Genius, Provocateur, Legend: “McQueen”

When you love something that you consider sacred and beautiful, it’s sometimes difficult…baffling, almost… to believe that other people don’t actually have a clue as to what you’re babbling about when you blather on and on about this wondrous thing you adore. That sounds terribly presumptuous, doesn’t it? That our obsessions and fascinations shine so […]

Alexander McQueen Resort 2013

If Alexander McQueen’s 2013 Resort line looks a little familiar, that’s because designer Sarah Burton borrowed heavily from glam rock in general, and from David Bowie’s closet specifically. But then, the silver bellbottom suit probably already gave that away.

McQueen S/S 2012


Autumn Sea

This morning feels a little like fall for the first time, and I’m craving leather and leaves. Everything from Alexander McQueen, 2011.

Shoeturday: Black Iris

Alexander McQueen Black Iris platform sandal. If I were the goddess Flora, these would be my dancing shoes.

Alexander McQueen F/W 2011 : Part II

There was a whole lot of weight put on how this collection turned out. Overall, I think it’s a decent collection, but I feel like the fetish touches were way too basic. I could cobble together a reasonable facsimile of most of the accessories from my own closet. It just didn’t go far enough. I […]