Tarotscopes for the September Full Moon by Sarah Faith Gottesdiener

Today, Monday, September 24th, we have our Harvest Full Moon. This weekend, in the Northern Hemisphere, was the autumnal equinox — the spring equinox if you are in the Southern hemisphere. Wiccans and some Pagans also observe Mabon (or Ostara, if you are in the Southern Hemisphere) on this day, a time to give thanks […]

Haute Macabre Staff Favorites: Tarot Decks

In assessing our last year’s worth of posts alone, it occurred to us, that damn, we sure write about the tarot a lot. From the divinatory drama of tarot-inspired couture to fragrant interpretations of archetypes of the major arcana to Tarotscopes brimming with energies and inspiration for our readers, one might surmise that we’re a little […]

Unlikely Therapy: Skeletor Is Love

*Channelling Sophia Petrillo*: “Picture it. Orlando. 2011.” I had retreated back to Florida after seven hellish years in New Jersey,  a desperately unhappy experience from which I was only just beginning to recover. Immediately upon my arrival back down south, I moved in with my sister and her new husband, who welcomed me with open […]

How Not To Be Seen: Unlearning Invisibility – One Year Later

It’s Pride Month and nearly a year has passed since my essay, “How Not To Be Seen: Unlearning Invisibility,” was first published here on Haute Macabre. So lately I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting on that particular piece of writing which, to my surprise and subsequent joy, ended up helping more people than myself […]

How To: Wear Socks with Heels

Picture via Shoewawa There is really no easier way to convince a pair of pumps that they are actually a pair of cute booties than wearing them with socks. Remember the Alexander McQueen sock sandals? This is NOT about wearing your stripey knee socks under a pair of 5-inch patent leather Pleaser Mary Janes. Or […]

Sinus Inspired Design

These are CT scans of sinus cavities. These are CT scans of sinus cavities Photoshopped a bit and printed out onto fabric. Along with some ECG (Electrocardiogram) readouts. This is that fabric made into clothing. Designer Brooke Roberts explains more on her blog, Scienceinspireddesign. Found via Style Bubble.

Eye of Newt

Painfully, painfully cute. Terrarium headstones and tiny cemetaries by Etsy seller LBrandt. If only Edgar and Allen Toad were still with me.

Volume Control

Shot by Enrique Baldulescu, for Elle way back in Sept. 2006. The best thing about this editorial is that now I know EXACTLY what I want to wear on 15-hour flights. It’s like wearing my grandfather’s armchair…but hot.

Do a Little Dance

Last November, Gareth Pugh created a one off dress in the SHOWstudio LiveStudio, and Raquel Zimmermann modeled and shimmed around in it for this video presentation. I do little dances like this when I’m at home by myself, but am never as well dressed as that.


Men’s clothing and bone jewelry from Nicomede Talavera.

He’s Got Legs

Leggings: Lina Osterman Here is a trend I can get behind: Leggings on boys. It takes me right back to 1993, when black leggings under baggy shorts and a Ministry T-shirt were really all you needed to win my affections.  Yes, guys, leggings are comfortable, flattering, and expand your wardrobe options.  But be careful- if […]

The Haute List : $25 & Under

Leather Contrast Skirt † Military Button Vest † Lightly Draped Skirt Sleeveless Draped Tunic † Fleur de Lis Stone Hinged Wallet † Ruffle Ribbed Open Sweater Disheveled Mini Skirt † Grommet Studded Ballet Flats † Boudoir Leatherette Skirt

Ann Demeulemeester F/W 2010

Ann Demeulemeester F/W 2010 Leather and  feathers, oh my. Knock it Off: Coque Feather fringe on Etsy, 10 yards for under $50.

She Walks the Line

Model  Iselin Steiro gets a gradual deathrock makeover for the March Issue of Interview.  Somehow I’m betting no actual supermodel coiffure was harmed in the making of this editorial, but the juxtaposition of dramatic hair and makeup with soft, feminine wardrobe works well. I remain unconvinced on the vacuum-as-accessory concept, however. Photography: Mario Sorenti

Suit Up!

Hermes Fall / Winter 2010 When I grow up to be a cigar smoking James Bond secret agent, I’ll be wearing this.

Christian Dior Fall / Winter 2010

I get that John Galliano was going for equestrian for Christian Dior’s Fall / Winter 2010 show, but all I can think is BROWN GAWTH!  Replace some of those beaded necklaces with some keys and gears, and you’ve got a steampunk-a-go-go. Regardless of my snark, I am quite fond of the line – especially those […]