Margot Meanie Absolutely adore the #AlternativeCurves hashtag that blogger Margot Meanie has started! If you're on IG, definitely give her a follow and check out the awesome contributions so far under the tag. You can add the #hautemacabre tag to your pics, too, so that we're sure to not miss your posts! If you haven't read her blog before, best get on that. Not only does she have fabulous style, but she is pro-actively promoting body love, something that we can all get behind.

Anu Tera

Anu Tera Gorgeous leather pieces by Anu Tera. Available via Anu Tera's shop or Sisters of the Black Moon. Anu Tera Anu Tera Anu Tera Anu Tera Anu Tera

Sciences Occultes v.4

Sciences Occultes v.4 Volume Four of the beautiful print magazine Sciences Occultes is now available for pre-order. This issue's theme is Alchemy, and is limited to 100 prints. Back issues are also available in the Sciences Occultes Shop.

Rest in Peace: Drew Bernstein

There has been a  spate of celebrity deaths recently, with Robin Williams and Lauren Bacall making headlines everywhere. But this week we lost a lesser-know celebrity, someone whose work was probably closer to all our teenage Goth hearts: Lip Service founder and designer Drew Bernstein. He was found dead on Monday, another apparent suicide, at the age of 51. Thanks for everything, Lippy. You don't know me, and I didn't know you, but you certainly decorated the world I lived in for a very long time. Mutual friends spoke of you with love and respect.  You inspired a generation of independent designers. And you made some seriously epic pants. 10392491_10204577603663409_8910460969906513540_n

RIP Drew Bernstein 1963-2014


Disco Witch Vintage :: Black Metal Barbie

Disco Witch Vintage While I (slowly) get through the massive amounts of vintage and antique clothing and jewelry - yes, there's Victorian mourning pieces in those piles - I've amassed this summer, I've opened a new small section of the Disco Witch Vintage shop :: Black Metal Barbie Custom T's. More listings coming later this week! Disco Witch Vintage Disco Witch Vintage Disco Witch Vintage Disco Witch Vintage

Electronic Makeup


Facial tracking + projection mapping...

via Gizmodo

The Mystic Asylum

The Mystic Asylum The little witches created by The Mystic Asylum are so delicate and fair, so curious and all knowing. The tiny souls are a "fusion of personal experiences and influences - moody atmospheres, Victorian-inspired couture, and timeless elements all laced with clandestine symbolism." Collect your own coven at The Mystic Asylum's Etsy Shop, and follow her on Instagram. The Mystic Asylum The Mystic Asylum The Mystic Asylum The Mystic Asylum The Mystic Asylum

The Haute List: $25 and Under


Pencil Skirt  ‡  T-shirt Dress

Maxi Dress  ‡  Legging Tee

 Lace Caftan  ‡  Draped Tank