The Haute List: After Christmas Sale Edition



Faux-Fur Cardi$99.50 $57.99  +  Crank Bootie$274.95 $137.47  +  Ticket To Thrive Heel$139.99 $97.99

Sunday Girl Glasses$44.99 $30.99  +  Fluevog Neptune$339 $101.70  + Trinity Booties$450 $135

MagnumCorpus Top$59.99 $44.99  +  Coated Denim Jeans$198 $92.46 +  X-Ray Visionary Sweater$54.99 $32.99

Shoeturday: Kermit Tesoro heels


Just a couple of Punisher-style chunky heels fro Filipino designer Kermit Tesoro (you may remember him from the meat shoes we posted a while back).


The Haute List: New Years Eve Edition


Creseda Dress$140 $98  +  Cap-Sleeve Cocktail Dress, $128  +  Oversize Shirt Dress, $68 $39.90

Cape Overlay Maxi, $63  +  Gisela Gown, $400 $200  +  Ombre Gown$495 $173 +

Zoe Dress, $198  +  Sheer Panel Dress, $83  +  Viven Dress, $158

Philadephia Event: BloodMilk Trunk Show


This Saturday night in Philadelphia, BloodMilk will be hosting a trunk show in her home base of Philadelphia at Jinxed on Frankford Ave. This is a rare occasion to purchase and carry out her incredible jewels in person, and to meet the artist behind the collection. Jess will also have a rare few gems that are not yet available in her shop, including her planchette moth pieces and gemstone rosary and bezel chains.

The trunk show will be open from 6-9PM on Saturday, December 19 at Jinxed 1331 Frankford Ave in Philadelphia.


I have barely taken off my newest addition to my ever-growing BloodMilk collection, the large Easeful Death ring in Onyx. I am eager to add the planchette moths to my hand this winter, and regretful that I will not be able to attend this event so that I may do so immediately!

Ophelia Wears Black

Segovia Amil: Ophelia Wears Black

The long awaited collection of Segovia Amil’s poetry and prose is now available to cherish in your own private library: Ophelia Wears Black is obtainable via Amazon or in a limited edition bundle via the artist’s own website,

If you are unfamiliar with Segovia’s ethereal prose, take the time to browse her Instagram, where she posts snippets of her strings of poetry and stunning portraits. A transcendental wordsmith and Haute Macabre muse, Segovia has tugged at my heart strings with her art.

Segovia Amil: Ophelia Wears Black

Segovia Amil: Ophelia Wears Black

Segovia Amil: Ophelia Wears Black

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