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Button Up Bootie

A much younger version of myself once went up to my mother and said, “I want witch shoes”.  

“Well, Samantha, Halloween is a few months off.”

“No, Mom, I want witch shoes to wear every day.”

And so it began.  Before I could even reach the drug store shelf that had the black hair dye on it, I wanted pointy toed, button up Victorian style boots.  I also would have graciously accepted a pointy hat, but thankfully, Mom knew better than I did.  



Authentic Wool Victorian Button Ups circa 1900  †  Granny Black Mid-Calf

Midnight Stroll Booties  †  Amelia Lace Ups

Splendor  †  Ghillie Boot*

Bliss Boots  †  Stark Boot


*Don’t judge those by the photo.  I have a pair, and they are actually super cute on.  

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  1. anybody know where I can get honest to god high button boots ( not wit heels over 3 inch, and no zipper or other stuff) in a women’s size 10 1/2 or 11?

  2. Kristy Victoria – I have a pair from the same company, and thought the same thing, so I just ordered 2! They were so cheap I figured ($20 a pair), why not?

  3. I have a pair of the stark boots and they are very comfy although don’t seem like they will be lasting too long, which makes me sad because I love them. 🙁