Offerings: New Spells and Remedies in the Haute Macabre Shop

A small shop update this week while I prep for the next large crystal release: I am currently working my way through processing my emotions for it. They are a collection of stones that I have unconsciously been surrounding myself with the last few months, without realizing until now that they have been aiding me […]

A Visit To Guo Pei’s Alternate Universe

I’d like to think that in the alternate universe referenced in Guo Pei’s mythical Fall Winter 2019 collection, one may step out for a coffee clad in a ballgown of marionette theatre manipulated by a coolly bespectacled simian puppet master, with barely a flickering glance from the barista as they take a name for your […]

Back in Stock: Haute Macabre + Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab

A restock of the Haute Macabre collection by Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab has just been added to the Haute Macabre Shop. Please note, each item is available in limited quantities. You may visit the Haute Macabre Apothecary for the collection, including the two newest additions, It Wasn’t Just a Phase and Occultation, along with my […]

Winged Ghosts of Lake Natron

I’m endlessly fascinated by naturally occurring places that are completely inhospitable to all or most forms of life. It’s one thing when humanity so thoroughly destroys an ecosystem that everything there dies – such things, at this point, still upset but no longer surprise me. But when it’s all up to nature herself, that’s…not a […]

The Magician’s Stone: Labradorite in the Haute Macabre Shop

Labradorite is considered “the Magician’s stone”, and brings one’s deep magical powers to the surface. A stone of protection, both physically and psychically. The dark sister of the moonstone, the crone face of the triple goddess, awakening mystical innate energy and powers within. The ancients believed that the labradorescence flashes were the aurora borealis entombed […]

New Sponsor: Open Sea Design Co

Originally inspired by the salty, crystal clear blue shores of the Mexican Caribbean, Open Sea is a Brooklyn-based creative studio that specializes in fine stationery and paper goods, and graphic design. The company was established in 2015 by Melissa Constandse. Our paper goods line is inspired by the occult, the Victorian era, esoteric traditions, 18th […]

BloodMilk Spring Sale

We are in the last days of the springtime BloodMilk sale: use code “Vernal20” at checkout to receive a 20% discount on jewels found in the “Spring Sale” section of The code will be valid through April 11 at midnight, EST. I am always eager and excited to hear what treasures people add to […]

A Mini Review: Lupercalia Hair Glosses From Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab!

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab’s most heartfelt collection of the year is also one of their smuttiest, and there is none, they say, more tacky or hedonistic! As a bit of a tacky smutmeister myself, I was was ecstatic to receive a few offerings from this collection, in the form of their hair glosses, atmosphere sprays, […]

We Can Be Heroes: David Bowie Songs Reimagined as Sonic Pulp Adventure Book Covers

I love those moments when you encounter a fantastic pairing of properties that had never crossed your mind, but makes such perfect sense upon seeing it, it’s as though somehow you already new it existed. Screenwriter and graphic artist Todd Alcott has created one such sublime pairing by reimagining some of our beloved David Bowie’s […]

Shadow Self for the New Moon

On the last day of the Tucson Gem Show, I had hit a wall and was finally experiencing what it means to be “crystal drunk”. As fun as the gem show is, it’s extremely overwhelming, and I had hit the point where I was ready to go hide in my hotel room until my drive […]

Post Mortem: March 2019

Haute Macabre’s offerings from the month of March, 2019: A Small Offering: New Books, Tarot, and Garnet Palm Stones in the Haute Macabre Shop Caitlin McCormack: See You All In There Absolved from the Light: Black Moonstone Stacked: February 2019 Strange Optimism: Nuit Winter 2019 Capsule Collection BloodMilk Illuminated Alphabet Paramour and Psychic Armor: Black […]

Enchanted Ephemera From Moth & Myth {Giveaway!}

Life: a solitary butterfly swaying unsteadily on a slender stalk of grass, nothing more. But ah! so exquisite! – Nishiyama Soin On the one-ton temple bell a moon-moth, folded into sleep, sits still. -Yosa Buson Will we meet again? Here at your flowering grave: two white butterflies – Matsuo Basho Life, death, stolen naps, spring blossoms, and […]

Twinkle, twinkle, little bats…

There’s something especially delightful about beauty found on extraordinarily small scales. Today we’re coveting this exquisite Ivory Bat Seal from the research collection at the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford. Hand-carved by a Chinese artisan in the early 20th century, it measures barely 2.5 inches tall and just over 1 inch wide. The twinkling black eyes of those two wee bats, […]

Smokey Quartz Points in the Shop

A selection of Smokey Quartz points has been added to the Crystal section of the Haute Macabre Shop over the weekend. Please note that shipping shall resume by Wednesday, March 27 on all open orders. Protective and grounding, Smokey Quartz offers a shield against psychic attack, absorbing misfortune and negative thinking. Smokey Quartz is believed […]

March 2019 Full Moon Tarotscopes from Sarah Faith Gottesdiener

March 2019 Full Moon Tarotscopes Our March Full Moon has the potential to be a lot. A lot of potency, a lot of beauty, and a lot of opportunities of all sorts. A lot of disruptions, a lot of thawing, a lot of stories to sift through. A lot of feelings, a lot of processing, […]

