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Riding Boots for the Dapper Lady

Like so many of us I’ve been agonizing over finding the perfect pair of boots for the winter. After all, Angel City winters are more brutal than an outsider might expect! In fact, they become more difficult to tolerate the longer one stays here.  Initially my heart was set on engineer boots. I’ll probably end up with a pair sooner than later, but this search kept bringing my back to a sleeker, classic look: riding boots! These riding boots, to be exact.


I’m not exactly an equestrian expert, but my heart can’t deny these strict lines, stiff leather and narrow toes. Almost simple enough to verge on a pair of cop boots, these babies will set you back about $200 – not bad at all for leather hotness, mm? A few equally luscious alternatives, below!

Oh god. I need them ALL.

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  2. I’m always amazed to see how cheaply I was able to buy myself a pair in this style, compaired to how much we’re looking at shelling out here. I paid no more than 20 dollars for mine, and a year later and across the alps three times they still look brand new.

    Too bad I can’t remember which little online boutique I got them at.