The Satanic Temple

Never Let Your Activism Be Artless: An Interview With Lucien Greaves of The Satanic Temple

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing The Satanic Temple‘s Lucien Greaves about art, activism, and what religion means as a framework rather than a faith. “Recently” isn’t quite right — these questions were written back in February, as you might notice by the news reference in one of them, but we hope you’ll forgive us […]

Maika Keuben Empty Stage

How Not To Be Seen: Unlearning Invisibility

A few months ago Sam invited the staff writers to pen some personal pieces for Haute Macabre. I’ve since considered writing about a variety of subjects that interest me, but there’s something else, something much more personal that’s been on my mind for a very long time and this suddenly seemed like a singular opportunity to […]

Hidden Velvet3

The Somber Poetry Of Dreams: The Collage Art Of Hidden Velvet

The enigmatic artist known as Hidden Velvet seemed to appear on my radar overnight, and yet, whilst gazing at the somber elegance of her surreal collages, I feel that I have been carrying velvety fragments of her assemblages with me, tucked into the shadowy corners of my heart, for all of my life. A floating cloud softly obscures […]

Haute Macabre Muse: Louisianna Purchase

Macabre Muse: Louisianna Purchase

photo by Muted Fawn Hailed as Austin’s best drag performer by the Austin Chronicles in 2016, Louisanna Purchase is stepping over Sharon Needles’ grave as Kween of Horror Drag (no shade, Sharon, but you’re a little less spooky and a little more sultry now than you were on Drag Race). Louisanna’s Clark Kent is Chad […]

Haute Macabre Planchette

Haute Macabre Planchettes Now In the Shop

What do the spirits have to say to you? Limited edition Haute Macabre Planchettes, handmade by Fiendies, available now in the Haute Macabre Shop. Each full sized Planchette has been engraved and hand painted on Blackened Baltic Birch, polished to a satin finish and inlaid with a magnifying glass. Measuring 3.25 inches wide by 4.75 […]

The Sacred Order in post

New Sponsor: The Sacred Order

Please Welcome Our Newest Sponsor: The Sacred Order The Sacred Order is an online retailer of fine antique and modern jewelry. We love unique pieces that speak to more than just physical beauty and contain mystery and history. We respect the beauty of age and honor the past and future lives of our products. We […]


The Haute List: Swimwear, $100 and Under

Scalloped Underwire Maillot, $98  ‡  Marylin Full Bust Halter Bikini (DD+), $29   ‡  Lace-Front Maillot, $98 ‡ Zip Plunge Swimsuit, $90 ‡ Lace One-Piece, $88.50  ‡  Mrs. Cooper High-Waist Bottoms, $44 Surf Suit, $69.50  ‡ Full Bust Cross Front Bikini Top (DD+), $33  ‡  Strappy Halter Bikini, $88


The Witch’s Cradle

The Witch’s Cradle, a 1943 short film by Maya Deren featuring Marcel Duchamp, as creepy and strange now as it was then.


The Plagues of Egypt

Unable to presently accept Golden Calves as a form of payment, Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab’s current limited collection of The Plagues of Egypt is reigning down on the land. Offerings of first born and doors smeared with lamb’s blood may be considered, but cold hard cash is preferred. Of the set, I have found myself […]

Ovate SS15 Capsule Collection

Ovate Capsule Collection

Released earlier this week, Ovate’s Spring // Summer 15 Capsule Collection is a charcoal palette of perfectly constructed staples. Each limited piece is available to purchase now for a limited run.


Karen Millen

I got this one on eBay for $34– she still has a few left   I know that most of you are not thinking about sweaters right now, but here in San Francisco it’s that terrible time of year where the days get longer, the flowers start blooming, and the weather stays exactly the damn […]


The Perfect Medium

One more thing I need on my bookshelves: The Perfect Medium: Photography and the Occult, which features more than 250 images from occult societies and private and public collections, many never before published,  each claiming to capture a genuine occurrence of paranormal phenomena.  Ranging from the Victorian era up until the 1960s, this treasure trove […]


The Haute List

Faux-Leather and Chiffon Dress, $69  ‡  Reign Over Me Dress, $128  ‡  Oversize Straw Hat, $29  Alexis Top, $165 ‡  Black Velvet Bralette, $29  ‡  Silk-Sleeve Blouse, $219 Truly Boot, $175 ‡ Cromwell Boot, $194   ‡ Jadis Platform, $134    

Morph Knitwear Infinite Abyss

Morph Knitwear Infinite Abyss

Morph Knitwear’s latest collection, Infinite Abyss: Many of the pieces are made to be non-gendered, made with the aim of creating garments that blur the line between traditional gender definitions in the way we clothe ourselves. Pieces are available via



Ava.Adore, the new collection from Ava Corsetry, available for order starting tomorrow (May 7, 2015).  

The babliest of all babes, Heather Gabel, has released a new music video for her dark electronic band Hide, on tour now. More tracks available at Brooklyn Vegan.


The Haute List, $89 and Under

Lace Kimono with Fringe, $59.95 ‡  Pins and Needles Kimono, $79.00   ‡  Stripe It Lucky Skirt, $44.99 Bleeker Bag, $68  ‡  Mingle Pump, $39.97  ‡  Rubber Ballet Flats, $85 Wander Shooties, $49.95  ‡  Tarentella Top, $89   ‡  Rock It Rain Shoe, $59.95


Kickstart This: The Conjurer’s Kitchen

Taxidermist-turned-confectioner Annabel de Vetten-Peterson (aka Annabel Lecter) of the The Conjurer’s Kitchen has recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to take her work to the next level- buying a professional chocolate tempering machine so that she no longer has to create her amazing edible artwork on the kitchen stove. Wait, on the kitchen stove??? Some days […]

Earth Magic by Rik Garrett

Earth Magic

Rik Garret explores the historical and personal relationships between witchcraft, femininity, and nature. His images invoke the primal song of the witch woman in us all, cohesively blending raw power and sexuality with a connection with the earth. Available to purchase directly from the artist or publisher, Fulgar Esoterica, and featuring an introduction by the […]

Velvet Garden

New Advertiser :: Velvet Garden

Please welcome our newest advertiser, Velvet Garden! Velvet Garden is the web’s largest gothic fashion marketplace, where you can buy or sell new and gently used gothic and alternative clothing, shoes, accessories, jewelry, books, movies, music, and more! Compared to eBay or other auction sites, Velvet Garden lets you keep your items up for ONE […]


Find It: Laser Cut Velvet Leggings

Thing I need right this minute: laser-cut velvet leggings. The good news is, these are cheap, and can be found all over Amazon and eBay for about $10. I chose these, $9.89 on Amazon.


The Haute List

Long Jacket, $49.95  Lace Fit and Flare Dress, $84 Okinowa Coulottes, $58 Felt Floppy Hat, $52  Quay Fleur Sunglasses, $45  Strappy Chiffon Dress, $69 Reverse Dress, $45   Striped Dress, $119