Ludi Naturae: Iris van Herpen Spring 2018 Couture

Dutch designer Iris van Herpen, endlessly innovative and inspiring, just debuted her Spring 2018 Couture collection entitled “Ludi Naturae,” and now we all want to clothe ourselves in finned, leafy, scaled, and flowing dresses, gowns, and jumpsuits that look like living biotech sculptures from a futuristic utopian fever dream. ‘Ludi’ is the plural form of the Latin term […]

Black, White, & Red

Oh hell yes. Jean Paul Gaultier † Spring/Summer 2011 Couture More after the jump!


How we love when all the runway photos start hitting the internet.  Here is Jean Paul Gaultier’s runway couture for the fall.  JPG never, ever lets down.  It’s almost impossible to not picture the Diva from Fifth Element from some of these, isn’t it?