An Obscurum Of Secrets: The Lost Art Of Robin Isely

I had, for a time, sadly shelved the idea of a feature on digital collage artist Robin Isely, aka sliplead. I first mentioned this artist in my 2017 Needful Things roundup and I was immensely thrilled at the opportunity to connect with them for an interview, but unfortunately, their gorgeous Tumblr-hosted gallery–an obscurum of secrets, elusive […]

Vintage Occult, Astrology, and Spiritualist Books: Haute Macabre Library Update

The Haute Macabre Library Update is now live! These vintage occult titles are available now in the Haute Macabre Library. Please note that each of these is a previously loved book, and may contain marks within the texts and/or imperfections on the cover. Montague Summers: The History of Witchcraft The History of Witchcraft is a […]

A Trip To Los Angeles

Sarah To be frank–and apologies in advance, Angelenos– but even though I had never been, I was pretty sure, like almost 100% certain, that I was going to feel some kind of way about Los Angeles. Aversion? Hostility? I’m not even sure what kind of way. But not a good way. Even though in my […]

Offerings: New Spells and Remedies in the Haute Macabre Shop

A small shop update this week while I prep for the next large crystal release: I am currently working my way through processing my emotions for it. They are a collection of stones that I have unconsciously been surrounding myself with the last few months, without realizing until now that they have been aiding me […]

Pam Grossman’s Waking The Witch: A Book Review And Solstice Giveaway!

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock (mmm…rose quartz!) then I probably do not need to inform you that Pam Grossman –writer, podcaster, practicing witch, and all-around mistress of magic, myth, and moxie–has conjured forth an incredible book to share with the world: Waking the Witch: Reflections on Women, Magic, and Power. I recently had the ideal […]

Haute Macabre at the Solstice Divination Fair

This Friday night in Philadelphia, Haute Macabre will be participating in the Divination Market at BloodMilk’s Sphinx and Snakeskin. Please visit us for a selection of Tarot and Oracle decks, hand selected crystals – with an emphasis on crystal balls not yet previewed online, and our complete collection of scents and hair glosses by Black […]

Winged Ghosts of Lake Natron

I’m endlessly fascinated by naturally occurring places that are completely inhospitable to all or most forms of life. It’s one thing when humanity so thoroughly destroys an ecosystem that everything there dies – such things, at this point, still upset but no longer surprise me. But when it’s all up to nature herself, that’s…not a […]

June Full Moon Tarotscopes by Sarah Faith Gottesdiener

June Full Moon Tarotscopes Welcome to the Full Moon of June! It rises on June 17th in the sign of Sagittarius. This Full Moon is just before the Summer Solstice, so you may wish to honor both. June is the month of Pride, of Juneteeth. There is a feeling of resistance wrapped up in celebration. […]

BiCoastal Events: This Weekend in Los Angeles and Philadelphia

Our beloved bicoastal family is hosting two separate events this weekend in both Philadelphia and Los Angeles: Tonight, Friday, June 14 in Philadelphia is the BloodMilk Mourning Fair, hosting Moss Marchen, Pitt & Pendulum, Roses & Rue Antiques, Witch Fingers Antiques & Oddities, and a Polaroid Pop Up Booth from Pop Up Polaroid. You may […]

Hear Her Voice: The Only Known Recording of Frida’s Voice (Possibly)

This morning, I woke to a message linking me to the discovery of the what could be the only known recording of Frida Kahlo’s voice. The recording was recently discovered in the pilot of “El Bachiller,” a 1955 radio show, which was featuring a profile of her husband, Diego Rivera, Mexico’s Department of Culture said […]

When Yorick Dreams…

Today we’re coveting this 19th century Japanese ivory carving of a human skull with a snake coiled around its crown and three toads and a tree frog climbing around on the skull and the snake. Measuring a mere 4.25″ (10.9 cm) high, this marvelously detailed carving is an okimono from the Meiji period, circa 1890. Okimono […]

From the Archives: Elsa Lanchester, Herself. An Interview with Tom Blunt

It’s hard to know when imagery so striking, so wonderfully eerie, so utterly iconoclastic as the one presented by Elsa Lanchester as The Bride of Frankenstein, first becomes embedded in one’s memory. When was I not aware of this astonishing creature, this electric-tressed beauty, robed in ghostly whites and the most elegant bandages ever glimpsed […]

The Exquisite Agony of Passing Through

  We’re excited to announce tonight’s opening of Passing Through, a hauntingly beautiful photography exhibition at Central Tattoo Studio in Philadelphia. “Passing Through is a symbolist and surrealist exploration of beauty, femininity, isolation, and pain. Each photographer in this exhibition creates a narrative in which they, themselves, are the subject, or they use models to represent the emotional, […]

Stacked May 2019

Sonya: You Should Have Left: A Novel by Daniel Kehlmann — I loved this novel which, to me, felt like the Platonic ideal of the innermost story of House of Leaves, a terrible book nobody good ever finished and which buried its one promising narrative under piles of pretentious dude shit that wasn’t cute when […]

