Adventures in Demonology with Vincent Price

Adventures in Demonology with Vincent Price

Listen to the Vincent Price’s soothing voice on this spoken word album, “Witchcraft – Magic: An Adventure in Demonology“. Nearly two hours in length, Price weaves tales of the history and workings of the occult, including Hitler’s obsessions with witchcraft, the gory details of the persecutions of witches throughout the ages, and then into step […]

W.I.T.C.H. PDX @witchpdx

Post Mortem: January 2017

January 2017 has been a difficult month for many of us, especially here in the USA.  It has veered between extremes of sadness and fear at the wave of hatred enveloping parts of our country, and determination and pride as we watch those around us choose to rise up.  This month we have cried and […]

Thee White Witch Melissa Semiao

Stacked: Haute Macabre Reads January 2017

Image by Thee White Witch, Melissa Semião. Prints available at Haute Macabre’s first edition of Stacked, where we will share with you what we’ve read this month and our thoughts. Sam’s Reads A Season With The Witch by J.W. Ocker This past summer, I visited Salem, MA for the first time, and I wish […]

BloodMilk Cabinet Cards by Jason Blake

Shadow Selves: Jason W. Blake for BloodMilk Jewels

Few artists in our time can capture the anachronistic mystery of our beloved BloodMilk Jewels, and convey the depths imbued into each individual piece in the collections. Jason W. Blake has created a mood of powerful longing and submission to the shadow self in this series of cabinet cards, featuring Crystal Lee Lucas wearing pieces […]


The Victim of the Beast

New favorite tombstone (barely edging out Popcorn the Clown‘s final resting place): Lilly E Gray’s tombstone in Salt Lake Cemetery (Salt Lake City, UT). Despite the amazing epitaph and the many local rumors it has generated, it is probable that Lilly  simply died of natural causes. However, her husband Elmer, who would have been in […]

Instructables: Ouija Board Table

No, I Was Not Pushing That Time

Feeling way crafty this weekend? Check out this Instructables post on a DIY Ouija Board Coffee Table! Step by step instructions for building and designing posted at (including the vector illustration!).


Natural Selection

Natural Selection, shot by Emma Summerton fow W. Magazine. Why yes, you can shoot a Gawth-as-Fuck spread with only black models. (Sadly, the rest of the spread was less macabre).  


The Haute List: Sunglasses

Fendi Crystal Cat Eyes  ‡ Cat Eye Valley Wolves  Le Spec Rapture  ‡ Karlsson Rose Rouge D-Frame Quay Kitty Shades  ‡ Quay China Doll Khaldea Rajab + Rahad Al Marqouq Big Cat-Eye  ‡  Agent Provocature Studded Cats Eye  

Segovia Amil

Wounds and Witches: The Sublime Poetry of Segovia Amil

Until the well anticipated release of Segovia Amil’s collection of poetry, I will continue to look forward to her beautiful posts to her Instagram page and blog posts. Her poetry is the sound that resonates off the chest of every woman and goes out into the world with odes of self creation, solitude, womanhood, youth, […]

Dita Hurricane Sunglasses

Current Crush

  Currently crushing on these Dita Hurricane sunglasses. They’re on the pricey side at $375 a pop, so I’ll be on the hunt for some alternatives! Perhaps a full on fancy sunglasses post is called for! What shades are you wearing this summer?


Haute List: Leather Cross Body Bags

Sixto Bag, $195   Soft Leather Bag, $40  Dylan Bag, $138 Baggu Cross-Body, $128  Trigger Bag, $248  Amy Bag, $338 Mini Love Bag, $195  Novaki Bag, $173  Parker Bag, $336


Etsy Find: Crescent Moon Earrings

Crescent Moon Earrings, $52 Had to get these big dangly crescent moon earrings from Thalassa Jewelry. Also available as a necklace ($38). Both come in a variety of finishes including brushed, matte, shiny, and oxidixed- but hammered silver seems to me to be the perfect way to capture the moon.



If you’ll excuse me, I need to replace my entire wardrobe with Moscow’s Yakubowitch and move to Paris. Yakubowitch on Facebook // Instagram



It’s been quite a while since we last checked in with Spanish photographer Eugenio Recuenco, during which he has been focusing on a stunning series of fairytale-inspired fashion shoots. I’m thinking it was worth the wait.


The Haute List: Headed to Maui Edition

Show and Tell One Piece, $118  ‡  Second Skin Bike Shorts, $43  ‡  Strappy One Piece, $107 Long Tank Top, $5.95  ‡  Basic Tube Top, $5.95  ‡  Shay Flat, $130 Hit the Beach Tote, $27.14  ‡  Ribbed Tank Dress, $38  ‡  Carmen Sun Diego Hat, $32 Vacation time! Here’s a few things I bought or […]

The Witch's Mark

The Witch’s Mark

Hope and Feathers Gallery is proud to host The Witch’s Mark for the month of July, 2015. Curated by New England based visual-artist Courtney Brooke Hall, the diverse group show represents a visual exploration of the spiritual self through the feminine connection to nature. Exhibiting photographs, paintings, sculptures, and illustrations from both international and American […]