The Haute List: $50 and Under

HL5oForever Nights Kimono  Low Back Maxi    Sleeveless Halter Dress

Belen Platform Wedge  Leather and Stud Earrings  Alfonso Boot

Gwyneth Top    Pieced Lace Tunic  Open Back A-Line Dress

Caelum Et Infernum

House of Widow Caelum Et Infernu

House of Widow 2013 LookBook :: Caelum Et Infernum
You can view their 2014 LB here, however, I found this one much more appealing.

House of Widow Caelum Et Infernu

House of Widow Caelum Et Infernu

House of Widow Caelum Et Infernu

House of Widow Caelum Et Infernu

House of Widow Caelum Et Infernu

House of Widow Caelum Et Infernu

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Tarot Under Oath

Tarot Under Oath Julie Zarate The Magician

Tarot Under Oath, currently on display at NYC’s Last Rites Gallery, is the undertaking of Aunia Kahn and Russell J Moon. Choosing some of their favorite artists to interpret the Major Arcana, the twenty-two pieces each are striking and resonate the meditation and human experience behind each card.

The exhibit will run until March 1, but you can view previews of it online at

Tarot Under Oath Tom Bagshaw The Empress

Tarot Under Oath Jasmine Worth The Heirophant

Tarot Under Oath Craww Justice

Tarot Under Oath Ransom & Mitchell Temperance

Tarot Under Oath Scott Scheidly The Devil

The Haute List: $25 and Under


Ladderback Maxi Dress   †  Bra Pencil Dress   †   Chiffon Dress

Peter Pan Collar Dress   †   M-Slit Maxi Skirt   †  Romantic Hi-Low Dress

Mixed Crepe Tunic   †  Flat Top Cat Eye Sunglasses   †  Effortless Cardigan

Giveaway :: The Viper’s Dream Collection by Shien Cosmetics

Shien Cosmetics

Viper’s Dream is the premier collection by Shien Lee of Shien Cosmetics – yes, the same lovely lady behind the Dances of Vice festival!

Informed by centuries-old beauty secrets found in Chinese herbology, each lipstick by Shien Cosmetics is infused with a powerful blend of nutrients, vitamins and rick emollients including while camellia oil, red algae extract, green tea extract and vitamins C and E to nourish lips and prevent premature signs of aging. Each shade is a lush, semi-matte lip treatment, leaving your lips nourished and soft as silk. Shien Cosmetics Viper's Dream

The Viper’s Dream collection is ten seductive shades, formulated with gold and olive-toned Asian skin in mind, with the hues enhancing a wide spectrum of skin tones. Inspired by the Legend of the White Snake, a Chinese legend that carries themes of transformation, magic, and seduction, each shade expresses ultimate femininity, fantasy, and romance.

Want to win the full set of ten shades? 

Of course you do. To enter to win, visit Shien Cosmetics’ shop, and leave us a comment below telling us what your favorite shade is! For added points, like Shien Cosmetics on Facebook & follow her on Instagram!

We’ll pick a winner at random on Saturday, February 22! Happy Valentine’s Day, lovers.

Shien Cosmetics

Shien Cosmetics

Shien Cosmetics

Shien Cosmetics

Shien CosmeticsShien Cosmetics

Gardem S/S 2014


Gardem S/S 2014. Best use of all this sheer panel/ cutout nonsense I’ve seen yet.



The Haute List: $100 and Under


Stella Dress   †  Enya Skirt  †  Midnight Walk Dress

Pavin Boot  †  Lore Hat  †   Kyoto Boot

Chiffon Overlay Cape Dress   †   Elie Tahari Nadja Faux Fur Coat  †   Zoey Dress

Feral Love

From Pitchfork Media ::

Chelsea Wolfe has shared the intense, unsettling video for her Pain is Beauty track “Feral Love”. It’s an excerpt from the film Long, which was co-written by Wolfe and directed by Mark Pellington, the director of Pearl Jam’s iconic “Jeremy” video … It’s due out later this year, both as a stream and on custom-designed USB drives. The hour-long film’s dialogue consits solely of lyrics from Pain is Beauty.

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