The Satanic Temple

Never Let Your Activism Be Artless: An Interview With Lucien Greaves of The Satanic Temple

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing The Satanic Temple‘s Lucien Greaves about art, activism, and what religion means as a framework rather than a faith. “Recently” isn’t quite right — these questions were written back in February, as you might notice by the news reference in one of them, but we hope you’ll forgive us […]

Maika Keuben Empty Stage

How Not To Be Seen: Unlearning Invisibility

A few months ago Sam invited the staff writers to pen some personal pieces for Haute Macabre. I’ve since considered writing about a variety of subjects that interest me, but there’s something else, something much more personal that’s been on my mind for a very long time and this suddenly seemed like a singular opportunity to […]

Hidden Velvet3

The Somber Poetry Of Dreams: The Collage Art Of Hidden Velvet

The enigmatic artist known as Hidden Velvet seemed to appear on my radar overnight, and yet, whilst gazing at the somber elegance of her surreal collages, I feel that I have been carrying velvety fragments of her assemblages with me, tucked into the shadowy corners of my heart, for all of my life. A floating cloud softly obscures […]

Haute Macabre Muse: Louisianna Purchase

Macabre Muse: Louisianna Purchase

photo by Muted Fawn Hailed as Austin’s best drag performer by the Austin Chronicles in 2016, Louisanna Purchase is stepping over Sharon Needles’ grave as Kween of Horror Drag (no shade, Sharon, but you’re a little less spooky and a little more sultry now than you were on Drag Race). Louisanna’s Clark Kent is Chad […]


The Haute List

Spiro Dress, $169  +  Sneaker Boots (Sz 9), $650 $319.99  +  Lace-Up Crop Top, $34 Yegi Bootie, $185  +  Masterpiece Tote, $78  +  Yama Bootie, $200 Pascale Dress, $30  +  Fluer Lace Dress, $510  +   Lace Camisole, $39.99

BloodMilk  Sale

BloodMilk Halloween Sale

The bi-annual BloodMilk sale is happening now! Use code “bookworm20” at checkout for 20% off a large selection of BloodMilk’s collection. Some pieces will be excluded from this discount, including newly released designs and many of the pieces with natural gemstones, however the “Belonging” series is included in the sale. Shop, and take advantage of this […]

Photo by Lars Widenfalk

The Blackbird: Death’s Own Violin

Please welcome Maika Keuben to our growing team of staff writers. Maika is the co-editor of Archie McPhee’s Geyser of Awesome (I recommend setting aside many hours to fall down into that glorious rabbit hole). You may find her on her two tumblr pages, Liquid Night and Analogue Visions, and on Instagram as @LiquidNight.  Zig, […]


Jenny Hval / Blood Bitch

Jenny Hval’s new offering, Blood Bitch (out September 30, 2016 on Sacred Bones) is an intense, unsettling, and exquisitely intimate listen. On Blood Bitch Hval lulls and disturbs in equal measure with otherworldly croons, unearthly yowls, frantic panting, and hushed spoken word. Incorporating elements of poetry, prose writing, performance art, and film, the album oscillates between the gentle lilt of a dreamy choir, pulsating, […]


The Blood Magic of Noel’le Longhaul

Inspiring inkwork and flash from tattoo artist Noel’le Longhaul of Charon Art in Great Falls, Massachusetts.  Noel’le’s tattoo practice focuses on the ritual nature of the collaboration between artist and client, creating a different sort of tattoo experience from the traditionally masculine-focused American tattoo parlor:  healing, spiritual, and focused. “Tattooing”, she says “is blood magic’. […]


The Haute List: Winter is Coming

Double-Breasted Trench, $180  + Lorian Coat, $295  +  Asymmetrical Drape Coat, $420 $294 Neoprene Coat, $295  +  Easy Rider Coat, $98  +  Trench with Faux-Leather Sleeves, $199.88 $77.99 Quilted Moto Jacket, $500 $185.99  +  Leather Scuba Jacket, $400 $137.99  +  Leather Scuba Jacket, $995 $358.20


Nuit: Les Fleurs du Mal

Nuit Clothing Atelier’s FW16 Les Fleurs du Mal collection explores the world of Baudelaire: Romanticism, decadence, and the hidden magic of Fin de Siècle Paris. Comprised of linens, lace, and velvets, its perfection lies in its simplicity with casually draped angles and layered silhouettes. View the full lookbook on Nuit’s Facebook page, and shop the […]

Occult Activity Book Volume II

Occult Activity Book Volume II

The Occult Activity Book Volume Two picks up where its eerie predecessor ends and continues the reader’s extraordinary journey through mysteries of the unknown. Once again, find your happy place on the dark side while indulging your inner child with esoteric creative exercises: whether you’re soothing your demons with mindful coloring of fiendishly-rendered illustrations or […]

New Video Post: Autumn Eyes

I created an autumn inspired eye look for this video featuring all Lime Crime products! I personally love Lime Crime, and they were generous enough to send me their Living on a Prairie Velvetines and the amazing Super Foil collections. If you haven’t tried the Super Foils out yet, go get them right this very […]


A Glittering Menace: The Designs Of Manuel Díaz

We are currently all a-swoon over the complex and beautifully structured creations from the studio of Manuel Díaz, an enigmatic, avant-garde fashion designer from Mexico City. Draped in chain mail, harnesses, and braids, and embellished with glittering crystals and menacing spikes and piercings, these objects both appear as ornate cages for dreamy demons, and suggest the threat […]