Nutsa Modebadze

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I so rarely get excited about bags, and these are way out of my price range, but…  Nutsa Modebadze.

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Covet Garden: Alexander McQueen Motorcyle Jacket

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Current unreasonable desire: this $4,475 funnel-neck leather jacket from Alexander McQueen.


The Haute List :: $50 & Under

The Haute LIst

Tea Length Seamless Slip  †  Lola Felt Floppy Hat  †  Hendrix Crochet Maxi

Dr. Martens Battersea Boot  †  Francis Diamonite Statement Necklace  †  Kiley Ankle Boot 

Pretty Tough Harness Dress  †  Out From Under Nite Out Caged Bra Top  †  Swing Dress with Contrast Collar


Spirit House

Zoe Williams Spirit House

Tiny homes for silkworm spirits, dedicate to the loving memory of the deceased, from Zoë Williams.


Denver Friends! From the Black Lodge Needs Your Help!


Our friends on the From the Black Lodge pop-up shop tour need your help! Their car broke down and have to cut their tour short.

They’ll be in Denver on Saturday night at TRVE Brew from 7-12, and need your support! If you can’t make it to the pop-up, you can help by donating via paypal to




I’ve received a number of emails today regarding your tracking information on your Haute Macabre + BPAL orders. The USPS tracking site is saying that everyone’s orders are en route to New Orleans, LA. I am 99.9% sure that this is a glitch in the tracking service, and your parcels are safely en route to your provided addresses. I promise I’ll eat my words and contact every single one of you if I later find a huge pile of boxes at my door later today, but I highly doubt I will.

Let’s all give Mercury Retrograde a collective middle finger, shall we?

In other perfume news :: We are currently sold out of most of our fragrances! You can pre-order yours for holiday delivery right now! We’ll be accepting orders throughout October and November to ship out early December.

International friends, please get your orders in before December 1 to ensure holiday delivery! Friends in the contiguous United States have until December 15 for arrival before the solstice. We’ll post reminders throughout the next few weeks about these dates.

Again, thank you for all of your awesome and amazing support!

Need a Hand?


It’s October. The Walking Dead is on again. These are my excuses for how much I love this Zombie Arm Ring, by Vintouch on Shapeways.



Ovate :: Scythe


Ovate + Joanna Szkiela


Ovate (1)

Ovate (2)

Ovate (3)

Ovate (4)

Ovate (5)

Ovate (6)

Ovate (7)


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