The Haute List: Miz Mooz Obsession



I’m kind of in love with everything about the current lineup from Miz Mooz: the vintage styling on the pumps, the choice from a variety of color that don’t burn my eyes, the preponderance of buttons…

Ninette Boot    Clover Boot    Debra Boot

Bloom Boot    Amelia Boot    Olsen Boot

Nico Pump    Carissa Pump   Shelley Pump

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April Fools Winner: Power Wheels Desert Drifters




The best thing to come out of the wash of April Fool’s posts on the Web this year? Think Geek’s Mad Max Fury Road Power Wheels collection.  I wonder how many people it would take clicking ‘BUY’ for these to actually be produced….


Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 9.07.29 AM



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Joy & Grief

Joy & Grief Clothing

New images from Joy & Grief.
I suddenly have Tori Amos’ Blood Roses playing on repeat in my head, and it’s a welcome soundtrack.

Joy & Grief Clothing

Joy & Grief Clothing

Joy & Grief Clothing

Joy & Grief Clothing

Joy & Grief Clothing

Joy & Grief Clothing

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The Haute List: Happy Spring!


Bell-sleeve Romper, $22  ‡  Fit and Flare Dress, $69  ‡  Sleeveless Jump Suit $39.99 

Eclair Pump, $159  ‡  Eclipsed Pump, $64.97

Sleeveless Dress, $49.95  ‡   Sleeveless Dress, $39.95  ‡   Wyder Boot, $269

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This might quite possibly be the most transcendental thing I have ever seen.

Etsy shop of the Week: Mirimirifashion


Sheer Silk Hooded Dress, $129

Veteran designer Kaye Costello’s Etsy shop, Mirimirifashion, chooses to do only a few things- but to do them well. And the main thing she does is hooded dresses with some shrugs and boleros scattered in, focusing on that fine line where fashion meets cozy. As someone that lives in the perpetually chilly SF Bay Area and spends a great deal of time bitching about the lack of cute long-sleeved dresses, I pretty much want everything.


Short Tunic Dress, $79


Hi-Lo Hoodie Dress, $99

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Updates from Kofta


We’ve mentioned our love of Konstantin Kofta‘s eerie leatherworks in the past, but these pieces seemed like as good an excuse as any to revisit his like of backpacks, satchels, and purses- many of which have unique fragrances worked into the leather.




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Neil Gaiman for Kambriel


Custom wool cloak for Neil Gaiman, from Kambriel.

10616184_799810046727782_2635571645888571860_n  10363833_799810190061101_4474738691598674666_n



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