Far, Far From Land

Far, Far From Land : Kristen McMenamy by Tim Walker

Far, Far From Land : Kristen McMenamy by Tim Walker
Styled by Jacob K
W Magazine, December 2013

Far, Far From Land : Kristen McMenamy by Tim Walker

Far, Far From Land : Kristen McMenamy by Tim Walker

Far, Far From Land : Kristen McMenamy by Tim Walker

Far, Far From Land : Kristen McMenamy by Tim Walker

Far, Far From Land : Kristen McMenamy by Tim Walker

Far, Far From Land : Kristen McMenamy by Tim Walker

Far, Far From Land : Kristen McMenamy by Tim Walker

Far, Far From Land : Kristen McMenamy by Tim Walker

Far, Far From Land : Kristen McMenamy by Tim Walker

Far, Far From Land : Kristen McMenamy by Tim Walker

Far, Far From Land : Kristen McMenamy by Tim Walker

Far, Far From Land : Kristen McMenamy by Tim Walker

Far, Far From Land : Kristen McMenamy by Tim Walker

Far, Far From Land : Kristen McMenamy by Tim Walker

Far, Far From Land : Kristen McMenamy by Tim Walker


The HM Christmas Wish List

For those of you who need a little inspiration in your shopping. Or, if you just want to send us presents. And because the true joy of the season is the excuse to sit on Etsy all day long marveling at the wonders that exist.


If Sam and I sat down to tea, these would be our cups.  For Sam, the dainty Witchcraft Painted Tea Cup - classic yet creepy, perfect for reading the leaves. And for yours truly, the slightly hardier Chance of Vodka Mug. No need to read the leaves, there probably aren’t any anyway.


For the bookworm on your list, might we suggest the best bookmark EVER, the Dead Man in a Book Bookmark? For best presentation, tuck it inside a copy of Stiff. And for the young reader on your list, My First Kafka will introduce Mr. Samsa to a whole new generation.


Need something for the witchy woman who has everything? Try  The Daemon Tarot book and tarot deck. You can’t  wrong with 69 demons! Can’t decide between magic and science? The Metatron’s Cube Candle easily balances both. Metatron’s Cube is either a figure in sacred geometry, derived from the Tree of Life and named after the angel voted most likely to actually be a giant robot, or else it is a pattern created by orthographic projections of the first three Platonic solids. Depends on your mood.


I have a longstanding weakness for the Jackalope, a beast which combines my loves of terrible taxidermy, roadside attractions, and cryptozoology in one tiny, fuzzy, adorable package.  The Jackalope Brooch is like all that plus jewelry.  Or you could go the classic route by getting someone a Christmas ornament, something they can take out every year, hang on their tree, and think of the person who got it for them.  Something like the Plague Doctor Ornament . Because nothing says ‘holiday’ like a creepy dude in a bird-shaped gas mask.


I’m not sure there’s much to say about the Bag of Dicks in Pink, except that it also comes in Bigger and Browner. Someone on your list needs a bag of cuddly crochet penises. I’m just not sure if that person is a best friend or a worst enemy.





High-fashion meets entomology thanks to French artist Laurent Seroussi. We always love fashion that looks like a exoskeleton, so this seems only fitting.





The Haute List: $50 and Under

HL50Polka-Dot Sweater † Replay Shirt † Long Sleeved Tee

Illuminati Jumper † Short Dress † Flocked Skinny Pants

Skully Boot † Ashley Boot † Wedge Sneaker



Black Friday :: Meet The Sponsors


Imagine a world where cold feet and blue toes no longer exist, where every outfit is accompanied by awesome leg wear, where fun and fashionable socks are affordable, comfortable, and delivered straight to your door.

Welcome to The Asockalypse.

We are an online store specializing in funky fashion leg wear for sockaholics and wicked soles. We’re based in New Zealand and run by two sock-obsessed BFFs. We offer a huge range of women’s & men’s socks and hosiery and secure online shopping 24 hours a day, whether you’re in downtown NYC or holed up in an underground bunker somewhere in the Ural Mountains. FREE worldwide shipping on orders over $100NZ!

Enter code “MACABRE” at checkout for 15% off your order!

Bjorkman Creations

Bjorkman Creations is a leather accessory line geared toward fans of the Heavy Metal culture, Viking style, and non-traditional design. We take great pride in our work and in producing high quality items that will last for decades. Bjorkman Creations is continually adding new items to our current lines and expanding our creations into art pieces for Sci-Fi and Horror fans.

Use code YULESHIP at checkout for free shipping on domestic orders!


Cassie is a young freelance filmmaker, illustrator, actress, and model from Portland, Oregon and San Francisco, California whose work has ranged from dark and philosophically confronting to quirky and clever. As a conqueror and crusader of many art forms for five plus years, she is now described as possessing a dark and fascinating aesthetic sense and her film direction and illustration work have been called mesmerizing and haunting. Cassie is able to provoke the melancholy and chilling aspects in the underbelly of art, film, and fashion, as well as able to make the unnerving undeniably beautiful.

