Tarotscopes for the September Full Moon by Sarah Faith Gottesdiener

Today, Monday, September 24th, we have our Harvest Full Moon. This weekend, in the Northern Hemisphere, was the autumnal equinox — the spring equinox if you are in the Southern hemisphere. Wiccans and some Pagans also observe Mabon (or Ostara, if you are in the Southern Hemisphere) on this day, a time to give thanks […]

Haute Macabre Staff Favorites: Tarot Decks

In assessing our last year’s worth of posts alone, it occurred to us, that damn, we sure write about the tarot a lot. From the divinatory drama of tarot-inspired couture to fragrant interpretations of archetypes of the major arcana to Tarotscopes brimming with energies and inspiration for our readers, one might surmise that we’re a little […]

Unlikely Therapy: Skeletor Is Love

*Channelling Sophia Petrillo*: “Picture it. Orlando. 2011.” I had retreated back to Florida after seven hellish years in New Jersey,  a desperately unhappy experience from which I was only just beginning to recover. Immediately upon my arrival back down south, I moved in with my sister and her new husband, who welcomed me with open […]

How Not To Be Seen: Unlearning Invisibility – One Year Later

It’s Pride Month and nearly a year has passed since my essay, “How Not To Be Seen: Unlearning Invisibility,” was first published here on Haute Macabre. So lately I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting on that particular piece of writing which, to my surprise and subsequent joy, ended up helping more people than myself […]

Medieval McQueen : The Final Collection

Despite the collection being only 80% completed at the time of his death, Alexander McQueen’s final (and this time I’m sure) 16 pieces showcased a romantic and medieval inspired theme. “He wanted to get back to the handcraft he loved, and the things that are being lost in the making of fashion.  He was looking […]


Obey My Demand, found via Kingdom of Style Lustworthy lingerie that begs to be worn outside your clothes.

Lady Grey

Lady Grey † Shot by Tim Walker for Vogue Italia March 2010

The Great Illusion

The Great Illusion † Shot by Paolo Roversi for Vogue Italy Supplement March 2010

Blush Response: Über, In the Key of Yellow

The rest of these photos by Lou O’Bedlam and an outfit breakdown can be found on Biorequiem, in the latest installment of Style Dispatch. Gather ’round my spooklings, and I’ll tell you a tale. A tale of cosmetic miracles! As we’ve all noticed, black lipstick, the cornerstone of all things darque and goffic, has been […]

The Haute List: $25 And Under

Montage Legging † Pintuck Button Front Top † Leatherette Tab Front Short Grey Burnout Legging † Floral Stitch Linen Pants † Double Buckle Belt With Straps Slatted Peeptoe Pump † Flirt Tutu Skirt † Chaz Ankle Boot

Black Lotus

Yesterday, I was lucky enough to spend most of the day holed up inside the burnt-out trunk of an enormous redwood tree with the incredibly adorable Christina Molcillo, founder and designer of Black Lotus Clothing. Christina’s designs have been a staple of San Fransisco’s tribal fusion bellydance scene for years now, but even though I’ve […]

I Heart a Rumor

OK, guys. This is just a rumor. But it’s a good one, so I’m passing it on. According to the Telegraph UK, (source ) Haute Macabre’s much-beloved Gareth Pugh is the front runner to take over as Creative Director of the Alexander McQueen fashion house. Let me say that again. GAWTH FTW! Pugh, who was […]


If I’m evil, why are you satisfied? Shot by Txema Yeste for Tush Magazine #1 Styling by Alberto Murta NSFW after the jump…

You went WHERE?

Oakley Hardshell Backpack † Oakley Icon Pack 3.0 While on vacation in Mexico last week  I was hauled kicking and screaming by my companion into someplace I never thought I would go. No, not snorkeling in a cave with bats- that I expected. Not eating tacos beside a lake filled with crocodiles- I was ready […]

Tokyo Hardcore

Shot by Jonas Akerlund for V Magazine Spring 2010. Styling by Jay Massacret. More after the jump…

Long Live McQueen

Images of final Pre-Fall 2010 collection designed by the late Lee Alexander McQueen has been released, and it is no less visionary than anything else he ever put out.  The label shall live on without him, but his final pieces were every bit as stunning as we have come to expect. Without further adieu, Alexander […]

Chris Anthony Revisited

After covering Chris Anthony’s new work, Victims and Avengers, a while back, I found myself wandering around on his website again. Damn, this guy is good….