what the shit is this” or “this is the most magical unicorn i’ve ever seen”.

Check out the sold section, there’s a Robert Anton Wilson & a Tim Leary in there!

Hello Cthulhu Kitty Pendant
Hello Cthulhu Kitty Pendant

A Clockwork Orange "Alex" Kitty
A Clockwork Orange Alex Kitty

Aleister Crowley "Horus Pose" Kitty Pendant
Aleister Crowley Horus Pose Kitty Pendant

Hunter S. Thompson Kitty Hunter S. Thompson Kitty

Alice Auaa RTW Fall 14

Alice Auaa RTW Fall 2014_01

Alice Auaa RTW Fall 2014. It seemed perfectly appropriate that Venus In Furs started playing the second I opened this set. Images via

Alice Auaa RTW Fall 2014_04

Alice Auaa RTW Fall 2014_05

Alice Auaa RTW Fall 2014_06

Alice Auaa RTW Fall 2014_07

Alice Auaa RTW Fall 2014_08

Alice Auaa RTW Fall 2014_09

Alice Auaa RTW Fall 2014_10

Alice Auaa RTW Fall 2014_11

Alice Auaa RTW Fall 2014_12

Alice Auaa RTW Fall 2014_13

Alice Auaa RTW Fall 2014_14

Alice Auaa RTW Fall 2014_15

Alice Auaa RTW Fall 2014_16

Alice Auaa RTW Fall 2014_17

Alice Auaa RTW Fall 2014_18

Alice Auaa RTW Fall 2014_19

Defensive Measures

“Defensive Measures”, shot by  Kim Youngjun for W Korea Mar 2014.

Defensive Measures

Defensive Measures

Defensive Measures

Like a Warrior

Like a Warrior Tim Walker01

Like a Warrior
Tim Walker for Vogue Italia March 2014
Model :: Mariacarla Boscono
Styling ::  Jacob K
Makeup :: Val Garland Hair :: Malcolm Edwards

Like a Warrior Tim Walker15

Like a Warrior Tim Walker14

Like a Warrior Tim Walker13

Like a Warrior Tim Walker12

Like a Warrior Tim Walker11

Like a Warrior Tim Walker10

Like a Warrior Tim Walker09

Like a Warrior Tim Walker08

Like a Warrior Tim Walker07

Like a Warrior Tim Walker06

Like a Warrior Tim Walker05

Like a Warrior Tim Walker04

Like a Warrior Tim Walker03

Like a Warrior Tim Walker02

Ovate Spring / Summer 14

Ovate S/S 2014

Ovate Spring / Summer 2014 :: available now

Ovate 201401

Ovate 201402

Ovate 201403

Ovate 201404

Ovate 201405

Ovate 201406

Ovate 201407

Ovate 201408

Ovate 201409

Ovate 201410

Ovate 201411

DIY: In the Stars


Hand knitted circular star shawl- the star map is picked out in 370 crystal seed beads. If you wanted to be extra geeky, you could vary the size of the beads to represent the magnitude of the stars.

Pattern is here for $7.00.




The Haute List: $25 and Under


Strappy Back Midi  ‡  Enchanted Maxi  ‡ Mylar Maxi Slip

Crochet Lace Dress  ‡  Draped Tank   ‡  Ember Dye Maxi

Floral Kimono  ‡  Bikini Top   ‡  Luceros Top

Ask And Ye Shall Receive :: HM Tanks in Size XL

Yesterday, we released two new items in the Haute Macabre shop :: Oversized Totes and Racerback Tanks. You guys are awesome and amazing and have been ordering them like mad, but we unfortunately didn’t have any size XL tanks available, entirely because our wholesale distributor didn’t stock them. Boo.

Haute Macabre Tank

After reading all of your comments and emails, we did some research and found a similar tank from a different wholesaler & have them on order right this second in size XL for all of you lovely ladies.

Click here to Purchase an XL Tank!

Buutttttt …. they’re a bit more expensive for us, so we have to charge a tiny bit more than the other sizes. Instead of $25, the XL tanks will be priced at $28. They’re super soft, eco-heather tanks from Alternative Apparel in a dark heather black (color may vary from other sizes), with a rolled hem and rounded bottom, and are going to be worth every single cent.

Haute Macabre Tank

Did I mention I’ll throw in loads of awesome Haute Macabrestickers to make up for it? Cause I will.

Haute Macabre stickers

You can pre-order your XL tank now for shipping in approximately two to three weeks! All other sizes are available to ship immediately, but any combined order will be sent off in one package.


Our bags are awesome, too.

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