In her shop, Shop Casstronaut, she offers custom art services that range from personal private pieces, to tattoos, to logos and graphic design, including Morph Knitwear’s logo and current Haute Macabre advertiser Ghost Love cover model & design. She works almost solely with traditional tools and offer a very interactive and involved commission experience. Cassie also has a large variety of limited edition fine art prints from her personal body of work as well as original one of a kind sketches and artwork. All are signed, numbered, packaged, and smothered with love by her before arriving to her lovely customers. Commissions can be completed via Etsy or privately by contacting her at hello [at] casstronaut.com

Fn Vegas

Fn Vegas is a native of California who currently lives sand works in Montreal and Toronto. She has been showcased in Canada and Mexico. In recent years, she has become renown for pioneering a new technique or print on cork, using the latter as a canvas on which to transfer images created digitally. Both for its symbolism and for its texture, this foundation perfectly complements the clash between the bizarre and the erotic in her subjects. You can purchase original art on cork or prints from her Etsy store or order custom sizes and design from her website.

Looks Good Anya

Anya Melkozernova is a Phoenix based fashion designer and fiber artist. Raised in Russia, her family made their way to the United States in 1998 and has sprouted roots there ever since. Anya received her Bachelor’s degree in Fiber Arts from Arizona State University and proceeded to maker her dreams come true, starting a small fashion business, Looks Good Anya Design. Quality over quantity strong resonates in her collections, as every item is handmade, unique, and original. The designer strongly believes in the soul of clothing, choosing to explore its depth rather than spreading itself thin as is seen in the fashion industry today. Women of all shapes and sizes can enjoy Looks Good Anya fashion, to underline their innate unique beauty. Already made items can be found in her online Etsy shop, or you can work with the designer to create a custom piece of your dreams. More of Anya’s work can be found at looksgoodanya.com.

Skins and Stones

Skins and Stones encapsulates a merger that reflects our ever-evolving desire to draw wisdom from animal spirits, and recast it for our own modern time.

Handmade in New York City and forged in earth’s precious metals, minerals, skins, and stones, the jewelry is founded in early philosophies that embody a natural order of alchemy and ancient wisdom.

Use code “HAUTEMACABRE” for 15% off your order!

Solstice Scents

Solstice Scents offers an array of intriguing fragrances for both men and women. In addition to our perfume catalogue, we also have a variety of sundries, facial care, aromatherapy and home fragrance oils. The Master Scent Reference contains an overview of their General and Seasonal fragrances and information about how the catalogue works. For independent reviews of the fragrances, please visit the Scent Reviews & Reference section of the Solstice Scents Forum. New and restocked products, upcoming collections, and general updates are posted to the Solstice Scents Facebook Page.

The Witchery

The Witchery.Ca is an online only Canadian witchcraft shop that is run by a practicing Hedgewitch with a dash of Hoodoo influence. Mesmerized by herbs, religious iconography, and the Dead, the Witch is a lover of low magick who enjoys helping people find the perfect incense, sachet powder or spell kit to draw the intent and energy that they are seeking.

Specializing in fully loaded spell kits, witch bottles and batteries, there is something for everyone.

If you would like a custom Mojo Hand or custom Witch Bottle / Battery that is made with your personal concerns, but you are unsure of what you need or need help selecting products please email the Witch. She will be more than happy to help you select your items.

Use code “Hautemacabre” for 20% off until December 15!

Zoa Chimerum

Zoa Chimerum is a line of fanciful jewelry which combines hand-cut rubber with aluminum to produce biomorphic, spiky shapes inspired by sea life, prehistoric plants, and patterns of nature. Though their appearance is delicate, the forms are flexible, durable, lightweight, and have a pleasant tactile quality. Each piece is hand-made at a small studio in Astoria, Queens; assembled from tiny segments of rubber which are mounted onto an aluminum armature.






Spined Backpack, $1255

Bizarre and beautiful bags from Kofta, part off the brilliantly curated selection of things I cannot afford at ØDD.


Scoliosis Bag, $1950


Squeezed handbag, $748


The Only Christmas Sweaters Yule Catch Me In

Shredders Black Metal Knit Upside Down Cross Church Burner Snowman Sweater

Let’s just all agree that these are the very best holiday sweaters that have ever graced this good Earth. I think Santa needs to bring me the Baphomet knit to wear while opening presents this year, or maybe I should spread some holiday cheer in a Snowman Church Burning pull over?

More on Shredders website / Facebook / Instagram

Thank you, Bess Lovejoy, for altering me to this magic!

Shredders Baphomet Knit Sweater

Shredders Krampus Christmas Knit Sweater

Shredders Sasquatch Knit Bigfoot Sweater


Back in Stock :: BPAL + HM

We’ve updated the shop and are ready to ship our exclusive fragrances by Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab! We will not be restocking again until well after the New Year, so be sure to get yours now.

As Above has notes of leather drenched with white patchouli, oak bark, bourbon vanilla, bitter almond, and Moroccan jasmine.  So Below has notes amber and black copal with black coconut, Sumatran red patchouli, green cardamom pod, and golden musk. Worn separately or layered together, each scent is sultry and mysterious. Available to purchase individually or in a set.

Also available to order is our original signature scent, Haute Macabre!

If you’ve placed a holiday pre-order, I’ll be shipping those early next week, so check your mailboxes soon!

Click here to place your order! 


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