The Haute List

Aaliyah Booties, $210  +  Hop Wedge, $450 $167  +  Yex Wedge, $229.95 Bubble Pack, $65 $49.99  +  Pascal Boot, $150  +  Lace Romper, $493 $172 Velvet Kimono Jacket, $378  +  Burnout Top, $98 $58.80  +   Vegan Leather Moto Pants, $106  

Silent Order

I stumbled across German photographer Silent View on Deviant Art, and was just blown away by some of the images. It also seems that these guys have a book out. “Zeit.Sturm“, with 160 pages of their photography covering not only fashion, but bands like Project Pitchfork and Kirlian Camera, looks like a nice chunk of […]

Get F.I.T.

A while back we mentioned the Goth fashion retrospective at New York’s Museum of Fashion Technology. I recently found a short video showing some of the displays, and thought I would share: Update: Thanks to Reinne, I’m adding these links about the exhibition, as well: online exhibit,  more videos,  and a VERY pretty book of […]

Nothing Sacred

All season, I’ve been on a quest for find the perfect hoodie cloak, and am loving what I found from indie designers Obesity & Speed.  I was flooded with a myriad of emotions when I came across their website, loving the gauzy shredded look.  They definitely get points for their shredded tunics and cloak hoodies, […]

Polyvore Monthly Winner!

I want to wear black, forever. – by The Animal Orchestra on Congratulations to The Animal Orchestra for winning this month’s prize pack! The prize pack includes two bottles of Man Glaze nail polish, a $50 gift certificate to Brimstone Organics, and this purse from Amelia Arsenic! Just to let everyone know, we’re taking a […]

Weekly Polyvore Winner!

Ghosts – by BeyondTheWallOfSleep on Congratulations to BeyondTheWallOfSleep! She will be entered in our monthly Polyvore Contest ! Prizes include two bottles of Man Glaze nail polish, $50 gift certificate to Brimstone Organics, and a surprise gift from Amelia Arsenic!  This month’s winner will be announced Monday, April 30!

Time Travel

I’ve decided that we are traveling back in time to Alexander McQueen’s Fall / Winter ’02 ad campaign, and pretending then is now.  Much better than the Target ads, isn’t it?

Nordic Invasion

Richard Söderberg is a relatively new, talented young designer from Sweden. He originally launched his label under the name “Macabre” in 2007 but changed it to “Obscur” shortly after. He has been compared to Rick Owens, but his style is more likely to be influenced by his homeland. Scandinavian design is very austere and somber… […]

Horror or Hippy?

I am pleased with Raquel Allegra’s Spring ’09 collection.  To me, it looks like it says, “Yeah, I’m wearing black, and yeah, I’m on a yacht.  Eff off.” The only thing I cannot put my finger on is whether or not the bottom right image is a spine or tie dye.  I’m pretty sure that […]

Clothing Crisis

It’s been slow postings here on Haute Macabre lately, as you’ve probably noticed. My partner in crime, Nixon, has abandoned me and has departed to the internetless Land of Recently Moved. I’ve been sending search parties and smoke signals, but the Void of Offline is a vast one. Miss Ebb was in the land of […]