Rodarte Fall 2016


Dark, matte lips. Gently feminine silhouettes.  Layers upon layers of lace. Rodarte’s Fall 20-16 collection looks like the front row at a mid-90’s Faith and the Muse show. Romantigoth is back, you guys!



The Haute List


Contrast Collar Shirt,  $152  +  Plus Size Faux Leather Top, $69.90 $34.99  +  Raven Top, $64 $51.20

Charcoal Joggers, $39  +  Kylie Jumpsuit, $89  +  M-Cargy Pants, $198

Faux Leather Jumpsuit, $159 $89  +  Perforated Shoe, $98  +  Patent-Trim Dress, $150 $67.50

PSA: Vlads + Videos

Vlad Pin

Hello, Macabrians!

A quick PSA regarding our recent merch releases and our plans for the future! Our Vlad the Impaler pins are nearly sold out, and we don’t plan on having them made again. Erin and I have SO. MANY. IDEAS. for pin designs, so we’re going to start releasing a new pin each month (that’s the plan, anyway). We have the next three planned out already, so with any luck, the next design will be in the shop in a few weeks.

With that in mind, if you were thinking about grabbing one of the Vlad the Impaler pins, get him now while you still can!

Second! Erin and I are having so much fun with our video posts, and hope that you are, too. We’ve never been a “personal” blog before, so it feels like we’re reaching out and interacting a bit with everyone through them. If you have any suggestions or requests for upcoming posts, we would absolutely love them hear them!

As always, thank you all for your eternal support.


Esty Shop of Week: Jungle Tribe

We are doing this week’s Etsy Shop of the Week a wee bit differently than usual, since the kind folks at Jungle Tribe actually sent us a couple of things over for us to review! That means I got to make a video, which was lots of fun. You guys have been asking for more video reviews of work by independent designers, so we are thrilled to be able to bring you just that.

By the way, since I know you are going to ask, yes they also have vegan friendly options!


****UPDATE***  – They just sent over a promo code for you guys- 10% off with code “Macabre <3” !

Here are the items I reviewed in this weeks video:


Ouroboros Necklace in White Bronze, $195


Calibrated Vertebra Bag, $339.00

  il_570xN.853359258_kckmMetric Raven Bag, $349.00



Immortal Souls

Immortal Souls by Casstronaut

The Immortal Souls series by Cassie Soars is currently available for an extremely limited time (sales end April 9!).

Inspired by her three favorite female saints, Saint Catherine of Siena, Saint Lucia, and Saint Joan of Arc, this series is made up of graphite, watercolor, 22 karat gold leaf, on 9×12 inch watercolor paper in an ornate handmade 14×16 display.

Read more about Casstronaut’s inspiration and method on her blog, and purchase the series via her Etsy shop.

Immortal Souls by Casstronaut

Immortal Souls by Casstronaut

Immortal Souls by Casstronaut

Immortal Souls by CasstronautImmortal Souls by Casstronaut

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