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Your Winter Exoskeleton

One of the best things about winter is the implied necessity of shopping for a coat or jacket. This new armor against the elements has the power to transform you into a badass city warrior and, like boots, can be considered an investment without overt shame. Whether you’re able to sacrifice a month’s salary on a piece that will stay with you for years to come, or just want to painlessly add a cute item to your wardrobe, allow us to present a varied selection of options for every budget. From blindingly extravagant to frugal – here they are.

First up, the rather expensive Leather Forward Jacket by Rick Owens. I’m slowly coming to regard Owens as an arch nemesis, if only because of the intense, debilitating longing that floods my brain when I see his work. This drapey yet fitted number is from his Spring ’09 collection. Around $3,000 will make it yours.


Second, the sleeveless coat by No Editions. An architectural masterpiece, it makes me want to cry and beg. The grey, the gathered neck detail, the cold geometry of it all! Astounding, and all for $1,180.


Back on Earth, however, mortals do have some haute options even if we refuse to be ultra-spendy. Observe: a triumph of pleats and buttons! This fitted, detailed coat is just $160. It’s made of fleece, thus soft and warm, and the price won’t make you skip dinner for a month.


More attainable options, below!

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  1. I love that last image, but I fear the nifty button-area may be a nightmare for the larger-busted of us. That tends to be a common problem when coat-shopping, though…

  2. LostLigeia – I agree on the coat’s cut; I have one in a similar brocade but in a tailored frock coat style which I much prefer.

    I’m keen on ruffles this year, and wound up snagging a Kimchi Ruffle Peaoat from Urban Outfitters for a mere $50 during their boxing week sale.