The Satanic Temple

Never Let Your Activism Be Artless: An Interview With Lucien Greaves of The Satanic Temple

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing The Satanic Temple‘s Lucien Greaves about art, activism, and what religion means as a framework rather than a faith. “Recently” isn’t quite right — these questions were written back in February, as you might notice by the news reference in one of them, but we hope you’ll forgive us […]

Maika Keuben Empty Stage

How Not To Be Seen: Unlearning Invisibility

A few months ago Sam invited the staff writers to pen some personal pieces for Haute Macabre. I’ve since considered writing about a variety of subjects that interest me, but there’s something else, something much more personal that’s been on my mind for a very long time and this suddenly seemed like a singular opportunity to […]

Hidden Velvet3

The Somber Poetry Of Dreams: The Collage Art Of Hidden Velvet

The enigmatic artist known as Hidden Velvet seemed to appear on my radar overnight, and yet, whilst gazing at the somber elegance of her surreal collages, I feel that I have been carrying velvety fragments of her assemblages with me, tucked into the shadowy corners of my heart, for all of my life. A floating cloud softly obscures […]

Haute Macabre Muse: Louisianna Purchase

Macabre Muse: Louisianna Purchase

photo by Muted Fawn Hailed as Austin’s best drag performer by the Austin Chronicles in 2016, Louisanna Purchase is stepping over Sharon Needles’ grave as Kween of Horror Drag (no shade, Sharon, but you’re a little less spooky and a little more sultry now than you were on Drag Race). Louisanna’s Clark Kent is Chad […]


BloodMilk Book Club: Salt is for Curing via Sonya Vatomsky

We are very happy to introduce J.L. Schnabel of BloodMilk Jewels to our team of staff writers. Please welcome her here on Haute Macabre, in an especially communal post, as it features our own Sonya Vatomsky’s collection of poetry, Salt is for Curing, for the BloodMilk Book Club and two special giveaways. For as long as I can […]


The Haute List

Plain Weave Top, $72  +  The Distressed Sweater, $36  +  Brave Soul Wrap Top, $30 Lolita Top, $108  +  Happy Skullidays Skirt, $59  +  Rick Owens Lilies Dress, $75 Shaggy Cardigan, $117  +  Twenty Boa Mesh Dress, $225 $90  +  Intarsia Sweater, $79

Vlad the Impaler Pin Haute Macabre

Vlad the Impaler Pins Pre-Sale

  VLAD THE IMPALER PINS ARE AVAILABLE FOR PRE-ORDER You’ve asked, we’ve listened. Vlad the Impaler pins are available in the the Haute Macabre Shop for pre-order. This is a Pre-Sale open until the end of September, and will ship early to mid November, depending on how long production takes (typically about 4 weeks). Any other […]

Crystal Lee Lucas: Through the Dark

Through the Dark

Photographer Crystal Lee Lucas recently released a series of images, “Through the Dark”. “Through the Dark” is a series inspired by moths that fly by night and through the dark towards the light. Ultimately, the moonlight is their compass and navigator but this path can easily become confusing, exhausting and deceiving. Crystal’s works all have […]


Between Fable and Reality: The Art of Darla Teagarden

Please welcome S. Elizabeth to our growing team of staff writers! Sarah is no stranger to Haute Macabre, having contributed as a guest blogger many times over the years. She was a contributing writer for our friends at CoilHouse Magazine, on the BloodMilk Blog, Death and the Maiden, and was the creative force behind Skeletor […]


The Haute List

Mesh-Inset Hoodie, $110 $54.99  +  Rebel Without Faux Pas Vest, $59  +  Twist Front Crop Top, $30 Contrast Panel Duster, $130  +  Mini MAB Tote, $225  +  High-Low Dress, $88 Iriza Dress, $180  +  Cashmere Rauna, $348 $174  +  Spectrals Tank, $198 $118.80

Photo: Bill Crisafi, Model: Jessica Haze (@jessicahazemua), Spring 2012 military coat: Hogan McLaughlin

Hogan McLaughlin on Black Metal

Earlier this summer, I had the immense pleasure of meeting one of Haute Macabre’s favorite designers, Hogan McLaughlin. Standing in the corner of a godawful bar in Boston, we started talking about music, specifically Black Metal, and Hogan’s own love for it. I confessed to him that I had always been a fan of the music, but […]

Jessica Haze: $100K in 100 Days

Jessica Haze of Mirrors and Haze, one of my absolute favorite YouTube channels to follow, is closing in on the final days of an epic endeavor: she hopes to raise $100K in 100 Days for donation to The Cancer Research Institute. Sadly, she is far from her goal mark, but even the smallest donation is greatly appreciated. As an added […]


Fix it: Bleach Spots on Black

Do you ever discover something really basic but amazing and need to share it immediately with everyone? That’s how I feel about Sharpie’s Rub-A-Dub Laundry marker. Best $3 I’ve spent in ages.  Marketed for putting kids’ names in the tags of their T-shirts for camp, the Rub-A-Dub is basically a Sharpie that doesn’t wash out. […]