The Satanic Temple

Never Let Your Activism Be Artless: An Interview With Lucien Greaves of The Satanic Temple

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing The Satanic Temple‘s Lucien Greaves about art, activism, and what religion means as a framework rather than a faith. “Recently” isn’t quite right — these questions were written back in February, as you might notice by the news reference in one of them, but we hope you’ll forgive us […]

Maika Keuben Empty Stage

How Not To Be Seen: Unlearning Invisibility

A few months ago Sam invited the staff writers to pen some personal pieces for Haute Macabre. I’ve since considered writing about a variety of subjects that interest me, but there’s something else, something much more personal that’s been on my mind for a very long time and this suddenly seemed like a singular opportunity to […]

Hidden Velvet3

The Somber Poetry Of Dreams: The Collage Art Of Hidden Velvet

The enigmatic artist known as Hidden Velvet seemed to appear on my radar overnight, and yet, whilst gazing at the somber elegance of her surreal collages, I feel that I have been carrying velvety fragments of her assemblages with me, tucked into the shadowy corners of my heart, for all of my life. A floating cloud softly obscures […]

Haute Macabre Muse: Louisianna Purchase

Macabre Muse: Louisianna Purchase

photo by Muted Fawn Hailed as Austin’s best drag performer by the Austin Chronicles in 2016, Louisanna Purchase is stepping over Sharon Needles’ grave as Kween of Horror Drag (no shade, Sharon, but you’re a little less spooky and a little more sultry now than you were on Drag Race). Louisanna’s Clark Kent is Chad […]


Natural Selection

Natural Selection, shot by Emma Summerton fow W. Magazine. Why yes, you can shoot a Gawth-as-Fuck spread with only black models. (Sadly, the rest of the spread was less macabre).  


The Haute List: Sunglasses

Fendi Crystal Cat Eyes  ‡ Cat Eye Valley Wolves  Le Spec Rapture  ‡ Karlsson Rose Rouge D-Frame Quay Kitty Shades  ‡ Quay China Doll Khaldea Rajab + Rahad Al Marqouq Big Cat-Eye  ‡  Agent Provocature Studded Cats Eye  

Segovia Amil

Wounds and Witches: The Sublime Poetry of Segovia Amil

Until the well anticipated release of Segovia Amil’s collection of poetry, I will continue to look forward to her beautiful posts to her Instagram page and blog posts. Her poetry is the sound that resonates off the chest of every woman and goes out into the world with odes of self creation, solitude, womanhood, youth, […]

Dita Hurricane Sunglasses

Current Crush

  Currently crushing on these Dita Hurricane sunglasses. They’re on the pricey side at $375 a pop, so I’ll be on the hunt for some alternatives! Perhaps a full on fancy sunglasses post is called for! What shades are you wearing this summer?


Haute List: Leather Cross Body Bags

Sixto Bag, $195   Soft Leather Bag, $40  Dylan Bag, $138 Baggu Cross-Body, $128  Trigger Bag, $248  Amy Bag, $338 Mini Love Bag, $195  Novaki Bag, $173  Parker Bag, $336


Etsy Find: Crescent Moon Earrings

Crescent Moon Earrings, $52 Had to get these big dangly crescent moon earrings from Thalassa Jewelry. Also available as a necklace ($38). Both come in a variety of finishes including brushed, matte, shiny, and oxidixed- but hammered silver seems to me to be the perfect way to capture the moon.



If you’ll excuse me, I need to replace my entire wardrobe with Moscow’s Yakubowitch and move to Paris. Yakubowitch on Facebook // Instagram



It’s been quite a while since we last checked in with Spanish photographer Eugenio Recuenco, during which he has been focusing on a stunning series of fairytale-inspired fashion shoots. I’m thinking it was worth the wait.


The Haute List: Headed to Maui Edition

Show and Tell One Piece, $118  ‡  Second Skin Bike Shorts, $43  ‡  Strappy One Piece, $107 Long Tank Top, $5.95  ‡  Basic Tube Top, $5.95  ‡  Shay Flat, $130 Hit the Beach Tote, $27.14  ‡  Ribbed Tank Dress, $38  ‡  Carmen Sun Diego Hat, $32 Vacation time! Here’s a few things I bought or […]

The Witch's Mark

The Witch’s Mark

Hope and Feathers Gallery is proud to host The Witch’s Mark for the month of July, 2015. Curated by New England based visual-artist Courtney Brooke Hall, the diverse group show represents a visual exploration of the spiritual self through the feminine connection to nature. Exhibiting photographs, paintings, sculptures, and illustrations from both international and American […]

5&Diamond Los Angeles

5&Diamond LOS ANGELES!

5 and Diamond has recently opened their brand new Melrose shop in Los Angeles and will be hosting their grand opening party on August 1! Can’t make it to the West Coast? Check out their online shop!


The Haute List: Under $200

Embroidered Trim Dress, $159  ‡  After the Storm Dress, $148  ‡  Perry Lace Blouse, $225 $157.50 Rick Owens Lilies Wrap Top, $390 $195  ‡  Shay Flat, $130  ‡  Carven Shirtdress,  $570 $182  Prudence Flat, $175  ‡  Sun and Moon Tunic, $128  ‡ Openwork Body Suit, $144

Screen Shot 2015-06-25 at 8.52.09 PM

Style Arc

I’ve been feeling the need to sew lately, but a trip to the local Joanne’s pattern section was…disappointing.  Even the dog coats were ugly. So, of course, I turned to the Internet. Yesterday I got my first patterns in the mail from Australian pattern maker Style Arc. For those of you, like me, whose pattern […]

Sally Mann: The Body Farm

The Body Farm

Warning :: The Post Contains Graphic Material It’s a rare occasion that I need to preface a post with a warning of any sort, but I fear that even for our most seasoned readers this may be a slight bit graphic. Pictured here are the raw and intensely candid photographs of The Body Farm research facility, […]

Carrion Flowers

Haute Macabre muse Chelsea Wolfe’s latest video for Carrion Flowers, off of her upcoming release, Abyss. Pre-order the album and see her tour dates at


The Haute List: $75 and Under

Geo-Print Pencil Skirt, $59.50  ‡  Henley Tank Dress Coverup, $49.99  ‡  Full Moon Tank, $21 Corona Sandal, $53.96 ‡ Rapture Cat-Eye Glasses, $55  ‡ Mandalaye Flat, $69.99 Shark Bite Tank, $48 ‡  Fringed Sleeveless Tee, $35.40 ‡  Crochet Fringe Tee, $25.20


Nobody Expects the Etsy Inquisition

In a rather surprising move for an online community that prides itself on being offbeat, wacky, and underground, Etsy has banned the sale of spells and other ‘metaphysical items’. Previously, selling spells was fine as long a) the seller warned you that they might not work, and b) some tangible item was provided. Under the […]