Disco Witch Vintage

Disco Witch on Depop!

Samantha’s Disco Witch Vintage Shop has resurrected onto the Depop app, and will be steadily adding items over the next few weeks! Follow Disco Witch Vintage on Depop for updates!

Caitlin Doughty: From Here to Eternity

From Here to Eternity: Caitlin Doughty of The Order of the Good Death

Everyone’s favorite undertaker, Caitlin Doughty, has spent the last few years since her first book, Smoke Gets In Your Eyes, was released traveling the world to experience global death traditions and rituals, opening her own green funeral home, leading The Order of the Good Death, and posting her YouTube series, Ask a Mortician. Caitlin’s new […]

The Night Circus

Le Rêveur Parle: An Interview with Erin Morgenstern by J.L. Schnabel

Upon first reading The Night Circus, the void in your heart that you were previously unaware of is filled. From its opening lines, you are stolen away and captivated by its lyrical story and magical characters, your life forever enriched by your experience with it. You find yourself unconsciously nodding to any stranger in the street […]

Tin Can Forest

A Woman With Power: Pam Grossman

Perhaps you know of Pam Grossman because you are a fellow enthusiast of fantastical art and ardently admire her blog, Phantasmaphile wherein she curates incredible esoteric imagery. You may have stumbled across her prescient proclamation that 2013 was “The Year of The Witch” and felt energized and empowered at the long overdue celebration for this […]


Memento Mori at Loved to Death

A reminder not to miss Paul Koudounaris‘s signing of his new book, Memento Mori, tomorrow night at San Francisco’s Loved to Death! I have been fortunate to obtain an early copy of the book, and it is an absolute masterpiece.  Through photos taken at more than 250 sites in thirty countries over a decade, Paul […]

Death and Taxes Ad Sale

It’s that time, kids :: The Semi-Annual Haute Macabre Small Business Ad Special. Why? Because we love you, and want everyone to know all about your awesome shop. This spring, set up an ad campaign on Haute Macabre and get double your time. Book a week, get an extra week free. Book a month, get […]

Ellen Rogers + Pagan Poetry

Ellen Rogers + Pagan Poetry

Ellen Rogers has been a source of enchantment and mystique since we first discovered her ethereal work. Her latest collaboration is no different, adding her signature element of mysticism and romance to each image. You may view this entire series at Pagan Poetry, and contribute to Ellen’s ongoing Patreon, to help supply her with the […]


Haute List Fail

Once again, I completely forgot that Erin told me she was going on vacation this week, and that I was supposed to take care of the Haute List. Instead of drafting a proper list, I sent her a terrifying photo of a penguin about to strike, and am posting the new Jeffrey Campbell Snick shoes […]


Show Your Allegiance

Just in time for tonight’s premier of the show with all characters that I can’t keep track of, Loved to Death has released an exclusive line of Game of Thrones sterling silver jewelry by Pyrrha.

Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 4.05.27 PM


Knit skeletons from artist Caitlin T. McCormack.  

Urban Death Project

Life After Death: Urban Death Project Kickstarter

The Urban Death Project has launched its Kickstarter to crowdfund their brilliant and beautiful method of laying our loved ones to rest.  The Urban Death Project is a new system that utilizes the natural process of decomposition to safely and gently turn our deceased into soil. The project is creating a meaningful, equitable, and ecological […]


James Jean Jewelry

Perfect, delicate porcelain anatomical jewelry from artist James Jean– the vertebra pictured below are stackable rings, the pelvis and skull sets are necklaces. These are from 2012- and no, I didn’t find them available for sale anywhere.

The Haute List: Miz Mooz Obsession

  I’m kind of in love with everything about the current lineup from Miz Mooz: the vintage styling on the pumps, the choice from a variety of color that don’t burn my eyes, the preponderance of buttons… Ninette Boot    Clover Boot    Debra Boot Bloom Boot    Amelia Boot    Olsen Boot Nico Pump    Carissa Pump   Shelley Pump


April Fools Winner: Power Wheels Desert Drifters

    The best thing to come out of the wash of April Fool’s posts on the Web this year? Think Geek’s Mad Max Fury Road Power Wheels collection.  I wonder how many people it would take clicking ‘BUY’ for these to actually be produced….      

Joy & Grief Clothing

Joy & Grief

New images from Joy & Grief. I suddenly have Tori Amos’ Blood Roses playing on repeat in my head, and it’s a welcome soundtrack.


The Haute List: Happy Spring!

Bell-sleeve Romper, $22  ‡  Fit and Flare Dress, $69  ‡  Sleeveless Jump Suit $39.99  ‡ Eclair Pump, $159  ‡  Eclipsed Pump, $64.97 Sleeveless Dress, $49.95  ‡   Sleeveless Dress, $39.95  ‡   Wyder Boot, $269


This might quite possibly be the most transcendental thing I have ever seen.


Etsy shop of the Week: Mirimirifashion

Sheer Silk Hooded Dress, $129 Veteran designer Kaye Costello’s Etsy shop, Mirimirifashion, chooses to do only a few things- but to do them well. And the main thing she does is hooded dresses with some shrugs and boleros scattered in, focusing on that fine line where fashion meets cozy. As someone that lives in the […]


Updates from Kofta

We’ve mentioned our love of Konstantin Kofta‘s eerie leatherworks in the past, but these pieces seemed like as good an excuse as any to revisit his like of backpacks, satchels, and purses- many of which have unique fragrances worked into the leather.


The Haute List: Downton Abbey Binge Edition

Because sometimes you accidentally spend all weekend getting caught up in butler problems. Swoon After Midnight Dress   Le Chic Noir Dress  Spirited Sway Dress Jive O’Clock Somewhere Heel   Wear Anywhere Heel   Split Flex Character Shoe Veritable Vixen Dress    Kimono Jacket    Night Bloom Jacket    


Etsy Shop of the Week: vladimirsart

Finnish illustrator Vladimir Stankovic creates portraits and biological illustrations inspired by mythology, cryptozoology, science fiction, and fantasy. I am particularly enamored of his portraits of The Greys, but his Etsy shop offers a wealth of prints ranging from the Abominable Snowman to some wonderful mash-ups of cephalopods and beetles, the Cephalopodoptrea. The Grey V, Print, […]

Paul Koudounaris Memento Mori at Loved To Death San Francisco

San Francisco Event! Paul Koudounaris at Loved To Death

To celebrate the release of Dr. Paul Koudounaris‘ highly anticipated third book on the subject of the death in sacred context, Loved to Death in San Francisco will be hosting a book signing and photo exhibit from images from Memento Mori. Through photos taken at more than 250 sites in thirty countries over a decade, […]

The Haute List: Spring Sandals

Ankle-strap wedge sandals for spring! Melissa Wedge Pump, $148 ‡ Cirque Wedge, $119.95 ‡ Damas Wedge, $189 Sunlight Wedge, $49.24 ‡ Like You Mean it Sandal, $99.84 ‡ Tom’s Wedge, $78.94