The Black Swan Theory

Black Swan Theory

Photography :: Katy Stroud for Kalbult Magazine
Model :: Jessica Elaine
Wardrobe & Styling :: Summer Lawson of The Black Swan Theory
Jewelry :: Bloodmilk

Black Swan Theory

Black Swan Theory

Black Swan Theory

Black Swan Theory

Black Swan Theory

Black Swan Theory

Black Swan Theory

Black Swan Theory

Black Swan Theory

Black Swan Theory

HM + BPAL Spring Pre-Sale Almost Over!


That which is Below corresponds to that which is Above, and that which is Above corresponds to that which is Below, to accomplish the miracle of the One Thing.

Inspired by the Hermetic philosophy in which all things, in all reams of heaven and earth and below, work in unison with one another, despite their opposing natures, to achieve one magical goal. With this in mind, the Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab fragrances exclusively for Haute Macabre are opposite yet complimentary to each other, sultry and innocent, musky and sweet.

The Spring Pre-Sale will be ending this Sunday, so please ensure that your orders are placed in time. We will have a very limited number of bottles available after this date, which typically sell out very quickly.

Click here to place your order! 

HM+BPAL As Above, So Below

As Above contains leather drenched with white patchouli, oak bark, bourbon vanilla, bitter almond, and Moroccan jasmine.

So Below contains amber and black copal with black coconut, Sumatran red patchouli, green cardamom pod, and golden musk.

As Above, So Below are available to purchase individually or as a set.


The Original Haute Macabre scent contains oak leaf, bourbon vanilla, almond husk, and black leather accord darkened by a 13-year aged black patchouli.

Click here to Pre-Order Fragrances 


Also now available are sample sets of our three fragrances, in 1/32oz vials with a cap top.

Click here to place your orders!

Also available in our shop are Haute Macabre tank tops and tote bags. 

It Really Wasn’t Just a Phase :: Heather Gabel’s Spirit Animal

Heather Gabel My Spirit Animal Is a Goth Teenager

Sublime collage artist Heather Gabel has restocked her shop with her brilliant tops stating the absolute truth :: My Spirit Animal is a Goth Teenager.

Lest we forget.

Heather Gabel


Heather Gabel The Seers

Heather Gabel An Abyss

Because Easter



And, because…well…because.


Death & Taxes :: The Haute Macabre Small Business Ad Sale

It’s that time, kids :: The Semi-Annual Haute Macabre Small Business Ad Special. Why? Because we love you, and want everyone to know all about your awesome shop.

This spring, set up an ad campaign on Haute Macabre and get double your time.

Book a week, get an extra week free.
Book a month, get an extra month free.

You get the idea.

We have three different graphic sizes for you to choose from :: The Skyscraper, The Rectangle, and the Square Button.

To get started, send an email to  samantha [at] hautemacabre [dot] com containing ::

  • Your shop name and link
  • Your PayPal address
  • A JPG graphic for your ad.

Please have everything in by April 27 for a May 1 start to your campaign.

Questions? Check out our Ad FAQ, or drop us a line.


Skyscraper 160 x 600 pixels
1 Week $75
2 Weeks $125
1 Month $200
3 Months $350


Rectangle 160 x 300 pixels
1 Week $50
2 Weeks $75
1 Month $125
3 Months $250


Square Button 160 x 160 pixels
1 Week $30
2 Weeks $50
1 Month $75
3 Months $150

*Sorry, the In-Post ad is not eligible for this special!

The Haute List: $25 and Under


Skull Smile Swimsuit  ‡  Feeling Spine Tank  ‡  Girl Print Swimsuit

Chunky Kitten Sunglasses  ‡ Skeleton Watch  ‡  Metal Bridge Kitten Sunglasses

Skull and Stars Leggings  ‡ Batwing Longsleeve Tee  ‡  Eclipse Leggings



New In the Shop :: HM + BPAL Sample Size Fragrances

HM + BPAL Imp's Ears

Available now in the Haute Macabre Shop :: Sets of sample sized vials of each of our three scents, bottled exclusively for Haute Macabre by Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab.

Each set contains one 1/32 oz. vial of each of As Above, So Below, and the original Haute Macabre scent. In stock and ready to ship.

Click here to purchase!

Full sized 5mL bottles of each oil are also currently available for pre-order, to be shipped late April, 2014.

HM + BPAL's Imp's Ears

HM + BPAL Imp's Ears

Secret Gardens


Beautiful terrariums with fossils, skulls, and other oddities by Ken Martin of Hermetica (London).




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