Nailed it.

I can’t stop ordering cheap nail wraps off eBay. They have everything. Like, photographs of cheetahs and stuff.


66 Pentacles for $4.99

$_57-1Galaxy Nail Art, $1.29

$(KGrHqR,!o4FI(K5+,lRBSHGu!oFt!~~60_12Insane Flowers, at 45 cents last I loooked

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Genesis, the Spring/Summer 2013 collection from Area Di Barbara Bologna





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Shoeturday: Creative Loafing

Screen Shot 2014-08-11 at 7.44.42 PM

Alexander McQueen Star Moon Loafers, $695

I never wanted loafers in my life until this moment.Screen Shot 2014-08-11 at 7.47.18 PM

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The Haute List: $100 and Under


Versace Studded Top   ‡  Multistrap Belt   ‡  Helmut Cardigan

Lace Maxi Tank    Bonita Back Maxi  ‡  Duster Cardigan

Essential Lamination Jacket    Cover-Up Blouse  ‡  One-shoulder Top

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Disco Witch Vintage + Haute Macabre Shop Summer Vacation

Disco Witch Vintage

Disco Witch Vintage

Disco Witch Vintage + The Haute Macabre shop are on summer vacation!! The shops will remain open while we’re gone, but orders placed August 11-18 will be shipped Wednesday, August 20.

Once we’re back, I have so much 90s Goth to add to Disco Witch that you’ll think that you’re back in line to see The Craft again.

Disco Witch Vintage

Brand new stickers, designed by Courtney Riot, just came in and will be included in every order placed!

Disco Witch Vintage

Disco Witch Vintage

Disco Witch Vintage

Disco Witch Vintage

Disco Witch Vintage

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Animation by Brain Andrews, via Juxtaopz

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PSA :: Limited Quantities of As Above // So Below Remain


There is only one bottle of each remaining of As Above // So Below in stock currently! We will not be restocking these until the end of 2014, so go forth, young soldiers, and procure yours.

Click here to visit the Haute Macabre shop!


We are also running low on Haute Macabre Tote Bags and Tanks :: sizes S – XL are available now and ready to ship, but have no plans to reprint them after this run!

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I Am Divine


Worth watching on Netflix this week: Jeffrey Schwartz’ documentary I am Divine,  a biography of the performer best known as John Water’s lifelong muse.  Divine was the ultimate proto-punk (Female Trouble came out in 1974- that puts her in a mohawk a full  three years before Never Mind the Bollocks), a gender-bending madmad/madwoman on a quest to outdo everyone at everything, and a  body image activist way before anyone had any clue what that meant. In the best Hollywood tradition, she died while her career was still in the upswing, but left a body of work that ran from terrible to critically acclaimed (and sometimes both at once). Plus, it’s worth watching just to see John Waters at 17.


Blade Runner whatnow?


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