Post Mortem: May 2019

Ascend Ascend: New Work from Janaka Stucky in the Haute Macabre Library Stacked: March & April 2019 New Sponsor: Witching Hour Baby The Resurrection of Disco Witch Vintage: Vintage Occult Books Monster Queen And Unsung Horror Hero: The Life And Legacy Of Milicent Patrick In Mallory O’Meara’s The Lady From The Black Lagoon Relentless Doppelganger: […]

Haute Macabre Shop Restock Alert: Divination, Journals, and Crystals

A restock alert of some of our favorite divination decks and manifesting journals, along with new crystal spheres and palm stones: Labradorite Spheres and Palm Stones with beautiful inner glow & flash and extra large and glittery Garnet palm stones. Find everything featured here in the Haute Macabre Shop. The Supra Oracle and Guide Book: […]

Haute Haunts: A Ghost In Manchester

So often when people travel, they speak about falling in love with a city. That love-at-first-sight feeling, that moment where everything clicks and you think, this is where I am meant to be. This is home. It’s never happened to me. I’ve enjoyed places I’ve traveled to, certainly. I love Paris and I try to […]

Haunted by Cope-Arnold’s Vedas

I’ve been sitting here for far too long trying to find the words to describe Vedas, a captivating combination of photography and fashion created by Los Angeles-based studio Cope-Arnold. Vedas was inspired by the fabulous high-contrast B&W photos of fashion photography legend Irving Penn. More that simply write about them, I want to do things with these images, […]

Ancient Secrets: Lemurian Seed Crystals

Lemurian Seed Crystals are said to be the gifts of the ancient civilization of Lemuria, a lost nation and race of people of pre-history. These crystals are water clear quartz, recognizable by their horizontal striations.  The land of Lemuria is hypothesized to have been a huge landmass connecting Madagascar and India, destroyed by a cataclysmic […]

May Full Moon Tarotscopes By Sarah Faith Gottesdiener

May Full Moon Tarotscopes By Sarah Faith Gottesdiener Happy Full Moon, everyone! This is the only Full Moon in the month of May. It is in the sign of Scorpio. This Full Moon is sometimes called the Flower Moon (from the Algonquin peoples in North America; there are many more names for this particular moon, […]

They Wore the Universe Round Their Fingers…

“To see a World in a Grain of Sand And a Heaven in a Wild Flower Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand And Eternity in an hour…” –William Blake, from “Auguries of Innocence”   We’re spellbound by this 16th century gold ring that unfolds to reveal an ornate astronomical sphere. It’s part of […]

Relentless Doppelganger: AI Death Metal

  A nonstop stream of AI generated death metal, this live stream on YouTube has been broadcasting since March 24. I’ve tuned in a few times and it’s been consistently on point with the genre’s distinct sounds: once or twice it leaned towards epic instrumental vibes, today was a heavy vocal sound. This early example […]

The Resurrection of Disco Witch Vintage: Vintage Occult Books

I am elated to resurrect the Disco Witch Vintage collection: a hand curated selection of vintage and antique books, objects, and paraphernalia. Disco Witch Vintage was launched in 2014 with the intent of sharing my love and fascination for relics of the past, and due to life changes and restrictions I had to shutter it […]

New Sponsor: Witching Hour Baby

Witching Hour Baby is an online boutique where you can find casual, affordable gear for black sheep and their little lambs. From unique clothing for the whole family to spooky housewares and toys, our expertly curated products are bound to satisfy the question: does this come in black? Find Witching Hour Baby : Shop // […]

Stacked: March & April 2019

Sarah: Little by Edward Carey When Goodreads first recommended this title to me, I thought “haven’t I already read this book?” But I was getting Little by Edward Carey confused with Little, Big by John Crowley, which I read several years ago and which I enjoyed much more. These stories aren’t terribly similar though, so maybe you […]

Post Mortem: April 2019

Enchanted Ephemera From Moth & Myth Shadow Workers: Black Galaxy Amethyst We Can Be Heroes: David Bowie Songs Reimagined as Sonic Pulp Adventure Book Covers A Mini Review: Lupercalia Hair Glosses From Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab! Open Sea Design Co The Magician’s Stone: Labradorite in the Haute Macabre Crystal Shop Needful Things: Sam’s 2018 Post […]

Ascend Ascend: New Work from Janaka Stucky in the Haute Macabre Library

Written over the course of twenty days, coming in and out of trance states brought on by intermittent fasting and somatic rituals while secluded in the tower of a 100-year-old church, is Janaka Stucky’s most powerful book to date. Featuring cover art and lettering by Aaron Horkey. Rooted in the Jewish mystical tradition of Hekhalot […]

Apothecary Pre-Orders Close Tonight at Midnight

A note reminding our friends that pre-orders close tonight at midnight. Haute Macabre’s latest collaboration with Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab is now available for pre-orders in the Apothecary. The Haute Macabre collection of scents from Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab are very personal to me. Each one is a devotion to an emotion or event that […]

Amethyst and Clear Quartz Palm Stones in the Haute Macabre Crystal Shop

A rainy morning shop update, these stormy grey skies overhead called me to share these pieces with you today: Amethyst Palm Stones and Clear Quartz Pebbles now in the Haute Macabre Crystal Shop. Amethyst calms anger, frustration, and promotes a sense of calmness and peace. It aids in alleviating the symptoms of insomnia (I have […]