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Crepe Shirt, $120, $42  †  Derek Lam Pumps (Sz.9) $85  †  Torey Thermal Dress, $37.92

Lunatic Dress, $99  †  Short Dress, $228, $70 † Erto Top, $85

Time Travelin’ Bag, $45  †  Cut Out Top, $48  † Record Time Dress, $54.99


Realms of the Unreal

Realms of the Unreal

Jeff Faerber In The Realms of the Unreal, innocence lives in the constant shadow of danger…

Have you ever been curious about how artists might interpret the fantasy work of reclusive outsider artist Henry Darger? The upcoming group exhibition Realms of the Unreal scratches that itch with an impressive lineup of imaginative artists who have created depictions of Darger’s various characters.

If you’re in Brooklyn this coming Saturday, September 12, you can see the works in person starting at 7PM at Gristle Gallery, located at 26 Bushwick Ave. Not in Brooklyn? View the online gallery here.

Realms of the Unreal

Max Kahan And Being Was Enough

Realms of the Unreal

Nicomi Nix Turner And The World Swallows Her

Realms of the Unreal

Allison Sommers Righteous Vindication, Pages VII-VIII

Realms of the Unreal

Caitlin McCormack Bandolier (The Protector)


Bewitching Underthings Under $100

It’s a pleasure to introduce Karolina Laskowska, a UK-based luxury lingerie designer. She won the coveted “Designer of the Year” award at the 2014 UK Lingerie Awards, and you need only to feast your eyes on her gorgeous, hand-made work to see why. Find her at her newly-launched lingerie blog,

Below, Karolina offers a roundup of underthings that’s sure to set your hearts aflutter.


I’ve always been a goth at heart: is it any surprise that my love of lingerie tends to veer on the darker side of fashion? This is my list of my favorite dark-aesthetic lingerie pieces under 100USD – all handmade by independent designers and totally sweat shop free.

Paranoire Leora panty

ParanoireLeora high-waist panty – £19.77
Bold, graphic and simply sexy: these high-waisted panties would be a perfect basic for any darkness loving fashionista.

leather harness bralet by virago

Virago Shopleather harness bralette – £32.45
Leather and harnesses are difficult to get right when it comes to lingerie; the thin straps and flirty bows make this an excellent piece for layering both with lingerie and outerwear.

nearer the moon lamia knickers

Nearer The MoonLamia high-waist briefs – £56
The lace placement on these high-waisted knickers is utterly exquisite: the symmetrical design would look utterly beautiful against the skin.

flash you and me choker crop top

Flash You And MeChoker crop top – £36.89
From the sheer panels to the delicate silver ring at the neck, this is begging to be layered with a gorgeous bra or harness.

hopeless lingerie irena wrap top

Hopeless LingerieIrena wrap top – 120 AUD
The cut out sleeves and wrap around bustline give this top a wonderfully unusual set: I feel it would be a waste to just wear this as lingerie!

Karolina Laskowska Lidia harness

Karolina LaskowskaLidia harness – £45
This piece is perfect for layering: whether used to cinch in your outerwear or to give a bondage edge to your lingerie.

The Magic Flute

It Speaks!!

Hello comrades!!

Erin and I are so excited about the latest feature to the Haute Macabre blog: the HM Youtube Channel! This is our first video, and yes, I am as nervous a I seem in it. We can’t wait to hear what you guys think, and any suggestions or requests you have for features!

Subscribe to our new YouTube channel, and thank you so much for your support (and not making fun of my wonk eye)!

PS – I’m wearing the Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in L.U.V. Give me allll the purple lipsticks.

The Haute List: Labor Day Sales!


Limitless Loveliness Wedge, $49.99 $34.99  Endless Entertainment Dress, $59.99 $35.99  Gals on the Town Wedge, $79.99  $15.99

Bad Girls Tunic, $78  $54.60  ‡  Push the Limits Top, $88  $49.95      Sass All She Wrote Dress, $59.99 $35.99

Straight Talker Dress, $305 $119  ‡  Geometric Jacket, $395 $197  Lace Emperor Maxi, $118  $69.95



New Advertiser: Helmouth Apparel


Please welcome our newest advertiser, Helmouth Apparel!

Helmouth Apparel was brought to life by the creative mind of Pittsburg based, English designer Frances Sand in 2013. Frustrated by the widespread use of wool and leather in high-end garments, and cheap synthetics in the fast fashion industry, she set out to create a vegan friendly line that focuses on quality construction and materials.

Basics with a darker twist; her pieces combine clean, classic lines and structured silhouettes with the comfort of soft fabrics that stretch and move with your body. Inspired by her love of existing in the shadows, for slipping by unnoticed, and by the beautiful collapse of everything around us, Helmouth Apparel is dark fashion with a conscience.

Shop Helmouth Apparel + follow them on Instagram


Stange Encounters – Alien Botany Lands Again


The afternoon shadows are getting longer. The nights approach a little faster each day. Something is in the air, and it’s not just autumn’s steps, it’s…. A massive object hurling towards Earth, exploding into confetti of otherworldly tendrils and black spandex mid-air! A mysterious creature emerges from the wreckage.

Say goodbye to preorders, fellow cosmonomads! At least this time, because “Toxic” and “Void” Alien Botany leggings are here now, in a very limited edition, ready to zoom straight to your heart. (And to your butt, I suppose.)


This crop of wearable art is printed on super-dense material that’s lightly fleeced on the inside for the softest, shapeliest, most flattering fit yet. While sizes XS through XL* are available, they are in very short supply, so if your stems have been waiting to get into a pair of these, now may be your only chance.

So point your legs and wallets to the sky and let Alien Botany invade your closets. This strange encounter is written in the stars.

The rest of this editorial is up, full-size, at






*This fancy space cat is 5’9, has 40″ hips and is wearing size L

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