The Haute List: Sunglasses


Fendi Crystal Cat Eyes  Cat Eye Valley Wolves 

Le Spec Rapture   Karlsson Rose Rouge D-Frame

Quay Kitty Shades   Quay China Doll

Khaldea Rajab + Rahad Al Marqouq Big Cat-Eye  ‡  Agent Provocature Studded Cats Eye


Wounds and Witches: The Sublime Poetry of Segovia Amil

Segovia Amil Until the well anticipated release of Segovia Amil's collection of poetry, I will continue to look forward to her beautiful posts to her Instagram page and blog posts.
Her poetry is the sound that resonates off the chest of every woman and goes out into the world with odes of self creation, solitude, womanhood, youth, dark romanticism, spiritualism, mystery and divinity and female empowerment. The foundation of her work derives from her practice in Goddess-based spirituality, specifically that of the Dark. It's gothic undertones provide the aesthetic and point of view that reaffirm her main message to "Embrace the Darkness."
Segovia Amil Segovia Amil Segovia Amil Segovia Amil Segovia Amil Segovia Amil Segovia Amil Segovia Amil Segovia Amil

Current Crush

Dita Hurricane   Currently crushing on these Dita Hurricane sunglasses. They're on the pricey side at $375 a pop, so I'll be on the hunt for some alternatives! Perhaps a full on fancy sunglasses post is called for!

What shades are you wearing this summer?

Un Conte D’hiver

c7 c6

Un Conte D’hiver, shot by Mark Segal for Vogue Paris, Oct 2006

c5 c4 c2

Haute List: Leather Cross Body Bags

HLBAGSSixto Bag, $195   Soft Leather Bag, $40  Dylan Bag, $138

Baggu Cross-Body, $128  Trigger Bag, $248  Amy Bag, $338

Mini Love Bag, $195  Novaki Bag, $173  Parker Bag, $336

Etsy Find: Crescent Moon Earrings


Crescent Moon Earrings, $52

Had to get these big dangly crescent moon earrings from Thalassa Jewelry. Also available as a necklace ($38). Both come in a variety of finishes including brushed, matte, shiny, and oxidixed- but hammered silver seems to me to be the perfect way to capture the moon. il_570xN.679976854_1mg1


If you'll excuse me, I need to replace my entire wardrobe with Moscow's Yakubowitch and move to Paris.
Yakubowitch on Facebook // Instagram
Yakubowitch Yakubowitch Yakubowitch Yakubowitch Yakubowitch Yakubowitch Yakubowitch Yakubowitch Yakubowitch


1082015276 It's been quite a while since we last checked in with Spanish photographer Eugenio Recuenco, during which he has been focusing on a stunning series of fairytale-inspired fashion shoots. I'm thinking it was worth the wait. Eugenio+PussBoots 1082015223 1082015212 1082015148