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Samantha’s Disco Witch Vintage Shop has resurrected onto the Depop app, and will be steadily adding items over the next few weeks! Follow Disco Witch Vintage on Depop for updates!

Caitlin Doughty: From Here to Eternity

From Here to Eternity: Caitlin Doughty of The Order of the Good Death

Everyone’s favorite undertaker, Caitlin Doughty, has spent the last few years since her first book, Smoke Gets In Your Eyes, was released traveling the world to experience global death traditions and rituals, opening her own green funeral home, leading The Order of the Good Death, and posting her YouTube series, Ask a Mortician. Caitlin’s new […]

The Night Circus

Le Rêveur Parle: An Interview with Erin Morgenstern by J.L. Schnabel

Upon first reading The Night Circus, the void in your heart that you were previously unaware of is filled. From its opening lines, you are stolen away and captivated by its lyrical story and magical characters, your life forever enriched by your experience with it. You find yourself unconsciously nodding to any stranger in the street […]

Tin Can Forest

A Woman With Power: Pam Grossman

Perhaps you know of Pam Grossman because you are a fellow enthusiast of fantastical art and ardently admire her blog, Phantasmaphile wherein she curates incredible esoteric imagery. You may have stumbled across her prescient proclamation that 2013 was “The Year of The Witch” and felt energized and empowered at the long overdue celebration for this […]


The Haute List

  Mesh Panel Swimsuit, $46  +  Sun Hat, $44  +  Maxi Dress, $89 Kimono Top, $17.99  +  Vegan Leather Tote, $24.99  +  Knit and Leather Gloves, $47.50 Trapeze Dress, $24.90  +  Wool Hat, $29.99  +  Lace Blouse, $39.99

Sabat Magazine

Sabat Magazine: The Maiden Issue

Sabat Magazine’s Maiden Issue launched this spring, and within it editor Elisabeth Krohn explores witchcraft in our modern culture. We recognized many of the artists and writers featured from our own backlog of posts here on Haute Macabre, and welcomed the many friendly faces to the printed page. “In my 1990s fantasy, Witches are the quintessential cool-girls. […]


Hot Little Goths

Evil Eye Stay-Ups   Black Milk releases their newest collection, Hot Little Goths, on June 7th. Just in time for Goths in Hot Weather weather! Most pieces are already available for pre-order on the Black Milk site. Black Magic Harness Crop Top Flouncy Lace Top


Rik Garrett has launched his new video series, Spectralities, exploring the historical exchange between art, science, and the occult. Episode 0 starts the series with an introduction to the foundations of Spiritualism, and explains how The Fox Sisters of New York started a religious movement with their alleged communications with the spirits. The Morbid Anatomy Museum […]


The Haute List

Crochet Inset Sundress, $55  +  Kimono Jumpsuit, $110  +  Moto Leggings, $110 55mm Cat Eyes, $38  +  Alice Through the Looking Glass Palette, $60  + Le Debutante Glasses, $80 Breeze Pants, $64 $37.90  +  Carissa Pump, $139  +  Nomad Dress, $148 $83  

Morph KnitWear 2016

Morph Knitwear 2016 Collection

Morph Knitwear’s first collection of 2016 is heavily influenced by designer Angela Thornton’s European peasantry heritage. She was inspired to create garments that embody the integral utilitarian, comfort based design elements required by a workman’s life, while balancing those qualities with a delicate versatility. This collection is constructed of pieces which strive to create a […]

Black Moon Cosmetics Black Metal Trinity

Black Moon Cosmetics Black Moon Trinity

This past week, Black Moon Cosmetics previewed their new Black Metal Trinity limited edition collection, available at the Phame Expo in Los Angeles the first week of June, and then available to the public on their website shortly after (no exact dates have yet been posted). I absolutely adore the Black Moon formula, it’s one […]

Gypsy Warrior

All Black Everything: Gypsy Warrior Weekend Sale

Adorable and affordable, Gypsy Warrior is running a sale this weekend on everything black in the shop! Markdowns are up to 50%. I now feel fully stocked up on strappy bralettes, mini dresses, and sheer tops for summer.

Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 9.25.06 AM


Cutlery Set,    £1,190.00 Just in case you’ve won the lottery this week and are in need of fine skeleton-themed housewares, stop by Skelemental to get your fill. For the rest of us, we’ll just be drooling from a distance. Full Throttle Coffee Table, custom Bomgirl Bookend, £625.00

The Mystic's Deck

The Mystic’s Deck

The Mystic’s Deck with photography from Courtney Brooke and illustrations by Bill Crisafi calls back to the original mysticism of early playing cards, while embracing the feminine and classical symbolism of a time when humans and the natural world were more connected. The 54 card playing deck comes in a black soft carrying case and […]


The Haute List

Lace Trimmed Shorts, $24.99  +  Flashy Glasses, $69  +  Soft-Cup Bra, $17.99 Satin Trench, $129  +  Eden Dress, $295  + Oversized Poncho, $368 $220.80 Drench Waterproof Boots, $100 $49.99  +  Dipped Peplum Top, $57.50 $19.99  + Lily Dress, $98    


I (Still) Heart Deandri

Deandri is currently cleaning out their shop with amazing sale prices and I am praying this doesn’t mean they’re closing their doors for good. I posted about them last fall, and since then I’ve been steadily filling my closet with their incredible dresses and collar accessories. Don’t hesitate to grab whatever you’ve been eying, their […]

Fox Sisters Pin

New in the Shop: The Fox Sisters Enamel Lapel Pins

Maggie and Kate Fox, the young sisters that fooled the world into believing they could commune with the spirits. Considered by many to be responsible for the birth of the Spiritualist movement, The Fox Sisters gained fame and fortune with their seances and demonstrations of contact with the other side. The sisters lifted the veil for […]


Etsy Find: Raven Hair Fork

Hand-carved Raven Hair Fork, $78 Hair forks seem to be all the rage right now for those of you with the mermaid-length tresses, and what better way to keep your mane out of your face that with this carved wooden raven hair fork from Free in Tree? They also do swans, owls, eagles, creepy Dali […]

MNML on DollsKill


I believe I mentioned a few weeks ago my obsession with the MNML line on DollsKill.com: it is real and it is strong. I’m already lamenting the death of jacket weather in what is already turning into a steamy New Orleans summer and that I won’t have any good reason to add the new additions […]


The Haute List

Light Studded Sweater, $127 $63  + Faux Leather Vest, $146  + Marmont Limited Glasses, $199 Pirata Boot, $300 $99.95  +  Pansy Velvet Lipstick, $20 $10  +  Fierce Fitness Legging, $54.99 Sheer Dress, $98  +  Must Be The Lace Dress, $88  +  Jumpsuit, $166


Friday the 13 Shop Sale

Take 13% off of the entire Haute Macabre Shop from now until midnight tonight (CST) with code ALLBADLUCK at checkout! Click here to visit the shop!

40 Years of Goth Style

New teaser  for the upcoming 40 Years of Goth Style film. I keep looking to see if I recognize anything I owned at some point. Official teaser! 40 Years of Goth Style – the evolution of #goth fashion from #punk to #nugoth. Coming soon! A video posted by @gothstylefilm on May 10, 2016 at 8:44am […]


Etsy Shop of the Week :THEETHjewelry

Sinister Charm Bracelet, $310 Portland, Oregon’s THEETH Jewelry is naturally-inspired sterling silver with a wood witch flair- clusters of mushrooms creep over raw crystals and carved skulls and cast insects grasp at the moon or clutch semi-precious stones and collections of tiny charms adorn creepy charm bracelets. Ram skull, mushroom, and quartz necklace, $380 Mushroom […]


The Haute List

Venus Top, $172  +  Deandra Flat, $110 $64.97  +  Baci V-Neck Blouse, $31.50 $30.50 Eye See Shirt, $52 $26.97  +  YSL Cashmere Coat, $295  +  Cage Tank, $15.99 Knot Skirt, $19.99  +  Jeanette Jacketu, $355 $174.99  +  Drape Back Bodysuit, $58