Vogue Arts Special Inspired By Virginia Mori For Gucci Cruise 17

Inspired by the freaky frolics and feverish figments of monochrome illustrator Virginia Mori, a special project by Veronica Mazziotta for Vogue Arts special Gucci Cruise 2017. Credit: Art director / stylist: Veronica Mazziotta @ MKS Photographer: Filippo Fortis @ MKS Hair stylist: Roberto Pagnini @ Freelancer Make-up artist: Luciano Chiarello @ Atomo 3D artist and postproduction: Darkslide Model: Yulduz […]

Gucci Steel

I feel like this being titled “Making Of” is a bit misleading, but it was … pretty.  By pretty, I mean “THIS IS A FASHION SHOOT”.  I recommend watching it on mute, or you’ll just be expecting the models to say “Blue Steel” every time there’s spoken audio. Photos from the Gucci campaign after the […]