Full Moon Shop Update: Tourmalated Quartz Towers & Divination Guides

A small offering for this Full Moon: Black Tourmalated Quartz Points and a restock of some favorite titles, Bakara Wintners’ WTF is Tarot and Rachel Pollack’s Seventy Eight Degrees: A Tarot Journey to Self-Awareness. Find these now in the Haute Macabre Shop. Please note that orders will ship on or after March 26. These Quartz […]

Luminous Lunar Visions: The Astrophotography of Andrew McCarthy

Thou silver deity of secret night, Direct my footsteps through the woodland shade; Thou conscious witness of unknown delight, The Lover’s guardian, and the Muse’s aid! By thy pale beams I solitary rove, To thee my tender grief confide; Serenely sweet you gild the silent grove, My friend, my goddess, and my guide. E’en thee, […]

Ashley Rose Couture | Red at Night

“Red at Night,” a Fashion Presentation by Ashley Rose Couture, is scheduled to debut on Saturday, April 27th 2019 at the new Black Veil Studio in Salem, Massachusetts. This collection is dedicated to Ashley’s brother, John, who tragically passed away this past October. 100% of the ticket proceeds will be donated to John’s memorial; tickets […]

How To Wear Two Recent Interviews With Really Amazing Artists

I’m a little behind with our How To Wear series, I’m afraid–here it is March already, and I haven’t shared a single outlandish outfit! Well, obviously we need to remedy that, so I busted out a quick few ideas for you here today. OK, sure, it’s a bit of a cheat, as far as themes […]

Paramour and Psychic Armor: Black Tourmaline and Star Rose Quartz in the Shop

Black Tourmaline is considered one of the most prominent and important metaphysical stones: it acts as a complete psychic armor and auric cleanser, deflecting and even repelling negative energy. This energetic deflection and cleanse is both internal and external, helping you to shed anxious or obsessive thoughts and behaviors, protecting you from your inner turmoil […]

BloodMilk Illuminated Alphabet

The beautifully intricate analogue hand lettering of Aaron Horkey has been brought to life by BloodMilk Jewels with the now available Illuminated Alphabet series. Available in two sizes, each pendant comes on the BloodMilk signature bar link chain in the length of your choosing. Both pendant and chain are sterling silver, hand oxidized to achieve […]

Strange Optimism: Nuit Winter 2019 Capsule Collection

Nuit has recently releases their Winter 2019 Capsule Collection, entitled “Strange Optimism”. Inspired by the persistent and inexplicable notion that we must retain hope, even in the darkest of moments, Nuit has perfected the shadow silhouette. Available now, in limited quantities, at

Post Mortem: February 2019

Relics from the month of February on Haute Macabre: Le Neant: LE Release from BloodMilk Jewels *no longer available online, however you may purchase them in person at the Ritual Cravt storefront in Denver, CO or at BloodMilk market events Stacked: January 2019 2018 Needful Things: S. Elizabeth’s Collection Of Anti-Anxiety Comforts Monthly Manifestation Manual […]

Stacked: February 2019

Sarah: The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning: How to Free Yourself and Your Family from a Lifetime of Clutter by Margareta Magnusson. Because I am a contrarian (and also because I had zero interest in organizing or de-cluttering) I have been ignoring Marie Kondo and her KonMari madness for years. I like my stuff, […]

Absolved from the Light: Black Moonstone

It seems auspicious timing that I am in the physical and psychic state that I currently am in while being surrounded by a group of black moonstones. Auspicious for them more so than I, I am heavy with the cloak of dark moon, heavy with the fatigue of the nights leading up to its occultation: […]

Caitlin McCormack: See You All In There

Haute Macabre forever-muse Caitlin McCormack’s exhibition of new mixed media works, See You All In There, is on display at Paradigm Gallery in Philadelphia, beginning February 22, and will remain on view through April 13, 2019. Less delicate than previous works, the artist’s complex sculptural abstractions feature headless torsos, animal-like creatures, anthropomorphic forms, fortress and church-like structures, as well […]

BrujeriasShop: The Macabre in Miniature

My heart is filled with these tiny wonders from BrujeriasShop, maker of miniature scenes of cabinets of curiosities, vampire hunters, and witchy workstations. Find her on Instagram ( @brujeriasshop) and Etsy.

A Sentiment of Spirits: Conversations with Handsome Devils Puppets

Maika: Speaking from a writer’s perspective, interviews are funny things. Although this introduction is what you’re reading first, it was the very last thing written. It was also, somehow, the hardest part for me to write. Sarah and I had a wonderful time composing questions for Han. The hard work, as far as I’m concerned, […]

Cocorrina: Designs For Your Magical Life

Winking and gleaming with magic and stardust, Cocorinna’s art prints, journals, and calendars are among some of the most stunning objects of their type that I have ever seen– and no wonder! For graphic design priestess Corina Nika at Cocorrina imbues these artifacts with potent symbolism and luminous energies, and aims to create magical, meaningful objects […]

Boys For Pele: Carnelian Collection Now Available

I’ve decided to release the Carnelian collection for this February Full Moon – this will be the biggest and brightest Super Moon that the Earth will see until the year 2026, brightening the night sky and illuminating us in these long, cold winter months. These cold winter days are the easiest time to fall into […]