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Modern Alchemists & Purveyors of Curious Goods


The last few days, Haute Macabre has been showcasing the creative mind of Douglas Little, first in the House & Garden magazine spread, and later, the Bergdorf Goodman window display inspired by the magazine.  Little crafts items to indulge the senses, including fragrances, soaps, decor, and delicacies.  

Mr. Douglas Little is a sybarite of the senses who has created award-winning images and ideas for the finest names in beauty.  His appetite for rarefied pleasures has compelled him to bring D.L. & Co. into being, so that he might share with others his passion for the hidden treaures of this world.  D.L. & Co. exists for teh sole purpose of bringing a more vibrant way of living into being, a refuge for those weary of the prosaic, second-rate offerings that surround us all.

Within the dim, opulent parlors of D.L. & Co., detail, craft and imagination are all greeted with a tender, reverent embrace, and are cordially introduced to their lusty suitors, obscure botanica, Victorian surrealism, and ancient charm.  The fruits of their languorous unions are all found here.  We humbly invite you to lose yourselves in their subtle yet vertiginous splendor.  

Please visit the website of this modern alchemist at





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  1. Glorious, all around. My favorite piece by Erik Satie (the composer of the work discussed above) is personally Gnossienne No. 1, which I find to be much more hauntingly lovely than Gymnopedie No. 1, but to each their own, non?

  2. The name of the song on the DL & Co. website is Gymnopedie No. 1.

    I have his Speakeasy candle and I absolutely love it. I close my eyes and inhale it when I feel like traveling through time, back to the 1920’s.

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